Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wittman Trailed Convention and is Handed the Win in Surprise Late-Hour Shift

Check in was 11:00 am, and the first vote was supposed to start at 1:00pm. Debates about rules and regulations tied up the committee in charge of procedure for nearly 2 hours. The air conditioning was not on for hours and the gym was overcrowded to the point of feeling clostrophobic.

Eventually the event began and each candidate was given 8 minutes to speak about themselves. Yes, that's 88 minutes of straight back-to-back political speaking with each candidate claiming to be the experienced conservative in the room.

Some chose to have announcers as heralds, and some went straight into "Howard Dean" mode pounding on the podium and beating their chests (figuratively speaking).

FIRST BALLOTING finally started about 3:30 pm :
1) Paul Jost 110.95 votes
2) Chuck Davis got 85.85 votes
3) Sherwood Bowditch got 82.77 votes
4) Delegate Rob Wittman got 82.55 votes
5) Delegate Dick Black got 59 votes
6) Jim Bowden got 56.29 votes
7) David Caprara got 42.33 votes
8) David Corderman got 13.04 votes (ELIMINATED)
9) Kevin O'Neill got 13.54 votes (ELIMINATED)
10) Rob Quartel got 4.77 votes (ELIMINATED)

SECOND BALLOTING about 4:30 pm:
1) Paul Jost got 126.51 votes
2) Sherwood Bowditch got 105.43 votes
3) Chuck Davis got 85.30 votes
4) Delegate Rob Wittman got 82.55 votes
5) Jim Bowden got 62 votes
6) Delegate Dick Black got 59 votes
7) David Caprara got 37 votes (ELIMINATED AND ENDORSED DAVIS)

THIRD BALLOT ELIMINATES JIM BOWDEN, no endorsement, but many move towards Black about 6:00 pm

FOURTH BALLOTING about 8:00 pm:
1) Paul Jost got 146 votes
2) Delegate Rob Wittman got 120.24 votes
3) Sherwood Bowditch got 105.81 votes
4) Chuck Davis got 98.30 votes
5) Delegate Dick Black got 89.64 (ELIMINATED AND ENDORSED JOST)

Chuck Davis was eliminated in the fifth round, and threw his support behind Wittman, then Sherwood Bowditch drops out without a vote for some reason and endorses Wittman as well. So much for EITHER being a true conservative as they claimed in their earlier speeches. This had much more of a 'payback' feel than a coming together of ideals.

FIFTH BALLOTING about 9:30 pm:
1) Paul Jost got 200.38 votes
2) Delegate Rob Wittman got 160.5 votes
3) Sherwood Bowditch got 107.76 votes (WITHDRAWS AND ENDORSED WITTMAN)
4) Chuck Davis got 91.36 votes (ELIMINATED AND ENDORSED WITTMAN)



Now if he wins Dec 11, does that mean that Albert Pollard will want his old job back as 99th District Delegate?

We should remember that even homefield-advantage Richard Stuart did not win a single county in the Northern Neck. Wittman's ambition to be our next DC Congressman, if successful, will leave behind a gaping hole from a position he was just elected for November 6th for AlPo to walk right back to Richmond in.

Wittman himself will require a special election to fill his empty seat. Will this chain-reaction end?

If he does not win in December, are the voters who elected him to be their Delegate for two years going to forgive him in 2009? That certainly is soon enough for AlPo's name recognition to be high enough to be recollected, and Wittman's quick-to-move-up to "first class seating" election move to not be forgotten.

But is it forgiveable? Only the voters know that answer.

As of now, we have a Delegate/Congressman Nominee to get elected December 11. Ambitious milk-toast is better than a Democrat on a good day I suppose.

...go Wittman.


At November 11, 2007 at 10:11 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jost was never a true conservative, and has a history of buying votes instead of earning them. What Davis and Bowditch did was admirable, and their support of Wittman was the best thing for the Congressional District.

Unfortunately, we are now faced with the possibility of losing a House of Delegates seat.

At November 12, 2007 at 2:23 AM , Blogger D.J. McGuire said...


Oh please.

Wittman will get crushed in Hampton Roads because of his vote for the regional authority and transportation tax hike this spring. This is another message to low-tax, economic conservative voters that they have no place in the Republican Party of Virginia.

This was a disaster, pure and simple - your class envy against Jost notwithstanding.

At November 12, 2007 at 1:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Mcguire, I guess you forgot about the $50,000 promised by Jost to Linda Wall if she stepped out of the Norment race in 2003. And if you look at the major endorsements for this man, you will see high dollar signs everywhere. Besides, Jost has way too much baggage from his City Council race in Northern Virginia and his bankrupt development ordeal in Dallas, TX; the Dems would have ate him alive.

By the way, I am sure Wittman will do fine in the south with the help of people like Marty Williams, Chuck Davis, Sherwood Bowditch, and others who have solid contacts in the south. The movers and shakers down there unite pretty well.


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