Friday, July 20, 2007

How Many Days Per Year Do YOU Work To Pay for Your Government?

It's probably the most expensive observance of the year! On July 11, 2007, Americans finally started working for themselves this year.

Americans for Tax Reform noted that it now falls
two days later than last year and eleven days later than it was in 2000. Americans for Tax Reform is a conservative group that opposes tax increases and advocates for a low flat tax. They dubbed Wednesday, July 11, "cost of government day" for 2007.

It now takes 192 days of the year for Americans to pay for their government to spend and regulate.

Here is explaining the self-denial that is central to preparation for the holiday.
Study: Government costs half a year of income.

Fed up with your tax bill? Consider moving to Alaska. For the 17th year in a row, they earned the distinction of being America's most tax-friendly state, according to an annual report published by the Tax Foundation, a nonprofit fiscal policy research group. Comparing the average taxpayer's total state and local tax burden for 2006 in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, Alaska residents had the lightest tax burden across the country!

But don't fret too much- Virginia places a respectable 33rd with a 10.2% income tax burden per person which equals $4,460 (adults AND children included) using a per capita income of $43,710.

Not bad Virginia- but we can keep our eyes on the 16 other ranked states that are better and aim for improvement every year right? I doubt we can ever catch Alaska unless oil fields spring up in Fauquier County near the gold mines.

Feel a little robbed of your hard work and labor? ...That's your "Little Republican" inside trying to get up to the top of your thoughts.... give him a boost!


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