Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dick Black, Candidate for 1st District Congress, Meets with Shipyard Officials

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For Further Information contact: Dick Black at 540-786-5528 /703-303-1577 (cell)

Dick Black Meets with Shipyard Officials
“We must intensify shipbuilding to modernize our naval forces.”
October 24, 2007

NEWPORT NEWS —Dick Black, Candidate for Congress, visited Newport News Shipyard today. He met with senior corporate officials to discuss the shipyard’s vision for the future.

“Newport News, one of the world’s largest shipyards, is vital to national defense,” said Black. “Whatever strategy we pursue in the Middle East, we must intensify shipbuilding in order to refurbish and modernize our naval forces.”

Dick Black believes it is crucial to ramp-up the shipyard’s output during the next decade. “America’s geography makes us the world’s greatest maritime power. Shipping lanes are the nation’s lifeblood, and we face growing threats to the freedom of the seas. Since our nation’s founding, naval strength has been vital to national security.” said Black. “The Navy’s backbone is forged on the dry docks at Newport News. I will do everything possible to keep them humming.”

Dick Black served as a U.S. Marine Corps pilot aboard the USS Guadalcanal, the Iwo Jima and the Valley Forge in the South China Sea . He was a casualty aboard the USS Repose after being wounded during ground fighting in Vietnam with the 1st Marine Regiment.
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