Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Culpeper County, VA- The First Officially-English-Speaking County of This Century!

by Donnie Johnston
The Free Lance-Star Newspaper

Culpeper County supervisors haggled over any number of somewhat trivial matters yesterday, but were tight-lipped when approving two immigration-related matters.

Without a single comment, the board unanimously approved a resolution declaring English to be the county's official language. Moments later, they resolved, again without discussion or dissent, to join other counties in seeking the General Assembly's help in grappling with problems caused by undocumented immigrants.

While the town of Culpeper has been in the thick of the immigration debate for almost a year, yesterday's action was the first taken by the Board of Supervisors on the controversial issue.

"It has been discussed in rules for several months," County Administrator Frank Bossio said after yesterday's meeting. "I think this is part of a discovery motion to see what the cost of all [the services rendered] are to our constituents."

Bossio said letters and a copy of the resolutions would be sent to a list of people and jurisdictions supplied, in part, by Culpeper Town Councilman Steve Jenkins, who has been pushing the town to deal with undocumented residents.

Both Loudoun and Prince William counties have passed similar resolutions in the past several months.

As for English being formally declared the county's official language, Bossio said this was not an attempt to slight anyone, but rather a statement to inform everyone that Culpeper would not be responsible for providing translations of any sort.

Bossio said he did not yet know how or where the "official language" resolution would be posted, but said it would likely be printed in area newspapers.

More than a dozen people--including Jenkins--showed up last night at the Board's planning business session to urge the supervisors to take action against illegal aliens.

Those who spoke during a public forum asked the supervisors to do something before it was too late.

Kudos to Culpeper for blazing the trail for the region's most direct statement of all toward illegal aliens from other-than-English speaking countries!

May God continue to bless America and all her legal guests and newcomers.

Is it really asking too much of a county or a nation to communicate in one language? Isn't it just more effective and fair to everyone in the end?

Either we are 50 "United" States, or we are just a cluster of similarly related states who can't communicate with each other to form a consensus on anything. We may as well be 50 or more independent nations if we aren't going to unify under one flag, one system of government, one constitution, one system of national defense, one system of taxation and equally as important- one language.

Virginia has more than 100 counties, each with its own regulatory body. Imagine if some decided to make German their county language, and they changed all their signs to German. Still others chose Russian, some picked Chinese, and a few Italian hybrid with Spanish mixed in on the bordering counties of the French counties of Virginia. My what a fine system of schools, law and medical advancements we'd have then wouldn't we?

Would the liberals be upset then too?

Culpeper- we salute you! It's time for the General Assembly to grant the power to keep America speaking English starting with the Commonwealth of Virginia trailblazing the way.


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