Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Who's Running in Spotsylvania on the November Ballot?

Board of Supervisors:

  • Battlefield: Charles Cowsert (I), Carl Ingebretsen (I), Benjamin Pitts (I)
  • Berkeley: Gary Bullis (R), Layton Fairchild Jr. (I), Emmitt Marshall (I)*
  • Chancellor: Hap Connors (I), Mark Dorsey (R)
  • Courtland: Jerry Logan (R)*
  • Lee Hill: Julie Hamlett (I), Vince Onorato (R)*, Gary Skinner (I)
  • Livingston: Tom Beals (I), Bryce Reeves (R), T.C. Waddy (I)*
  • Salem: Gary Jackson (I)*

School Board:

  • Battlefield: Linda Wieland, Nathaniel Young
  • Berkeley: J. Gilbert Seaux*
  • Chancellor: Marty Wilder*
  • Courtland: H. Eugene Waldenmaier, James Gillespie
  • Lee Hill: Amanda Blalock
  • Livingston: Ray Lora*
  • Salem: Donald Holmes*, Eric Martin (I)

Constitutional offices:

  • Clerk of Circuit Court: Greg Carter (I), Cary LaPointe Crismond (I), Christy Jett (R), Paul Metzger (I)*
  • Commissioner of revenue: Debbie Williams*
  • Commonwealth's attorney: Bill Neely*
  • Sheriff: Howard Smith (I)*, Jerry Tolson (R)
  • Treasurer: Al King (R), Larry Pritchett (I)*
  • Soil and Water Conservation District (two seats)
    Raymond Simms, Wayne Miller

*= designates Incumbent


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