Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wings Wheels & Ducks Offers Skydiving for the GOP Brave!

Stafford's annual Wings Wheels and Ducks adds a little something new each year. It's a whole-family all day event including a car show, free airplane rides for kids and the usual shmear of food vendors and contests. You really should make it out this year, but especially if you've never been.

Last year, a former Stafford Republican Committee Chairman was the first and only person that day to be tossed out of a plane on a bet from me. He went and I couldn't, and he hasn't let me forget it to this day.

This year is payback time, and I'm going to jump.... I think.

WW&D is Sunday October 7th from 10am-4pm at Stafford Regional Airport.

Skydiving will most likely be one of the most exciting things you will ever do in your life. Video is a great way to make that first jump last forever. Even if you go on to make thousands of skydives you will only have one FIRST jump.

West Point Skydiving Adventures videographers will capture your skydive for all your friends to see. Each jumper is assigned their own personal videographer to capture the experience. The videographer is using the latest digital equipment mounted on a special helmet so that they can follow you in freefall and catch all of the action as it unfolds– from gearing up before the skydive, following you to the plane and on your ride to altitude, your exit of the aircraft and exhilarating 120 MPH freefall followed by your parachute landing.

Music and special effects are added to spice up the presentation of your fantastic experience. You will be the star in your own skydiving adventure movie!

Wanna come?


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