Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Metzger will request a recount

I have just heard that Paul Metzger will file for a recount in the race for Spotsylvania Circuit Court Clerk (that would be the race he lost to our Christy Jett).

Here's the problem: while the State Board of Elections handled the inital canvass, for the recount "the clerks of the circuit courts shall (a) secure all paper ballots and other election materials in sealed boxes; (b) place all of the sealed boxes in a vault or room not open to the public or to anyone other than the clerk and his staff; (c) cause such vault or room to be securely locked except when access is necessary for the clerk and his staff; and (d) certify that these security measures have been taken in whatever form is deemed appropriate by the chief judge" (Virginia election law, LIS, emphasis added).

In other words, unless a judge intervenes (and while I'm no attorney, the way I read it, (s)he can - "The chief judge of the circuit court or the full recount court may, consistent with State Board of Elections standards, resolve disputes over the application of the standards and direct all other appropriate measures to ensure the proper conduct of the recount"), Paul Metzger would have sole custody of ballots to be recounted for his own election.

That cannot stand.


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