Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dick Black, Candidate for 1st District Congress, Meets with Shipyard Officials

For Immediate Release:

For Further Information contact: Dick Black at 540-786-5528 /703-303-1577 (cell)

Dick Black Meets with Shipyard Officials
“We must intensify shipbuilding to modernize our naval forces.”
October 24, 2007

NEWPORT NEWS —Dick Black, Candidate for Congress, visited Newport News Shipyard today. He met with senior corporate officials to discuss the shipyard’s vision for the future.

“Newport News, one of the world’s largest shipyards, is vital to national defense,” said Black. “Whatever strategy we pursue in the Middle East, we must intensify shipbuilding in order to refurbish and modernize our naval forces.”

Dick Black believes it is crucial to ramp-up the shipyard’s output during the next decade. “America’s geography makes us the world’s greatest maritime power. Shipping lanes are the nation’s lifeblood, and we face growing threats to the freedom of the seas. Since our nation’s founding, naval strength has been vital to national security.” said Black. “The Navy’s backbone is forged on the dry docks at Newport News. I will do everything possible to keep them humming.”

Dick Black served as a U.S. Marine Corps pilot aboard the USS Guadalcanal, the Iwo Jima and the Valley Forge in the South China Sea . He was a casualty aboard the USS Repose after being wounded during ground fighting in Vietnam with the 1st Marine Regiment.
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Some GOP Leaders Announce Backing for Jost for 1st District

October 31, 2007


In 1st District Race, GOP Leaders Back Jost

WILLIAMSBURG – The successfully growing 1st District Congressional campaign of prominent businessman Paul Jost today announced the endorsements of five key Republican Party leaders.

Delegates Tom Gear (Hampton, York and Poquoson), Scott Lingamfelter (Fauquier and Prince William) and Jeff Frederick (Prince William) as well as former Republican Party Chairman Pat McSweeney and current Republican National Committeeman Morton Blackwell all have voiced their support for Jost, a leading Virginia businessman who is the chairman of the Virginia Club for Growth.

In a statement today, Del. Tom Gear said, "Paul Jost is the principled conservative leader the First District needs in Congress. We can trust Paul to represent our values with integrity and unwavering determination."

Del. Scott Lingamfelter said, “I am honored to endorse my friend Paul Jost to be the Republican nominee from the 1st Congressional

District of Virginia. With Paul in Congress, we will not only have a man with superb business experience, we will also have a person committed to lower taxes, more freedom, and greater opportunity.”

And Del. Jeff Frederick declared, “Paul has been an instrumental leader in the Commonwealth against higher taxes and one of the strongest voices for better fiscal management. I believe Paul Jost is the candidate best prepared to keep the 1st District in Republican hands.”

Former Republican Party Chairman Patrick McSweeney of Richmond said, “Paul Jost is a proven, committed leader on conservative issues.”

And, current Virginia Republican National Committeeman Morton Blackwell stated, “I believe Paul Jost is the candidate best prepared to keep the 1st District in Republican hands. He will fight for conservative principles in Congress.”

The Jost for Congress campaign said it will be announcing further key endorsements as the campaign’s momentum continues to move forward leading into the Nov. 10th 1st District nominating convention that will be held in Caroline County .

For more information, please contact Dick Leggitt at 571-205-7063

or go to the Jost for Congress website at

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Drugs, Gangs, Parents & Schools in Spotsylvania

Published 10.30.07
by Karen Bolipata
The Free Lance-Star Newspaper

Law enforcement officials visited Riverbend High School recently to set the record straight about gangs and drugs in the county.

Rather than just sharing data, the parents-only PTSA meeting included personal observations of law enforcement officials and parents.

"The first thing about dealing with gangs is admitting you have gangs," said Detective Jason Dembowski of the Rappahannock Regional Gang Drug Terrorism Task Force.

He dispelled some myths.

For example, gangs in Spotsylvania aren't a recent phenomenon, he said. They've been around for about 10 years. Most gangs, he said, are "homegrown" and aren't former city dwellers who relocated.

