Monday, October 8, 2007

Why I'm voting for Vince Onorato

Of all the races for the Board of Supervisors, the most entertaining one has to be in my district (Lee Hill): the battle among Vince Onorato, Gary Skinner, and Julie Hamlett. I know both Skinner and Onorato, and both are decent men, but Onorato's record is one that deserves re-election.

Vince Onorato has been one of the Supervisors who has continuously battled tax increases and the bloated school budgets that would have led to them. He also led the fight against the development of New Post, which would have flied in the face of the wishes of our men and women in uniform at Fort A.P. Hill (they were concerned with the effect of the additional homes on their Asymmetric Warfare program).

Yes, Vince is controversial, but those outside Lee Hill must remember is that Lee Hill is a Northern Virginia district dropped into the middle of the Fredericksburg area. Most of Vince's voters are stuck on I-95 when local Board meetings are being held. He is forced to speak for hundreds (if not thousands) of voters who can't speak for themselves. That's a lot of additional pressure other supervisors simply don't face.

Vince has stood up for us against the special interests in the county. That's why I stand by him and support his re-election.


At October 11, 2007 at 9:59 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given the choice of a short-fused Vince, and a clone of Jerry Hill on the supervisors seat (Skinner), I'd pick Vince any day of the week. His experience and willingness to stand up to moronic proposals is now legendary.


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