Sunday, September 23, 2007

Spotsylvania GOP Hosts Major Fundraiser; Featured Guests Jim Gilmore, Bob McDonnell, and Chris Yakabouski

A fundraising event was held last night at a home in Chancellorsville Hunt for the endorsed and nominated candidates of the November 6 Republican ballot in Spotsylvania County.

In attendance (pictured left to right) were 17th District VA Senatorial candidate Chris "Yak" Yakabouski, Livingston Supervisor candidate Bryce Reeves, special guest former Governor Jim Gilmore, Chancellor District Supervisor candidate Mark Dorsey, Salem District School Board candidate Eric Martin, Berkeley District Supervisor candidate Gary Bullis, and Courtland District Supervisor (Incumbent) Jerry Logan.

Also in attendance were 88th District Delegate (Incumbent) Mark Cole, Sheriff's candidate Jerry Tolson, and special guest Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell.

More than sixty people attended the event titled "Spotsylvania Salute to Republican Leadership" and enjoyed meeting the former VA Governor and recent US Presidential candidate Jim Gilmore along with VA Attorney General Bob McDonnell.

Both men gave energetic speeches that touched on a wide array of topics and complex issues including getting back to core Republican principals, leading by example and not simply rhetoric like the Democrats, and doing our part as a county to combat illegal aliens who clearly don't respect our laws any better than our borders. Each topic drew several rounds of applause by an uncharacteristically amped-up crowd.

Among the cheering were several women from the Young Republicans of Mary Washington University, as well as, members of the Spotsylvania Republican Women's Club who made surprise contributions to all the campaigns.

Though consistently hounded throughout the evening about his plans, Jim Gilmore wasn't ready to announce any intentions for public service just yet. It was clear that he had 100% support of the attendees for any endeavor he should choose to pursue.

It appears the days of a complacent and sometimes lethargic GOP constituency are at an end for Spotsylvania County. This group's profile is evolving from a more relaxed and passive style of the 1990's to a younger membership with high energy and serious focus on these upcoming elections at both the state and local levels.

Livingston District challenger for Supervisor, Bryce Reeves, discussed his record of military service as a US Army Ranger with veteran Bob McDonnell. Both men agreed that only strong leadership, true principles and steadfast dedcation will begin to effect a change in the way Virginia is headed under a tax-and-spend Kaine administration.

Former 32nd District Delegate Dick Black spoke to the voting record of 28-year incumbent Democrat Edd Houck, noting Edd's support of the highly objectionable Abusive Driver Fees and recent vote in support of illegal aliens receiving in-state college tuition discounts to taxpayer funded schools.

Mark Cole chimed in too with a brief speech about his proven dedication to our area and what it was like being in a minority of delegates who consistently opposed the abusive driver fees at every vote, and was thankful for the support he's receiving. He made a point to note that his opponent Carlos "Commander" DelToro is already flip-flopping on his negative campaign literature about Mark's consistent voting record on the Transportation Bill (HB3202).

"First he said I was wrong for opposing the 'abuser fee bill', and now he's saying that I 'didn't oppose it hard enough'. I was one of only a handful of Delegates that consistently opposed everytime they were brought up for a vote!", Cole said.

SRC Chairman Robert Stuber and Vice Chairman Herb Lux, who orchestrated this first-class event, spoke to the importance of a team effort and introduced Senate candidate Chris "Yak" Yakabouski.

Despite having a slightly hoarse voice from weeks of vigorous door knocking and public speaking engagements, "Yak" echoed the words of Governor Gilmore and Attorney General McDonnell and got down to some specifics about what he will do for Virginians if elected to office.

Chris noted that several localities across Virginia are receiving a growing amount of road funding per capita while our region, especially Spotsylvania County where traffic is a major problem, is receiving less each year.

Chris noted that Edd Houck's self-purported dedication to solving transportation issues as the 4th most senior senator in the commonwealth has fallen woefully short of our true needs and is consistently heading us in the wrong direction down a highway of gridlock.

When asked what the first thing Chris would do to change how we receive funding, he replied, "Im going to contact the Senators from the areas that keep getting more money for their roads and find out what they're doing for their people that Edd Houck hasn't been doing for us for the past two decades."

The answer drew laughter and a strong round of applause.

The objectionable Houck voting record will clearly be a part of this campaign for change in the 17th Senate District.

"Edd Houck has voted to raise taxes more than THIRTY-FIVE times during his current term," according to Yakabouski.

Hundreds of signs and bumper stickers were taken to be dispersed throughout the area. Usually at events like this, people take a sign or sticker to be polite or as a souvenir, but this group snatched up fistfuls of them.

Based on the energy felt in the room after two hours of back-to-back power speeches by a dream-team slate of new leadership, and a belly full of some great bar-be-cue from VA BBQ, I wouldn't be surprised if most of those signs went up throughout the night!

More events like this are likely to happen as election day nears. Please contact Robert Stuber for information if you'd like to attend the next meeting/rally. Please plan to ATTEND the next committee meeting and learn more about what REAL leadership is all about!

Now fully recovered from a few years of participatory coma, your Spotsylvania County GOP is indeed alive and showing an "all-hands on deck" support level for its 2007 team– the likes of which we haven't seen in years!


At September 23, 2007 at 5:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! I'm sorry I missed this. I'm so glad to see we finally have a replacement for Edd Houck. He taught my daughter in school and we didn't like him as a teacher. I'm planning on contacting Chris Yakabouski and volunteering for his campaign. Anyone else want to join in?

At September 25, 2007 at 1:44 AM , Blogger Peter Gibbons said...

Great stuff happening in Spotsy! Keep up the good work guys!

At October 4, 2007 at 1:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome guys. Keep up the GOP core values of smaller govt and private enterprise and we just might be able to save spotsy from the illegals and liberals who want them here.


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