"I'm not here to scare you," Dembowski told parents. "I'm just here to let you know it's here."

Deputy Ronald Richmond, Riverbend's school resource officer, provided a candid look at drugs in schools.

"Are there no drugs in the school?" he asked. "Of course there are drugs in school."

Al King to Challenge Longtime Incumbent for Treasurer

by Rebecca J. Barnabi
The Free Lance-Star Newspaper
Published 10.30.07

Republican Alfred King is an appraisal business executive running for Spotsylvania County treasurer against longtime incumbent Larry Pritchett.

King said Pritchett is doing a good job, but it is time for a change.

King favors term limits for the treasurer's office.

"Public service is just that: service," King said. "It should not be a career."
He said he will not run for re-election if elected.

King was a treasurer in Wisconsin for two years and served on the School Board in Saddle River, N.J.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Paul Jost, Candidate for 1st District Congress, First to Sign No-Tax Pledge

OCTOBER 29, 2007



WILLIAMSBURG -- Paul Jost, the chairman of the Virginia Chapter of the Club for Growth and a Republican candidate for Congress for the vacant 1st Congressional District seat, is the only candidate in that race who has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Americans for Tax Reform, the national taxpayer organization which sponsors the pledge, issued a press release saluting Jost for working to protect taxpayers. It is available through the following link:

Jost said today, "I am committed to keeping taxes low for the working men and women of the 1st Congressional District. The current Congress is setting records for spending and will make every attempt to increase taxes to pay for that spending. We must do better."

For more information, please contact Dick Leggitt at 571-205-7063
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Clerk Paul Metzger's Records Didn't Balance During Audits

For those of you following the Clerk of the Circuit Court race in Spotsylvania County, VA, there's going to be a lot to consider this November 6.

According to the following audit documents, our current Clerk, Democrat Paul Metzger just can't seem to keep the books straight and has been less than truthful on his campaign literature claiming that he has a clean slate of audits.

Decide for yourself if you think the records match the campaign claims!

A lifetime resident of Spotsylvania County, Christy Jett has gained extensive experience through her work as a court employee for the past 15 years. She has held multiple positions including Deputy Clerk for both the Spotsylvania General District Court and the Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court. Christy has been Clerk of the Court for the Spotsylvania Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court since 1999.

Christy was appointed Acting Clerk of Court for Stafford Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court in 2006 while maintaining her official position with Spotsylvania's court system. This temporary arrangement was established between Spotsylvania and Stafford Counties pending the hiring and successful completion of training of the new Clerk.

Christy is on a list of on-call volunteer Clerks who provide assistance to other Clerk's offices when official workloads overwhelm normal operations. Christy is proud to have successfully assisted the Juvenile & Domestic Relations Courts of Loudoun, Harrisonburg/Rockingham, Hanover, and Caroline counties.

There are two other candidates for this position. Neither have any clerking experience of any kind, but both have an awful lot of signs up, so it's possible the public can be fooled.

Only ONE carries the seal of GOP approval, and that's Christy Jett.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Whistleblower: Ray Lora? - Admits School Board Violated Open Government Laws

"Neely backs ex-attorney on FOIA claim"
/ The Free Lance-Star
published 10.26.07

Spotsylvania's chief prosecutor says a county School Board member told him the board regularly violated the state's open-meeting law, supporting allegations by former County Attorney Mark Taylor.

In an e-mail to current County Attorney Jacob Stroman, Commonwealth's Attorney Bill Neely wrote that School Board member Ray Lora told him the board violated the Freedom of Information Act, which requires open meetings except in certain situations.

Neely wrote that King George Commonwealth's Attorney Matt Britton, who was the special prosecutor in a case last year against Superintendent Jerry Hill, told him he has the same recollection.

Lora vehemently denies speaking to Neely or Taylor about any violations. He declined to discuss conversations with Britton during the Hill investigation.

