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Del. Albo Wants to BOOST Abusive Driver Fees-- When The Rest of Virginia Wants Them Abolished!

Despite the public outrage at the imposition of the civil remedial fee speeding ticket tax, Virginia Delegate David B Albo (R-Springfield) is proposing to boost penalties further on those already subjected to the tax.

Earlier this month Albo filed House Bill 91, a measure designed to "crack down" on unlicensed drivers. It will be considered in the new legislative session which begins in January.

"No person... shall drive any motor vehicle on any highway in the Commonwealth until such person has applied for a driver's license... satisfactorily passed the examination, and obtained a driver's license, nor unless the license is valid," the proposal states.

"Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any person charged with a violation of this section shall be placed under arrest and shall have his fingerprints and photograph taken."

The proposal sets the punishment for a first offense as a class 2 misdemeanor and a class 1 for the second, the punishment for which is up to a year in prison and a fine of $2500. But the law's primary target is not illegal drivers who have never held a valid license as the language seems to imply.

A 2004 state appeals court case, Shreve v. Virginia, concluded that a suspended license was not "valid" for the purpose of imposing punishment. That means Albo's measure would force police to arrest anyone whose license has been suspended, even if only over a
technicality or database error.

The majority of those subjected to the new punishment would come from Albo's own civil remedial fee legislation.

Since July, a Virginia motorist ticketed, for example, for driving more than 10 MPH over the limit on portions of Interstate 95 automatically is charged with "reckless driving." Upon conviction, a judge has no choice but to impose the $1,050 "abuser fee" in addition to a discretionary fine of up to $2,500. A motorist who cannot afford such stiff penalties will have his license suspended. This places many in the position of choosing between driving illegally to keep their job and following the new law.

In the next two years, nearly half a million Virginia motorists will fall into this trap, according to a
report by the Joint Commission on Transportation Accountability. The numbers track with the experience of other states like Michigan and Texas which have similar ticket taxes. Texas, for example, has suspended 1.5 million licenses as a direct result of its so-called driver responsibility law.

"When you turn law-abiding people into criminals, they lose all respect for the law," Michigan Judge Michael Jarreau testified before a state legislative committee. "I will almost never take a guilty plea for driving with a suspended license."

Albo heads the traffic law section for the Albo and Oblon, LLP law firm. State House Majority Leader H Morgan Griffith (R-Salem), who helped push the original fee legislation into law, is also a traffic lawyer.

Article Excerpt:
Offered January 9, 2008
Prefiled December 14, 2007

A BILL to amend and reenact § 46.2-300 of the Code of Virginia, relating to driving without a driver's license; penalties.

Patrons-- Albo and Rust
Committee Referral Pending

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:
1. That § 46.2-300 of the Code of Virginia is amended and reenacted as follows:§ 46.2-300. Driving without license prohibited; penalties.

No person, except those expressly exempted in §§ 46.2-303 through 46.2-308, shall drive any motor vehicle on any highway in the Commonwealth until such person has applied for a driver's license, as provided in this article, satisfactorily passed the examination required by § 46.2-325, and obtained a driver's license, nor unless the license is valid.

A violation of this section is a Class 2 misdemeanor. A second or subsequent violation of this section is a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any person charged with a violation of this section shall be placed under arrest and shall have his fingerprints and photograph taken.

With this obvious scheme to continue to abuse Virginia's drivers and fill his law firm's pockets with cash from you and I when we are forced to hire lawyers or face jail and thousands of dollars in fines even in the case of computer/clerk errors or even your insurance company forgetting to update their records quickly (causing the DMV computer to think you are uninsured, therefore your license suspended)..... Albo needs to make his money more honestly rather than trying to change the laws to suit his business' unique form of 'service'.

One could easily argue that this is 'protection money' when you hire him to defend you against laws HE CREATED!

If this guy were a baker, I would merely think he's a crusader for safe roads or some cause with a fire in his belly, but he is a traffic lawyer who- like loan sharks and predatory mortgage companies- is preying on us citizens at the highest levels.

There's even a website dedicated solely to his removal from office: "Albo Must". Check it out for the latest figures on how some in our party are steering us right into bankruptcy in some cases, and definitely away from support and unity at the very least. Keep in mind, it's sponsored by the Democratic Party of Fairfax of course, but some of its links are to neutral sources, newspaper quotes, and voting records, as well as, your daily dose of liberal drivel to be sure.

What part of "less government" does Dave Albo not understand as part of the Republican mantra?
Ronald Reagan is spinning in his grave right now.

Maybe they do things differently in Fairfax than the rest of the world to raise money and deal with their craving for cash and more lawyers, but Richmond has more than its share of greed and misuse of public trust.

