Wednesday, October 24, 2007

VA Dems' Leading Liberal Blog Praises Local GOP Leadership?

You know you're doing something right when the leading liberal blog has something nice to say about GOP leadership and effectiveness!

Thanks Dianne- for peeking through the veil that most Dems keep over their eyes when it comes to "reality" in our region. It's easy to get caught up in the rhetoric and BS that goes along with this business from those who aren't actually PARTICIPATING in the process as a volunteer or an even less desirable job– being a candidate.

The GOP is far from perfect, especially on a national level where things need to change in most categories and especially candidate screening processes (for BOTH parties) before allowing the use of the respective label, but we do a pretty good job here locally in Stafford and Spotsy and we're honored someone was big enough to point it out- from the Dark Side of the Force.

Perhaps the Dems would have an easier time getting behind a candidate if they weren't so afraid to actually call themselves Liberals or Democrats or whatever the case may be? We all see through the veil of obfuscation when we see the label "Independent" on a piece of campaign literature (unless its the occasional candidate with a Federal job who is barred from using labels as part of the Hatch Act). Only slightly less confusing is the label "Progressive". Both are synonymous with Democrat, so why not call yourself what you are? Most are too busy thinking they can outsmart the "undecided" voter and confuse them with claims of having bi-partisan support/endorsements {read: Albert Pollard} when they would have been better to attach themselves to the bandwagon of the party and focus on getting the voters to the polls.

I'd like to take a moment to return a compliment: the region's Dems are a spirited bunch indeed. While fewer in numbers, they make up for it in presence and enthusiasm. The "perfect storm" situation would be created when an opportunity (or emergency) meets the activism spirit and vocal tenacity of a Rappahannock Area Democrat and the thought out plan and implementation skills of a Rappahannock Area Republican. Why then- we may actually get something accomplished in a true bi-partisan way. Until then, we each take our victories where we can get them.

Today, their side sent out a praise. Whether it's an olive branch or a Trojan horse remains to be seen, but in less than 2 weeks, we'll all be Rappahannock Area residents all over again and we'd better start looking for a perfect storm opportunity to come together as a community on such cross-platform and serious problems like illegal immigration PLANS, transportation SOLUTIONS, and education FUNDING– before it's too late and we're ALL non-majority-residents of our own country, stuck in gridlock hoping the bridge doesn't collapse under us, and too stupid (uneducated) to figure out how to fix it.

"Over my time at RK, many of us have discussed the importance of Party and local committee communication and how that might energize Virginians to take up the cause and work to elect Democrats.

...Since moving to this area 8 years ago from NoVa, I've witnessed the effectiveness of the Republicans in communicating with the local electorate. For example, I regularly receive an e-mail from a Republican delegate telling me what is going on and how and why he is voting....and yet I'm a Democrat and don't receive any from Democrats.

When I look at websites of the local Republican committees, I realize just how hard they are working to get their Republican candidates elected. Take a look:
Spotsylvania Republican Committee: It is up-to-date, informative, has a poll, links to the candidates' websites, and has a very active blog with really great links to local newspapers, the county government, tax information, the public school system, and the Stafford GOP's website.

This organized website and blog is why Republican candidates will probably do well in Spotsylvania in November. The Republicans have caught on to the value of good communication. I hope I am wrong.

...If there had been adequate Party support and enough Democratic volunteers, who knows what the results might have been.

There is something wrong when I never receive even one electronic communication from the Spotsylvania Democrats in over a year...and I'm willing to work...."


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