Neely's e-mail, which The Free Lance-Star obtained from a source, backs up allegations made by Taylor.

In an Oct. 9 letter, made available to The Free Lance-Star, Taylor asked the Board of Supervisors for permission to go public with statements he said Lora made to him about open-meeting violations.

Taylor, now the Accomack County attorney, said Lora told him the School Board, directed by Hill, chronically abused laws by not publicly disclosing topics discussed behind closed doors.

Neely e-mailed Stroman Oct. 15 that, "Mark Taylor's recent letter quoted in [The Free Lance-Star] had the facts straight, and Ray Lora's response was completely untrue."

School Board members and Hill said the allegations are political attacks, timed to influence the Nov. 6 elections. Two School Board members--Gary Skinner and Charles Cowsert--are running for the Board of Supervisors.

Taylor, Lora respond
Taylor said Neely's e-mail vindicates him.

"Of course, I told the truth," Taylor said. "And of course, this is political. But it is not about personalities. It is about principles. It is about telling the truth and conducting government according to the law."

Taylor's letter to supervisors states that Lora came to him during the Hill investigation. In December 2005, Britton had been named the special prosecutor for the case against Hill on election-law and obstruction-of-justice charges.

Neely was assigned the case, but he handed it off to Britton because Neely's wife is a Spotsylvania teacher. A judge eventually dismissed one charge against Hill and Britton dropped the second one.

Lora, a former U.S. marshal who now trains police officers at the Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Academy, said the timing of the allegations is intended to create political turmoil, not open government.

"Ray Charles could see there is something funny here," Lora said. "I am telling you it is fiction. It is not true."

Neely Explains E-mail
Hill has a pending FOIA case against the county government. He alleges the county illegally blacked out portions of e-mails turned over to him. He is seeking information to be used for a possible civil lawsuit over his prosecution.

Neely was in the audience for a hearing in the FOIA case Oct. 15.

Neely said he sent Stroman the "confidential" e-mail before the hearing to give him background information. He "reluctantly" spoke to a reporter about it.

"[Lora] did make those statements to me and, as I understand it, to Matt Britton," Neely said. "Whether they were true or not, we'll never know because they were never litigated."

School Officials React
Hill said even if Lora did tell people the School Board violated the open-meeting law, it doesn't mean it's true.

"I don't know what Ray said to who, and I have no reason to disbelieve any of these people. I have no facts," Hill said. "All I can tell you is we follow very closely the state statute with closed sessions."

School Board member Marty Wilder said Neely's e-mail is "very troubling." But in his 14 years on the School Board, "never once" has it violated FOIA by discussing issues in closed session that were not on the public agenda.

"Why [Lora] may have said these things to certain individuals is beyond me," he said.

Skinner wondered why these allegations are public now.

Taylor said he asked supervisors one other time if he could make public the conversation he says he had with Lora, but was denied permission. He would not say when he made that original request.

Neely said he wasn't trying to make it public but someone leaked his e-mail to a reporter.

"I still believe it is a political ploy," Skinner said. "If an attorney thought we were misusing the power, it was [his] responsibility to bring it to the public or tell us then."

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

VA Dems' Leading Liberal Blog Praises Local GOP Leadership?

You know you're doing something right when the leading liberal blog has something nice to say about GOP leadership and effectiveness!

Thanks Dianne- for peeking through the veil that most Dems keep over their eyes when it comes to "reality" in our region. It's easy to get caught up in the rhetoric and BS that goes along with this business from those who aren't actually PARTICIPATING in the process as a volunteer or an even less desirable job– being a candidate.

The GOP is far from perfect, especially on a national level where things need to change in most categories and especially candidate screening processes (for BOTH parties) before allowing the use of the respective label, but we do a pretty good job here locally in Stafford and Spotsy and we're honored someone was big enough to point it out- from the Dark Side of the Force.

