Saturday, October 6, 2007

Christy Jett: the choice for Circuit Court Clerk

When you look at an office like Circuit Court Clerk, you look for three things: experience, performance, and accessibility. In Spotsylvania County, the best candidate on these respective issues are Christy Jett, Christy Jett, and Christy Jett.

On the first issue (experience), one would normally look to the incumbent, but in this case, Paul Metzger is not the candidate with the most experience running a court system. In fact, Jett has been Clerk of the Spotsy Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court since before Metzger was first elected, while neither Cary Crismond nor Greg Carter have ever run a court clerk's office.

As for performance, Jett comes out first again. A look at the record shows Jett's audits had fewer issues pop up than Metzger's (even though Metzger had one fewer audit).

Finally, on accessibility, only one candidate has promised to extend the clerk's office hours to make it easier for Spotsylvanians. Jett, if elected, will keep the office open one day a week from 6AM to 6PM. Those of us who have to commute way north to get to work are especially appreciative of that.

I can understand how in races like this, even Republican voters would more reasons to vote for a candidate besides the party label. In the race for Circuit Court Clerk, there is no need for concern: Republican Christy Jett is easily the best choice.


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