Hopefully in 2009, Fairfax Republicans will see fit to put up a candidate that is less like to be a tax and spender, is not a business-as-usual lawyer, and who can separate himself/herself from a situation that is so blatently self-serving? I would hate to see it turn totally Blue up there (it practically is now), but you reap what you sow... it may have to get worse before it gets better.

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Local Illegal Immigration Enforcement Works! Some Phoenix Illegals Pack Up and Leave Voluntarily

By Tim Gaynor
Sun Dec 23, 2007

PHOENIX (Reuters) - Mexican illegal immigrant Lindi sat down with her husband Marco Antonio in the weeks before Christmas to decide when to go back to Mexico.

She has spent three years working as a hairdresser in and around Phoenix, but now she figures it is time to go back to her hometown of Aguascalientes in central Mexico.

"The situation has got so tough that there don't seem to be many options left for us," Lindi, who asked for her last name not to be used, told Reuters.

The couple are among a growing number of illegal immigrants across the United States who are starting to pack their bags and move on as a crackdown on undocumented immigrants widens and the U.S. economy slows, turning a traditional Christmas trek home into a one-way trip.

In the past year, U.S. immigration police have stepped up workplace sweeps across the country and teamed up with a growing number of local forces to train officers to enforce immigration laws.

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Brace Yourselves Spotsylvanians, The School Board Is About to Hit Us Up For More Cash; Yet Again

Can you read between the lines *here* ?

"It's the state's fault" this time. You and I make too much money, and our houses have all gone up in value this year in case you didn't realize it.

"Crazy Timmy" Kaine's Budget Thru 2010- "His Prices Are Innnsane!"

Anyone who traveled through the New York/New Jersey area in the 80's– or God-forbid, lived there– would have been hard-pressed to miss the original "Crazy Eddie" commercials on TV and radio where this super-obnoxious "Eddie" would yell at you that his prices were so low that he was "innnsane!"

Our own Governor Timmy seems to have caught the bug with this first budget draft. Here's the highlights of his proposals which include freezing school teacher salaries through as long as 2010 (not administrative salaries mind you at $80k-$240k- just those "overpaid" teachers who make $27k to start out in some parts of VA and $37k here in Spotsy. But read it- it gets a lot better...
As read in The Free Lance-Star article by Chelyen Davis published 12-18-07:
(Timmy's presumed thoughts/comments in red as added commentary)

2008-2010 biennial budget Gov. Tim Kaine presented to the General Assembly's money committees yesterday:

CURRENT BUDGET (Shortfall?? Oh crap. We didn't see this one coming. We're normally so good at financial forecasting!)
In order to address a shortfall of more than $641 million in the current budget set to expire June 30, Kaine's proposal:

  • Withdraws $261.1 million from the Rainy Day Fund. (I'll keep this as quiet as I can and blame the Delegates if it leaks out)
  • Cuts $300 million. (Can you hear the applause? "Tim Kaine Wants Cuts to Budget Spending"... I sure can)
  • Uses $96 million in agency savings. (because my administration is all about the "careful spending")

2008-2010 BUDGET

  • To fund state operations from July 1 through June 30, 2010, the new budget spends slightly more than $78 billion on two years of revenues projected at nearly 81 billion. (we KNOW these incomes to be true, we always meet our estimates, so we should pre-spend that which is a sure-thing!)
  • No new taxes. (read that part carefully.... remembering that a "fee" is not a "tax"-- as in "abusive driver fees" that are so popular these days)
  • Boosts fee to renew drivers licenses by $10, to $15 every five years. (yep, MORE DMV FEES. Thank God I don't raise taxes...)
  • Replaces the annual $16 state inspection for vehicles with a $20 fee for an inspection that would be required only every other year. ("fewer inspections means safer cars" here on Planet Timmy, I'm sure the automotive industry is thankful for this blessing of FIFTY-PERCENT less business and opportunity to put tires and brakes on a car.)
  • No pay raises in 2008. (keep up the good work folks, you're making me look great, and deliver pizzas if you really want a little extra something special for the wife and kids this Christmas, errr I mean Holiday season.)
  • Increases teacher pay 3.5 percent and state employees by 3 percent beginning in July 2009. (of course I'm not reeeaallly gonna do it! But the press will print it and I'll look good saying it.)
  • $46 million to repair major gaps in the state's mental health services system identified after the Virginia Tech massacre in April; includes $14.6 million for crisis mental health care. (after all, the government should pay for your therapy issues)
  • $56 million to expand access to preschool programs from about 13,000 children to about 20,000 statewide by 2010. Kaine's goal is to increase eligibility to about 30,000 children by 2012. (nothing says "love" to a preschooler, like letting the government do it for you!)
  • $7 million in state subsidies to help businesses that employ two to 50 people provide health care for uninsured workers who earn up to twice the federal poverty level, or $41,000 for a family of four.
  • About $1 billion to revise and upgrade baseline education requirements for K-12. (the schools are doing such a good job now managing their money, let's give another billion and make them comply with a few more requirements and see how that works out)
  • Adds $44.3 million for operating costs for Virginia's colleges and universities. (professors need new Porsches too ya know, and your tax money should fund education all the way through medical school.)
  • Adds $36.4 million for student financial aid. (let's see, 50,000 graduates per year times $15k per year for college- yeah that should be enough to cover it)
  • Calls for $1.6 billion in bonds for construction on college and university campuses. (there we go- a couple "B"illion for new buildings, because we just can't have too many liberal arts majors in Virginia and every one of those illegal immigrants needs a seat in college too)
  • $68 million to recruit businesses to Virginia. (do they have to get results, or can the just spend it on travel and advertising in other state's publications?)
  • Reverts $180 million in general fund money authorized for road-building back to general fund for the first year of the budget; Kaine said he will restore the money for roads, rail and transit by 2010. ("I promise I will". Not that I'll be Governor then or anything to keep that promise... let's get this one straight-- "Crazy Timmy" Kaine is TAKING $180M FROM roads. Yeah, that'll stick good in the House of Delegates.)
  • Provides nearly $159 million through 2010 to provide special schooling and foster care for kids who've run afoul of the law. (in the old days- we called it JAIL, but it's more electable to call it "special schooling" since I don't want to actually lock anyone up for something that is "society's fault".)