Perhaps the Dems would have an easier time getting behind a candidate if they weren't so afraid to actually call themselves Liberals or Democrats or whatever the case may be? We all see through the veil of obfuscation when we see the label "Independent" on a piece of campaign literature (unless its the occasional candidate with a Federal job who is barred from using labels as part of the Hatch Act). Only slightly less confusing is the label "Progressive". Both are synonymous with Democrat, so why not call yourself what you are? Most are too busy thinking they can outsmart the "undecided" voter and confuse them with claims of having bi-partisan support/endorsements {read: Albert Pollard} when they would have been better to attach themselves to the bandwagon of the party and focus on getting the voters to the polls.

I'd like to take a moment to return a compliment: the region's Dems are a spirited bunch indeed. While fewer in numbers, they make up for it in presence and enthusiasm. The "perfect storm" situation would be created when an opportunity (or emergency) meets the activism spirit and vocal tenacity of a Rappahannock Area Democrat and the thought out plan and implementation skills of a Rappahannock Area Republican. Why then- we may actually get something accomplished in a true bi-partisan way. Until then, we each take our victories where we can get them.

Today, their side sent out a praise. Whether it's an olive branch or a Trojan horse remains to be seen, but in less than 2 weeks, we'll all be Rappahannock Area residents all over again and we'd better start looking for a perfect storm opportunity to come together as a community on such cross-platform and serious problems like illegal immigration PLANS, transportation SOLUTIONS, and education FUNDING– before it's too late and we're ALL non-majority-residents of our own country, stuck in gridlock hoping the bridge doesn't collapse under us, and too stupid (uneducated) to figure out how to fix it.

"Over my time at RK, many of us have discussed the importance of Party and local committee communication and how that might energize Virginians to take up the cause and work to elect Democrats.

...Since moving to this area 8 years ago from NoVa, I've witnessed the effectiveness of the Republicans in communicating with the local electorate. For example, I regularly receive an e-mail from a Republican delegate telling me what is going on and how and why he is voting....and yet I'm a Democrat and don't receive any from Democrats.

When I look at websites of the local Republican committees, I realize just how hard they are working to get their Republican candidates elected. Take a look:
Spotsylvania Republican Committee: It is up-to-date, informative, has a poll, links to the candidates' websites, and has a very active blog with really great links to local newspapers, the county government, tax information, the public school system, and the Stafford GOP's website.

This organized website and blog is why Republican candidates will probably do well in Spotsylvania in November. The Republicans have caught on to the value of good communication. I hope I am wrong.

...If there had been adequate Party support and enough Democratic volunteers, who knows what the results might have been.

There is something wrong when I never receive even one electronic communication from the Spotsylvania Democrats in over a year...and I'm willing to work...."

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This just had to get re-circulated again. The Free Lance-Star doesn't always get it right, but their man Paul Akers really hit this one on the head. Now Jerry Hill has "his" people like Pat Hannifin (the guy who lost bad in a supervisors race a few years ago) doing the bidding for the Democrats against a (FINALLY!) fiscally conservative candidate for the Salem School Board.

The trouble is that all they do is whine about what "can't" be done and why we must stay with the status-quo this election.

I don't know about you, but I can't AFFORD more of the same on the school spending side of my checkbook!! Time for a change-- and that scares the hell out of Jerry Hill. And it should.

What should scare you even more is that two of HIS BOYS are running for supervisor; Cowsert (let's give an even bigger raise to my cronies) and Skinner (I can't fund liberal programs enough); two of the MOST LIBERAL SPENDERS OF TAX MONEY IN SPOTSYLVANIA HISTORY.

Sighs and wonders
Education, sigh
Date published: 9/3/2005
The Free Lance-Star
by Paul Akers

SPOTSYLVANIA SCHOOLS CHIEF Jerry Hill is affable, plucky, and, violating a canon of his profession, liable at any time to speak plain English. But reacting to news that 28 percent of Spotsylvania schools last year failed to meet federal education standards--a below-average showing among Virginia districts--Hill served up this fizzless bromide: "Each year the partnership among students, parents, teachers, and administrators needs to become stronger and stronger."

