Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yakabouski Successfully Gets English Adopted As Spotsylvania County's Official Language

by Dan Tevock
The Free Lance-Star Newspaper

Spotsylvania supervisors passed resolutions last night to recognize English as the county's official language and to join a coalition of governments that will study legislative solutions to illegal immigration.

Spotsylvania Supervisor Chris Yakabouski, who is running for the state senate against Sen. Edd Houck (D-Spotsylvania), brought forward both resolutions, which passed on 7-0 votes.

Supervisors met later in closed session to get advice from legal counsel "on issues affecting local regulations on illegal immigration."

The coalition resolution states illegal immigrants "may cause an increased burden on county-provided services, increased cost to the county and a potential increase in crime rates."

The Culpeper Board of Supervisors initiated the coalition. Spotsylvania is the first to join among nine other counties, three towns and two city governments that have been invited, said Culpeper County Administrator Frank Bossio. The coalition will brainstorm and then recommend legislative solutions to the General Assembly's commission studying illegal immigration.

Supervisor Hap Connors had added to the coalition resolution that the state government reimburse localities for the management and law enforcement costs "incurred by mandates from the General Assembly and as a result of the failure of both the Federal and State government to adequately address this issue."

"I do agree with you," Yakabouski told Connors. "This is another place where we have to take a leadership role and do what we can. I hope more localities will join with us in tackling this issue."

The resolution making English the official language, which is already state law, is largely a political statement. The resolution states that no county agency is required by law to provide translators or information and documents that are in any other language but English.


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