Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dear Planners and Supervisors,

What part off ILLEGAL don't people understand these days? Now even our law makers are dancing around the subject that is really at hand. Illegal comes in any race, creed, or national origin by the way. It just so happens that the Democrats are rallying around the Hispanics right now and relabeling the criminal ones as "guest workers" and "immigrants".

Make no mistake, an "immigrant" wouldn't dare fly an American flag upside down in a rally because he wouldn't want to lose the chance of becoming a legal citizen. A fence cutting "illegal alien" doesn't respect our border, our government, our personal property, our tax system, our medical system, our educational system or any other law we have to make this a relatively safe and happy society.

I don't see Hungarians, Yugoslavians, Germans, Taiwanese, or even displaced Iraqi refugees lining up to join MS-13 gangs or marching to have their "rights" given to them.

How about a little help for the legal residents who get stuck living in a neighborhood with renters (or owners) who willfully break the law and harbor illegal aliens, especially to the tune of a half-dozen or more non-related people living in the same house, not paying taxes, parking junk cars without tags, inspection stickers or sometimes- ENGINES?

Let's tie ZONING LAW to IMMIGRATION LAW: If you get a complaint call about overcrowding, the police should have the right to identify who it is in the house at any time to confirm or deny the claim of non-related adults living (illegally) in the same BOARDING house when this is supposed to be a family neighborhood!

We need a clear definition of what is a "roommate arrangement for working class people who choose to live together to save money", what is a "legal boarding house which gets proper certification, inspections and permits to operate in authorized and zoned areas" and what is a "house holding a bunch of law breaking illegal aliens who have no regard for our legal system on any level and willfully destroy the community they are temporarily squatting in".

What is this doing to the quality of our neighborhoods, resale values– and just plain sense of right and wrong– when weighed against a 'tolerant' liberal agenda to make good families (who abide by our system of laws and government) rendered powerless to do anything about willful lawbreakers. What are they to do when their own government doesn't have their back?

Once upon a time in Boston, they threw a tea party... I just hope modern-day Jane and Joe Smith don't get liquored up on Tequila one night and make a pinata out of their neighborhood gardener!

Published: 07/19/2007
by Dan Telvock/
The Free Lance-Star

One home on Fullerton Court in Spotsylvania County appears to have a construction company inside, with a basement rented to six employees.

Another property owner paved his grassed yard to park up to 12 cars there. A small home in the Governor's Green subdivision is turning into a fraternity home, packed with college students.

And if Mom has her two-door coupe and Dad has his 2-ton truck and antique Mustang, they don't want to get fined when Susie, Mike and Johnny return from college with their cars.

These were all anecdotes Spotsylvania residents provided the Planning Commission last night during a public hearing to consider adding to the zoning ordinance to regulate stacked homes and parked vehicles.

Zoning staff recommended measures to:
  • Define "family" to one or more persons related by blood or marriage with any number of children, and no more than four unrelated people.
  • Regulate parking of vehicles in a subdivision to four vehicles per home.
  • Double the fines to $2,000 for property owners who violate the rules.
Speakers said they want to tighten the rules on stacked homes and give zoning officials the tools to do something about it. They just don't want the government regulating how many cars they can park on their private property, paved or not.

"As a mother, we have lots of children in our neighborhood and if you come out around dinner time both sides of the streets are just filled with cars," said Angela Cruise, of the Lee's Park subdivision. She said the parking rules could adversely affect law-abiding families.

Chris Buzzard, who lives in the Governors Green subdivision, said overcrowding is causing problems in some of the older county neighborhoods.

"It is a bit disconcerting when you get home from church and you get out of the car and there's eight males having a beer party and they're eyeing your 14-year-old daughter," he said

Since January 2006, Zoning Director Troy Tignor said there have been at least 100 complaints about stacked homes and the numerous vehicles surrounding these homes.

Commissioners recommended that the Board of Supervisors take one of the ordinances a step further and to loosen another.

On a 7-0 vote, commissioners recommended that only three unrelated people be allowed in a home with a family, not four.

And they recommended that an unlimited number of cars be allowed to park at a home as long as they're on a paved, gravel or asphalt surface. If anyone violates these laws, they could be fined $2,000.


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