This is the blase, take-two-aspirins response to scholastic anemia of a man marinated in the public-school culture, whose members divide into Bud Light-like teams and shout at each other: "Less accountability!" "More pay!" Hill has shown no detectable joy over the state SOL, the federal No Child Left Behind program, or any other unspinnable measurement of K-12 performance. He wants Mo Money. In this quest, he enjoys the hearty backing of county School Board members, whose basic activity is to pick up a huge log and, running at full speed, ram it against the door of the public treasury. Trampled underfoot is the herald bearing the message that Spotsylvania schools overall are academically sub-.500.

Two years ago, the School Board voted to privatize cafeteria service. Should not the tenets of capitalism govern the top of the educational system as well as the bottom? They don't.
The board last month extended Hill's contract until 2009, increasing his annual salary by $12,300 per year and raising his total compensation package to $203,800 annually, not counting insurance and retirement benefits.

This occurred following a year in which, according to Standard & Poor's School Matters analytical service, Spotsylvania schools' performance dropped in nine of 19 SOL categories. This is performance-based remuneration?
If the board's liberality mimics any kind of capitalism, it's the cozy, golf-foursome variety wherein directors dump lucre on CEOs who run down stock value and lose market share.

True, Hill and his board deserve credit for managing their Little Shop of Horrors, a dizzily growing district with hundreds of voices crying "Feed me!" And maybe tying only test scores to pay is a bad idea. Stafford County schools are out-achieving Spotsylvania's, but I question the wisdom of throwing gold at the feet of a superintendent who urged college-bound Stafford honor students to hit the books on the chance that they could be the next Sally Jesse Raphael.

Not that dubious role models are an exclusive motivational tool of the public school system. Some years ago in Richmond, the nuns at a Catholic preschool my daughters attended, in celebration of Black History Month, displayed a poster of Richard Pryor. Yes, that Richard Pryor, the noted vulgarian and dopehead who, setting himself ablaze while free-basing cocaine, ran down the street screaming, "I [expletive]ed up, man! I [expletive]ed up."

It's possible, of course, that the nuns interpreted this as penitence.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Well, now that we have a race for the late Jo Ann Davis' seat . . .

. . . I guess I should let it be known what the candidates have to do to win my support.

I should note that I am a voter in the 1st district, and I am apparently one of the very few 1st District bloggers who is not running.

Chartwells' School Lunches Not Such Lucky Charms; Are Trix Really for Kids?

Date Published: 10-22-07
Newsweek Magazine
by Daniel McGinn

This is National School Lunch Week, so be sure to ask your children what tasty cafeteria food they've been eating lately—and if they mention Trix or Cocoa Puffs, don't be too surprised. Even as legislators have banned soda from schools, some cafeterias have begun adding cold cereal to the traditional noontime repast of pizza, PB&J and pork rolls.

The main company behind the cereal-for-lunch menus is Chartwells School Dining Services, a company serving nearly 550 districts nationwide. Margie Saidel, Chartwells' director of nutrition, defends the move, noting that most schools are using wholesome cereal like Rice Krispies, Cheerios or Raisin Bran—and the ones offering sugary brands like Trix, Cocoa Puffs or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, she says, are using low-sugar, whole-grain versions containing just two grams of sugar per serving. Alongside the vitamin-fortified cereal, students receive fresh fruit, yogurt or cheese, and low-fat milk.

Together, these meals exceed government requirements. And while too much traditional cafeteria food winds up in the garbage, cereal is something most kids actually want to eat. "This is a power-packed meal that I would stand behind any day," Saidel says.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Republican Dick Black Announces "Virginia First" Campaign in Bid for 1st District Congressional Seat

Contact: Herb Lux
(540) 786-7650

Oct. 18, 2007


Black: “This campaign is about who can best serve the good people of Virginia's First...”

FREDERICKSBURG , Virginia --- Dick Black today announced his Virginia First campaign for the 1st Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. "This campaign is about who can best represent the good people of Virginia 's 1st Congressional District," Black said. "This campaign is about government of, by and for the people of Virginia 's First."

