Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling: "Eric Martin will direct more funds to Spotsy Classrooms"

as read in The Free Lance-Star 09/30/07:

"I am pleased to support Eric Martin for the Spotsylvania County School Board.

As a successful businessman, community leader, father, and husband, Eric has the background, knowledge, and experience that is necessary to improve our schools and better educate our children.

He will work to make certain that we are spending our education dollars more wisely by directing more money to the classroom.

I hope voters will join me in supporting Eric Martin for School Board on Nov. 6."

–Virginia Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling

Jerry Tolson for Sheriff: Offering Integrity and a Choice, Not Negativity

as read in The Free Lance-Star 09/30/07:

"A recent letter to the editor alleges that Sheriff Smith's re-election signs are missing and suggests that either I or members of my campaign staff are the culprits ["Sheriff Smith stays upbeat, even if signs come down," Sept. 20].

This outrageous allegation, presumably from an independent individual, is completely false. No election, or anything in life, for that matter is worth my integrity.

The writer accuses me of running a negative campaign. Again, untrue.

What I have done, and will continue to do, is offer the residents of Spotsylvania County a choice between the status quo and change. I offer new strategies, priorities, and solutions for public safety concerns.

I would think that committing myself to reversing escalating violent-crime rates, increasing dialogue with county residents, and improving neighborhood patrol, along with a commitment to diversity, is an optimistic campaign because it offers positive accomplishments to the county.

I guess it seems negative if one's on the other side of the issues."

Jerry Tolson,

Saturday, September 29, 2007

School Superintendent Jerry Hill Sues Spotsylvania County Over A Private Citizen's EMAIL!

by Dan Telvock
The Free Lance-Star Newspaper

"At 4:29 p.m. on Sept. 8, 2006, a local Republican leader fired off an e-mail to Spotsylvania Supervisor Gary Jackson.

The sender, Russ Moulton, criticized Spotsylvania school Superintendent Jerry Hill and the failed prosecution of Hill on election-law violation and obstruction of justice charges.

That e-mail is now at the center of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit Hill filed against Spotsylvania County Thursday and his exploration of additional civil litigation."

Can you believe this guy Jerry Hill of Spotsylvania County's School System?

He says one thing out of one side of his mouth like he wants to mend fences and have the school system get along with the board of supervisors– HIS FUNDING SOURCE– and then he slaps them with a FOIA lawsuit over the content of ONE EMAIL from a PRIVATE CITIZEN to his SUPERVISOR!

This guy makes $203,000 per year and he certainly is NOT LOOKING OUT FOR CHILDREN'S EDUCATION NEEDS when he utterly destroys the relationship between the board of supervisors and the school board which EMPLOYS HILL!


Guess who is running for Supervisor TODAY?? Jerry's TWO CRONIES:

#1 Gary Skinner in the Lee Hill District who went on Television calling Hill the "BOARD'S Leader" and "Our Leader" when Hill was for INDICTED in FEBRUARY 2006. Does he really think this? Apparently so! He's never publicly questioned anything Jerry Hill has handed down for approval!

#2 Charles Cowsert in Battlefield District- never heard of him? That's because he never did anything but VOTE YES to EVERYTHING Hill told him to! Well meaning is no excuse for being a rubber stamp for waste!

Lest we forget: "Spotsylvania School Superintendent Jerry Hill indicted on an election-law charge and obstruction of justice. Special prosecutor Matt Britton says Hill obstructed justice by directing School Board members to forward all investigative inquiries to the School Board's attorney. Britton also says Hill deleted portions of a memo that investigators asked for in a FOIA request. Hill's attorney says the redacted information was exempt from the FOIA statute."

Friday, September 28, 2007

Marshall, Waddy and Connors Vote to Limit Speech; Attracts ACLU Review

by Dan Telvock
Date Published: 09/28/2007
The Free Lance-Star

"On Tuesday, supervisors' efforts to limit the number of times a resident can speak about the same subject failed on a tie vote. The original proposal was to limit a person to one common speech every six months, unless a majority of supervisors votes to suspend the rule. An effort to soften the rule to three months failed on a 3-3 vote. Marshall said this week the proposal to change the bylaws may reappear on an agenda soon.

In Fredericksburg, residents have a five-minute time limit to address City Council; in Stafford, it's a three-minute limit for individuals and five for groups in public comments before the Board of Supervisors.

Spotsylvania's proposal hit the American Civil Liberties Union's radar this week and raised the eyebrows of other people who speak at county board meetings"

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"I Will Not Raise Taxes"- Mark Warner

Wings Wheels & Ducks Offers Skydiving for the GOP Brave!