Real Chimps Beat College Kids In Math and Memory Challenges!

Just when you thought we taught our kids all they need to know for a world-class education...
We now find out that chimps– yes the monkey kind– can actually beat smart humans in numerical recognition, math and memory tests.

And not by just a little either... and not just in a fluke example... EVERY TIME.

Watch *THIS VIDEO* and then go watch Planet of The Apes again, and tell yourself "it's just science fiction and could never happen in just a few hundred years..." so you can sleep in peace tonight!

Christy Jett Finally Certified As Winner of Spotsy Clerk Race

by Dan Telvock
The Free Lance-Star Newspaper
published 12-18-07

After three hours, Circuit Court judges Harry T. Taliaferro (Spotsylvania), Pamela S. Baskervill (Petersburg) and Cleo E. Powell (Chesterfield) recertified Christy Jett as the winner over incumbent Paul Metzger.

With that, the first recount of a local race in Spotsylvania history came to a close.

More than 20 local election officials tabulated the same number of votes that were reported for the two candidates on Nov. 6: Jett won 7,420 votes to Metzger's 7,357 votes.

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"Progressive" Governor Deeds in 2009? R U READY TO RUMMMBLE?

By Warren Fiske
The Virginian-Pilot
published December 14, 2007

State Sen. Creigh Deeds on Thursday became the first person to officially declare his candidacy for governor in 2009. Deeds, a Bath County Democrat, posted an online video to announce his candidacy. He promised to offer a “commonsense approach” to governing similar to that of Democratic Gov. Timothy M. Kaine and his predecessor, Democrat Mark Warner.

“I’ve spent my career as a consensus builder – a listener – someone who fights for your values,” he said. Deeds, 49, is a lawyer. He lost the 2005 election for attorney general to Republican Bob McDonnell by 323 votes out of more that 1.9 million cast.
...from the Deeds web site...
"We have much to celebrate here in Virginia. After six years of progressive leadership under the watch of Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, our future has never been brighter. I’m running for Governor to keep Virginia the best place to live, work and raise a family…the best place for all of us to call home.

Friends and supporters from every corner of the Commonwealth say the reason we’ve been so successful these past few years is because we’ve focused on building consensus and delivering results. They’re right: the only way to keep Virginia moving forward and to tackle the challenges of the 21st Century is to continue the Warner/Kaine brand of leadership. Now that Mark Warner is running for the U.S. Senate and we’ve delivered new partners for Governor Kaine in the State Senate, I’m ready to provide that same leadership if given the privilege to serve as your next Governor."

If this 3-Dollar bill doesn't alarm you, nothing will. He's using the same playbook so far as other Democrats in sheep's clothing did for 2 years or so, which is to confuse the average schmoe with labels like "progressive" and "centrist".

I wouldn't have any problem with that if they started their own "progressive" party- but somehow when there's a "progressive" in the race, there's never a Democrat, and there's always a local Democratic Party volunteer working the "progressive's" booth at the poll and putting up signs.

He was a "Democrat" 3 years ago when he ran for Attorney General! In his defense, he slips in the "D" word in text at the end of his video commercial on the website for about 2 seconds.

It's a nice enough commercial to watch, but his web site lacks any substance whatsoever (much like his job as Senator). Too bad the things he takes credit for passing, or gives credit to Timmy Kaine, simply aren't true!

It's way early though and there's plenty of time for his buddies at MoveOn to whip something up for his rhetoric machine. Deeds already slipped in some anti-George Bush comments in there to fire up his minions.

