Thursday, November 1, 2007

"Kirk Twigg" Spotsy GOP's Write-In Candidate for Livingston District School Board Representative

"Kirk Twigg", CSP, MBA
WRITE-IN Candidate for Livingston District School Board
Phone: (540) 842-6164 -- Email:

Kirk Twigg has an extensive occupational safety and loss prevention background, stemming 26 years. He has comprehensive experience in engineering, code review, system design, technical writing, project management, and administration working in Department of Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, nuclear R&D, utility, auto manufacturing, government, and commerce industries as both consultant and in industry.

Kirk Twigg has a B.S. in Safety & Fire Protection Engineering from Oklahoma State University, holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Regent University, and is registered as a Certified Safety Professional.

Kirk Twigg is currently an Environmental, Safety, & Health Manager for WC Spratt, Inc., a large site development company in Fredericksburg.

From My Heart to Yours...
"My name is Kirk Twigg. I live in Livingston District, Spotsylvania. With dishonesty and improprieties looming over the candidacy of the school board incumbent for the November 6th, 2007 election, and since he is yet unopposed, I am running as a “WRITE-IN” candidate, “KIRK TWIGG” for the Livingston District School Board.

The people of Livingston certainly deserve better; better school board representation and SERVICE TO OUR CHILDREN, for a change.

My interests/goals are to:

  • Provide excellence in our schools, the excellence they deserve

  • Be a voice for special needs students (I am a dad of one)

  • Advocate for fiscal responsibility on behalf of our school board financial decisions

  • Put excellence, ethics, and character BACK into Livingston District school board representation.

  • Represent ALL parents from Livingston district, and serve all students of Spotsylvania County

I've had and have children in public schools. I value a strong education of all students in America, and I will vote for greater progress, efficiency, and higher bus driver/teacher salaries without more burden on taxpayers- YES it CAN be done!

Again, I think the people of our Livingston district certainly deserve better, and I am standing in the gap in an attempt to make a difference for them.

Please WRITE-IN "KIRK TWIGG" in the bottom right corner of the second screen of the ballot if you support these core principals in your school board representative! Thank you."


At November 3, 2007 at 1:18 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Kirk!


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