Stafford's annual Wings Wheels and Ducks adds a little something new each year. It's a whole-family all day event including a car show, free airplane rides for kids and the usual shmear of food vendors and contests. You really should make it out this year, but especially if you've never been.

Last year, a former Stafford Republican Committee Chairman was the first and only person that day to be tossed out of a plane on a bet from me. He went and I couldn't, and he hasn't let me forget it to this day.

This year is payback time, and I'm going to jump.... I think.

WW&D is Sunday October 7th from 10am-4pm at Stafford Regional Airport.

Skydiving will most likely be one of the most exciting things you will ever do in your life. Video is a great way to make that first jump last forever. Even if you go on to make thousands of skydives you will only have one FIRST jump.

West Point Skydiving Adventures videographers will capture your skydive for all your friends to see. Each jumper is assigned their own personal videographer to capture the experience. The videographer is using the latest digital equipment mounted on a special helmet so that they can follow you in freefall and catch all of the action as it unfolds– from gearing up before the skydive, following you to the plane and on your ride to altitude, your exit of the aircraft and exhilarating 120 MPH freefall followed by your parachute landing.

Music and special effects are added to spice up the presentation of your fantastic experience. You will be the star in your own skydiving adventure movie!

Wanna come?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bill Howell and GOP Leaders Present Home Property Tax Cut Legislation

by Chelyen Davis
The Free Lance-Star
RICHMOND--House and Senate Republicans yesterday announced proposals to make homeowners more aware of property tax increases and to allow localities to reduce those taxes by one-fifth.

House Speaker Bill Howell, R-Stafford, and other House and Senate Republicans, said rising taxes on homes is a big problem, especially in fast-growing areas. Even though personal property taxes are local taxes, the legislators want to encourage local governments to rein in the increases.

"Virginians have had to endure the expense of ever-increasing assessments resulting in higher property tax bills for far too long," Howell said. "The package of measures is going to help alleviate the pressure on homeowners, giving them more effective tools to prevent rising assessments and bring clarity to the process that local governments use to set the tax rate."

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Spotsylvania GOP Hosts Major Fundraiser; Featured Guests Jim Gilmore, Bob McDonnell, and Chris Yakabouski

A fundraising event was held last night at a home in Chancellorsville Hunt for the endorsed and nominated candidates of the November 6 Republican ballot in Spotsylvania County.

In attendance (pictured left to right) were 17th District VA Senatorial candidate Chris "Yak" Yakabouski, Livingston Supervisor candidate Bryce Reeves, special guest former Governor Jim Gilmore, Chancellor District Supervisor candidate Mark Dorsey, Salem District School Board candidate Eric Martin, Berkeley District Supervisor candidate Gary Bullis, and Courtland District Supervisor (Incumbent) Jerry Logan.

Also in attendance were 88th District Delegate (Incumbent) Mark Cole, Sheriff's candidate Jerry Tolson, and special guest Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell.

More than sixty people attended the event titled "Spotsylvania Salute to Republican Leadership" and enjoyed meeting the former VA Governor and recent US Presidential candidate Jim Gilmore along with VA Attorney General Bob McDonnell.

Both men gave energetic speeches that touched on a wide array of topics and complex issues including getting back to core Republican principals, leading by example and not simply rhetoric like the Democrats, and doing our part as a county to combat illegal aliens who clearly don't respect our laws any better than our borders. Each topic drew several rounds of applause by an uncharacteristically amped-up crowd.

Among the cheering were several women from the Young Republicans of Mary Washington University, as well as, members of the Spotsylvania Republican Women's Club who made surprise contributions to all the campaigns.

Though consistently hounded throughout the evening about his plans, Jim Gilmore wasn't ready to announce any intentions for public service just yet. It was clear that he had 100% support of the attendees for any endeavor he should choose to pursue.

It appears the days of a complacent and sometimes lethargic GOP constituency are at an end for Spotsylvania County. This group's profile is evolving from a more relaxed and passive style of the 1990's to a younger membership with high energy and serious focus on these upcoming elections at both the state and local levels.

Livingston District challenger for Supervisor, Bryce Reeves, discussed his record of military service as a US Army Ranger with veteran Bob McDonnell. Both men agreed that only strong leadership, true principles and steadfast dedcation will begin to effect a change in the way Virginia is headed under a tax-and-spend Kaine administration.

Former 32nd District Delegate Dick Black spoke to the voting record of 28-year incumbent Democrat Edd Houck, noting Edd's support of the highly objectionable Abusive Driver Fees and recent vote in support of illegal aliens receiving in-state college tuition discounts to taxpayer funded schools.