In making his announcement, Black said his decision to run for the seat is based on the strong support and urging of many friends in the First Congressional District of the Commonwealth of Virginia . The 1st Congressional District seat became available with the tragic passing of Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis, Virginia 's first female representative in the U.S. Congress.

Black is a decorated Marine who headed the Pentagon's Army Criminal Law Division where he was responsible for military justice throughout the Army. In 1998, Black was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates. During his four terms, he authored key legislation including: Providing $200 Million to build highway interchanges, expanding heart and lung coverage under Workers’ Comp, prohibiting abortions on minors without their parent’s consent, expanding 2nd Amendment rights, and tightening bail for sexual predators.

Black is considered one of Virginia’s most consistently conservative members of the General Assembly. He served on Committees on Courts, Transportation, Education, and Elections and helped elect over 30 Public Officials to House, Senate and local offices throughout Virginia--including three Delegates in the 1st Congressional District.

The 1st District includes The City of Fredericksburg; parts or all of Spotsylvania, Stafford, Fauquier, King George and Caroline counties; all the Northern Neck Counties, the Middle Peninsula area Counties of Virginia including Williamsburg and parts of Hampton, Newport News, and most of James City County.
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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Former Delegate Col. Richard Black Likely to Seek 1st District Congressional Seat in Special Election 12/07

The Free Lance-Star
Published: October 18, 2007
by Chelyen Davis

"The list of potential candidates for the late Rep. Jo Ann Davis' 1st congressional district seat just keeps growing.

Former House of Delegates member Dick Black, a Republican from Loudoun, is now a Republican from Fredericksburg.

Black said yesterday he has moved to the area--which is in the 1st District--and is "seriously considering" a run for the seat."

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Spotsy School Board Led by An Employee? Secret Meetings? Oh, My- Not Again!

by Dan Telvock
The Free Lance-Star Newspaper
date published: 10/14/07

"In the letter, Taylor says that School Board member Ray Lora told him that the School Board, directed by Superintendent Jerry Hill, regularly violates the state's open-meeting laws by discussing matters in closed session that are not listed on the public agenda and taking votes out of the public's view."

I have a big problem with any board that takes orders from an employee and blatently has the mindset of doing things in private-- out of public scrutiny. Who is driving this $312 M ship?

I hope Salem District voters will join me in my campaign for change and open government practices this November 6.

Please visit my web site: for more information.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Who Will Replace Jo Ann Davis in the Special Election?

Right now in VA, that lyric can be exemplified by the laundry list of ‘potential’ candidates jockeying behind the scenes for a position, to what appears to be a lightning quick Special Election. To name a few: Delegates Gear, Frederick, Lingamfelter, Hamilton and Whitman, along with former Delegate Melanie Rapp; State Senator Ryan McDougle, Lt. Gov. Bill Bollling; Former 1st Congressional Chairman Russ Moulton and current Chairman James Bowden; Stafford County Commissioner of the Revenue Scott Mayausky; Former 1st Congressional District Candidate, and current Virginia Club for Growth President, Paul Jost; VV’s own Jim Riley, an attorney and GOP activist/1st Congressional Committee member; Kevin O’Neil, a lobbyist; and finally (and most likely) Chuck Davis, widower of the late Congresswoman Davis.

As stated, it initially appears to look like events are going to begin to unfold fairly fast. Governor Kaine has stated that he would like to see a Special Election before, ’the end of the year’. Assuming the Special Election won’t coincide with the upcoming Nov. 6th elections, and by statute thus, not taking place until 30 days after the November elections, the calendar could look something like this: (working backwards):

Special Election Tuesday December 18th. Now I’m not sure if the Special Election has to take place on a Tuesday, but if it does, then the latest it could take place, is on December 18th, as Christmas falls on Tuesday the 25th.

Nomination Contest (likely Convention) Saturday December 1st. Why convention? There will not be a statewide primary, for a plethora or reasons. Thus nominations will either be determined by party canvass or by convention. The first congressional (for both R’s and D’s) may be the weakest congressional district in the state from an organizational standpoint. There is no district ’seat’, because there isn’t an area of dense population. Thus the local committees and their respective memberships are small, some so small they meet only quarterly. A full-blown party canvass requires volunteers, and lots of them. Volunteers that neither party could produce, unless a large influx of out-of-the-district vols come to their aid- which isn’t likely, not that time of year.

Therefore a convention seems, by far, the easiest route- for both parties. (Bonus: The bonus for Gov. Tim Kaine is that by setting the convention for this weekend, he’ll place a huge damper on the State GOP’s Annual Huffman Advance. Attendance would surely be down, and not by simply 1/11. Party leaders, state elected officials, election attorneys and the rest of the circus would all be unable to attend their yearly merrymaking.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Howard Smith and Edd Houck as Ticketmates??

Did anyone else get a literature card on their doorknob today from both Howard Smith and Edd Houck?

They were delivered in my neighborhood by an older caucasian couple driving a car with Hap, Houck, and Smith stickers on their Toyota Camry. Now maybe its just an active couple who happens to support Democrats, or maybe Howard Smith has decided that he needs a party to win an election, so he has joined the Democrats?

I don't know- so I'm asking if others saw this same couple or perhaps saw/spoke to others with the same literature in hand which would certainly signify a unified effort and merging of campaigns to clearly align Smith with the Democrats.

Please post your observations here in the comments- you need not identify yourself.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Why I'm voting for Vince Onorato

Of all the races for the Board of Supervisors, the most entertaining one has to be in my district (Lee Hill): the battle among Vince Onorato, Gary Skinner, and Julie Hamlett. I know both Skinner and Onorato, and both are decent men, but Onorato's record is one that deserves re-election.

Vince Onorato has been one of the Supervisors who has continuously battled tax increases and the bloated school budgets that would have led to them. He also led the fight against the development of New Post, which would have flied in the face of the wishes of our men and women in uniform at Fort A.P. Hill (they were concerned with the effect of the additional homes on their Asymmetric Warfare program).

Yes, Vince is controversial, but those outside Lee Hill must remember is that Lee Hill is a Northern Virginia district dropped into the middle of the Fredericksburg area. Most of Vince's voters are stuck on I-95 when local Board meetings are being held. He is forced to speak for hundreds (if not thousands) of voters who can't speak for themselves. That's a lot of additional pressure other supervisors simply don't face.

Vince has stood up for us against the special interests in the county. That's why I stand by him and support his re-election.

A great one is lost

Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis passed away over the weekend. Although she had been battling breast cancer for a few years, she took a sudden turn for the worse last week.

Jo Ann Davis was one of the best anti-Communists in Congress; I was honored to call her my member of Congress. This is a painful blow.

We will all miss her.

Cross-posted to the right-wing liberal and the China e-Lobby

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Rest In Peace 1st District US Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis, Dies at 57

by Ellen Biltz
The Free Lance-Star Newspaper

She had been undergoing treatment, and recent tests had positive results, according to a press release from her staff, but in the last week she took a turn for the worse.

"Davis was known as a strong supporter of U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and as a supporter of military facilities in her 1st Congressional District," said her spokesman Chris Connelly.

He mentioned the Naval Support Facility at Dahlgren and the Quantico Marine Corps Base specifically.

The 1st District includes Fredericksburg; all or part of Spotsylvania, Stafford, Fauquier, King George and Caroline counties; the Northern Neck and the Middle Peninsula.

Davis was Virginia’s first female Republican in Congress and had served for seven years.

Before she entered politics, she was in real estate. She started Davis Management Co. in 1988 and Jo Ann Davis Realty in 1990.

In 1997, she entered the General Assembly, representing York County in the House of Delegates.

She won her first term in Congress in 2000, after Republican Rep. Herb Bateman retired for health reasons. Bateman died soon after retiring.