Mark Cole chimed in too with a brief speech about his proven dedication to our area and what it was like being in a minority of delegates who consistently opposed the abusive driver fees at every vote, and was thankful for the support he's receiving. He made a point to note that his opponent Carlos "Commander" DelToro is already flip-flopping on his negative campaign literature about Mark's consistent voting record on the Transportation Bill (HB3202).

"First he said I was wrong for opposing the 'abuser fee bill', and now he's saying that I 'didn't oppose it hard enough'. I was one of only a handful of Delegates that consistently opposed everytime they were brought up for a vote!", Cole said.

SRC Chairman Robert Stuber and Vice Chairman Herb Lux, who orchestrated this first-class event, spoke to the importance of a team effort and introduced Senate candidate Chris "Yak" Yakabouski.

Despite having a slightly hoarse voice from weeks of vigorous door knocking and public speaking engagements, "Yak" echoed the words of Governor Gilmore and Attorney General McDonnell and got down to some specifics about what he will do for Virginians if elected to office.

Chris noted that several localities across Virginia are receiving a growing amount of road funding per capita while our region, especially Spotsylvania County where traffic is a major problem, is receiving less each year.

Chris noted that Edd Houck's self-purported dedication to solving transportation issues as the 4th most senior senator in the commonwealth has fallen woefully short of our true needs and is consistently heading us in the wrong direction down a highway of gridlock.

When asked what the first thing Chris would do to change how we receive funding, he replied, "Im going to contact the Senators from the areas that keep getting more money for their roads and find out what they're doing for their people that Edd Houck hasn't been doing for us for the past two decades."

The answer drew laughter and a strong round of applause.

The objectionable Houck voting record will clearly be a part of this campaign for change in the 17th Senate District.

"Edd Houck has voted to raise taxes more than THIRTY-FIVE times during his current term," according to Yakabouski.

Hundreds of signs and bumper stickers were taken to be dispersed throughout the area. Usually at events like this, people take a sign or sticker to be polite or as a souvenir, but this group snatched up fistfuls of them.

Based on the energy felt in the room after two hours of back-to-back power speeches by a dream-team slate of new leadership, and a belly full of some great bar-be-cue from VA BBQ, I wouldn't be surprised if most of those signs went up throughout the night!

More events like this are likely to happen as election day nears. Please contact Robert Stuber for information if you'd like to attend the next meeting/rally. Please plan to ATTEND the next committee meeting and learn more about what REAL leadership is all about!

Now fully recovered from a few years of participatory coma, your Spotsylvania County GOP is indeed alive and showing an "all-hands on deck" support level for its 2007 team– the likes of which we haven't seen in years!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yakabouski Successfully Gets English Adopted As Spotsylvania County's Official Language

by Dan Tevock
The Free Lance-Star Newspaper

Spotsylvania supervisors passed resolutions last night to recognize English as the county's official language and to join a coalition of governments that will study legislative solutions to illegal immigration.

Spotsylvania Supervisor Chris Yakabouski, who is running for the state senate against Sen. Edd Houck (D-Spotsylvania), brought forward both resolutions, which passed on 7-0 votes.

Supervisors met later in closed session to get advice from legal counsel "on issues affecting local regulations on illegal immigration."

The coalition resolution states illegal immigrants "may cause an increased burden on county-provided services, increased cost to the county and a potential increase in crime rates."

The Culpeper Board of Supervisors initiated the coalition. Spotsylvania is the first to join among nine other counties, three towns and two city governments that have been invited, said Culpeper County Administrator Frank Bossio. The coalition will brainstorm and then recommend legislative solutions to the General Assembly's commission studying illegal immigration.

Supervisor Hap Connors had added to the coalition resolution that the state government reimburse localities for the management and law enforcement costs "incurred by mandates from the General Assembly and as a result of the failure of both the Federal and State government to adequately address this issue."

"I do agree with you," Yakabouski told Connors. "This is another place where we have to take a leadership role and do what we can. I hope more localities will join with us in tackling this issue."

The resolution making English the official language, which is already state law, is largely a political statement. The resolution states that no county agency is required by law to provide translators or information and documents that are in any other language but English.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Stafford County Schools Take National Honor for Adopt-A-Classroom Fundraising

By Jennifer Buske
Stafford County Sun Newspaper

The Adopt-A-Classroom program is thriving in Stafford as two local schools finish top in the nation in terms of raising money for teachers and their classroom.