In the House of Representatives, Davis was on the Foreign Affairs and Armed Services committees. Much of the work she did revolved around the military and federal employees.

She was proud of legislation that increased service members’ life insurance and a measure that changed calculation of federal employees’ retirement.

Reactions to the death of U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Davis, R-1st, who died Saturday at her home in Gloucester after a two-year battle with breast cancer:

"Her determination to fight the disease is an inspiration to all of us. Over the course of her four terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, she was an effective advocate for the people of her district and a strong supporter of our men and women in uniform. She was a fine example of a public servant who worked hard to cut government waste to ensure the people's money was used wisely. Her common sense values will be missed on Capitol Hill."
—President George Bush

"I always admired Congresswoman Davis' strong convictions and the tenacity that she brought to bear in acting on them. We shared a warm friendship built around a mutual enjoyment of equestrian sports."
—U.S. Senator John W. Warner, R-VA

"Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis made history when she became the first female Republican elected to the House of Representatives from the commonwealth in 2000. She inspired Virginians as she battled breast cancer while continuing to serve the commonwealth."
—VA Governor Timothy M. Kaine

"She was a dependable conservative voice on the challenges of our time, but I believe that her greatest contribution was the devoted manner in which she attended to the affairs of her district and the constituents she served."
—Lt. Governor Bill Bolling

"When her career took her to Washington, the entire commonwealth, and the country, benefited. She was a leader of integrity, common sense, and decency. ...In a city where so many seek the bright lights of national publicity over the hard work of effective governing, Jo Ann always focused on the latter."
—Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell

"She was a good friend and a tireless advocate for America's First District, as both she and Herb Bateman referred to the 1st Congressional District of Virginia. While we had different political loyalties, we had no differences in our efforts to work together for the Hampton Roads area and especially the shipping and defense industries."
—U.S. Rep. Robert C. "Bobby" Scott, D-3rd

"It is fitting that the month of October is dedicated to raising breast cancer awareness. Even as she battled through her own personal adversity, Jo Ann saw her illness as an opportunity to help others and raise awareness for this disease. Her efforts will live on through the lives that she touched."
—U.S. Rep. Thelma Drake, R-2nd

"Virginia has lost a passionate advocate for better government, and her legacy as a defender of conservative principles will always be remembered."
—John Hager, chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia

Christy Jett: the choice for Circuit Court Clerk

When you look at an office like Circuit Court Clerk, you look for three things: experience, performance, and accessibility. In Spotsylvania County, the best candidate on these respective issues are Christy Jett, Christy Jett, and Christy Jett.

On the first issue (experience), one would normally look to the incumbent, but in this case, Paul Metzger is not the candidate with the most experience running a court system. In fact, Jett has been Clerk of the Spotsy Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court since before Metzger was first elected, while neither Cary Crismond nor Greg Carter have ever run a court clerk's office.

As for performance, Jett comes out first again. A look at the record shows Jett's audits had fewer issues pop up than Metzger's (even though Metzger had one fewer audit).

Finally, on accessibility, only one candidate has promised to extend the clerk's office hours to make it easier for Spotsylvanians. Jett, if elected, will keep the office open one day a week from 6AM to 6PM. Those of us who have to commute way north to get to work are especially appreciative of that.

I can understand how in races like this, even Republican voters would more reasons to vote for a candidate besides the party label. In the race for Circuit Court Clerk, there is no need for concern: Republican Christy Jett is easily the best choice.

Congressman Eric Cantor Endorses Bryce Reeves for Livingston District Supervisor

“I am pleased to endorse Bryce Reeves for Supervisor, Livingston District. He will bring a new vision and leadership to Spotsylvania County.

His commitment to solve transportation problems, promote improved educational opportunities and smart growth will add jobs and increase the tax base while allowing Spotsylvania to hold the line on spending and taxes.

Bryce is a conservative leader with boundless energy and experience that represents the needs of the county.”
–Congressman Eric Cantor