According to the Adopt-A-Classroom "year in review" report, Winding Creek Elementary School finished first in the nation while Margaret Brent Elementary School finished third when it came to monetary support received through the Adopt-A-Classroom program during the previous school year. The schools brought in $17,000 and $14,086, respectively.

The other schools that received the most support during the last school year were located in the Bronx, N.Y.; Rockaway Park, N.Y. and Kingsland, Texas.

"Hats off to the two Stafford schools," said Robert Belman, chairman of the Stafford school board and Adopt-A-Classroom advocate. "In both cases the PTOs got behind the program and worked hard to get community support."

According to Stafford County Pubic Schools' finance department, the Adopt-A-Classroom program brought in $100,901 in the 2006-07 school year. This was up from the $85,000 raised during the 2004-05 school year when the program was first implemented locally.

Nationwide, during the 2006-07 school year, $660,000 was donated to roughly 1,800 classrooms, according to the report. The money impacted more than 55,000 students at 869 schools.

"We had 34 classes officially adopted last year," Winding Creek principal Elliot Bolles said. "We had amazing parent support and by working together, each classroom could get a $500 gift. It was a great thing and our PTO really helped facilitate it."

Dottie Truslow, principal at Margaret Brent, also acknowledged that the PTO was "instrumental" in getting people to participate in the program and adopt a total of 31 classrooms last school year.

Founded nearly a decade ago, the Adopt-A-Classroom program is implemented in 46 states and has raised more than $6 million, according to the Adopt-A-Classroom year in review report.
The program officially began in 1998 when founder James Rosenberg was mentoring a student at a school for physically- and mentally-delayed children.

Rosenberg was surprised by the lack of resources in the classroom, so he made it his goal to get community members to raise money to help teachers adequately supply their classrooms, according to Nicky Hommen, spokeswoman for Adopt-A-Classroom.

Stafford implemented the Adopt-A-Classroom.program in 2004, according to the finance department. Although initially asking that each donation be at least $500, the county changed the minimum to $25 in 2006 in the hopes of getting more people involved.

"When we learned of the program it was really a no-brainer as to whether or not to get started with it," Belman said. "This creates a win-win situation with 100 percent of the donations going to the teacher."

The program allows individuals, businesses and families to donate money to a specific classroom or teacher. All money is then used for classroom supplies.

Bolles said the funds also help at the administrative level.

"If a teacher is given $500, that is $500 they don't have to come to me for so I can do more big-ticket items," Bolles said.

Belman said Cannon Ridge Golf Club hosted a captain's choice tournament in June to raise money for Adopt-A-Classroom.

The event raised more than $4,000 and Belman said the money will be distributed among all of Stafford's public schools.

"As a parent, board member and taxpayer, I am very grateful to all those that have supported Adopt-A-Classroom," Belman said. "Anything I can do to promote community partnerships with schools, I'm an advocate for - I always have been and will continue to be."

Throughout my own campaign for School Board in the Salem District of Spotsylvania County, I feel like a door-to-door salesman for this program. Though I ring the doorbell thinking I'm going to solely ask someone for their vote, somehow I bring this topic up and end up talking about it for five minutes.

I've seen this program in action and it really works! It's simple and parents and small businesses can give anything they want (and can afford), and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the classroom. What's not to love?

If only the government spent money this efficiently, we would all have lower home taxes, and wouldn't even need programs like this. Until that day comes, I hope everyone takes a look at Adopt-A-Classroom.

I will continue to be a big supporter of this 100% voluntary program. Stafford has blazed a trail in this region and thanks to its example of more than 1,000 classrooms adopted in three years now compared to Spotsylvania's 56 in seven years, I'm hoping enough people read this to get involved and pass the word.

I had a great time at the Cannon Ridge golf tournament in June where my score was 'just over' Belman's for the day.

We had a full-house turnout and raised not only cash, but also awareness for the program.

With the new clubhouse facilities being open at Cannon Ridge, I'm sure next year's event will be even better attended.

We can do better for our kids and teachers, as Stafford proves here! Leaders on the county School Board like Robert Belman can make all the difference to a community's spirit as well as their wallets.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Former Governor Jim Gilmore Creates "Patriots Committee" PAC

September 4, 2007


ALEXANDRIA -- Former Governor Jim Gilmore today launched a website for his Virginia-based political action committee, the Gilmore Patriots Committee, in an effort to help maintain Republican majorities in the Virginia General Assembly and Senate.

Former Gov. Gilmore founded the committee to continue his involvement in promoting basic principles of free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, preserving individual liberty and protecting our nation.

The website, is set up to promote Republican candidates and principles.

For more information please contact Dick Leggitt at (703) 888-1751 or visit