Hmm... Governor Deeds... {euck-} a little vomit just came up in my throat when I typed that.

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This Just In... Wittman-Forgit Race Not Quite Over; 22,000 Votes Just Found Lying Around

UPDATE: 1:26pm Dec. 12, 2007
I can now say it for once in my life, "...This Just In..."

The SBE does it again– adding 2,085 votes from thin air to the results!

Wittman now has 52,650 votes with Forgit's gap falling to 33,690.

My tongue-in-cheek part above that Forgit still has a chance could prove more accurate than I joked. I wouldn't have thought there would be YET ANOTHER adjustment of THOUSANDS of votes a full 18 hours after the polls closed.

Sorry, Phil, on this update, your margin went the wrong way.. but who knows what will come in the next hour?

Lucky Narain could still pull it off and surprise us all!

We have no way of knowing how many thousands of votes are yet to magically appear!

Click HERE to Visit the SBE website for yourself...

UPDATE #2 2:07pm Dec 12
"This just in... uh, again...." We're up to 91,989 votes now!

Still 210/210 precincts reporting and still 100% voters accounted for...

Wittman has 54,987 now while Forgit trails by a nose at 35,019. This is anyone's race now folks.

Narain breaks into the 2% mark with a sharp gain of votes to bring his total to 1,889. Will he hit 2,000 before the hour passes? It's anyone's guess now.

UPDATE #3 2:32pm Dec. 12
"This just in... (getting old to say this now)"

One more vote found for Wittman, but the website won't acknowledge the update time in the left corner. It still reads 2:07pm. It wasn't updated 25 seconds later in the same minute either, it was about 25 minutes later when I looked and found the number difference thinking I had typed it in wrong.

Revisionist history?? Shouldn't the program be written to manditorily update the time if any numbers are changed? Furthermore, shouldn't the program manditorily keep track of who's making the change and be transparent about it (ie: SBE Election Director Smith posted this update at 14:27:03pm on Dec. 12. Reason for update: torn ballot accounted for"?)

Or, am I asking for too much transparency here? After all, it's only democracy's credibility that's in question here...

UPDATE #4 2:44pm Dec. 12
Is it just me or did I read that the election ended YESTERDAY?

We're up to 91,992 Votes with a 20.33% turnout. It's starting to add up to not such a low-turnout election after all.

THIS time when they added 3 votes, they changed the clock time... it makes me wonder if they manually type the time in, or it's automatic. Why is this important?

"Where's the accuracy?"
Here's why: if you're just skimming this Blog- you didn't notice that Wittman's votes just went DOWN from 54,988 at 2:07pm to 54, 985 at 2:44pm... that's a neat trick. Is there ANY automation to this process, or is some little old lady with tennis shoes on flipping a coin to see who gets credited with the vote?

UPDATE #5 4:41pm Dec 12
WHAT GIVES with Dre??

I just can't make this stuff up... but now the votes have gone down from the previous 91,992 to 81,266!

Rob Wittman is now DOWN to 48,219 votes for 59.33%, Phil Forgit DOWN to 31,463 for 38.71%, and Lucky Narain down to 1,485 for 1.82%.

Voter turnout is now back on the "pathetic" list of 17.96%.

At least NOW there's a link on the right of the screen to click on and "see History of Changes" to the results list... it says James City County needed to add TWO votes to account for "DRE" on election night. Well, that explains the 4:41 update, but NOT THE LOSS OF 10,000 VOTES!

I dare to say that my history of changes has been far more detailed and forthcoming of facts.

What's a DRE vote anyway? Can you dance to it? Pray for no more updates... I am.

Update #6 5:34pm Dec 13
Here we are nearly 47 hours after the polls have closed and the winner declared, and we still don't have a vote count that can stay within 20,000 votes for more than 12 hours!

Now, Wittman is down to 42,771 votes and Forgit is down to 26,282 with Narain at 1,311.

Voter turnout is 70,440 now and 15.57% of the total registered voters.

Ahh, but they've now posted a comment on the top:
"Due to some technical difficulties, the data reported on this page may be inaccurate. We are working to correct any errors at this time. The outcome of the election will not change as a result of these errors. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

...TO SAY THE LEAST! And what about the DRE votes and that change link- are they coming back?

How did the system manage to work perfectly (we assume) on November 6 when there were a TON of elections, and now with only 3 candidates to account for- it's 'broken'... for DAYS? This message should have been installed when the FIRST sign of glaring accounting errors appeared. It's a web site, not a machine. Code doesn't rewrite itself, and there are always backups... aren't there?

How hard is it to type up a spreadsheet and post a 'final' PDF file for all to see, in an emergency? Does our State Board of Elections not have a contingency plan? Does FEMA share office space with these people or something?

Maybe some high school kid that maintains his MySpace page could give them a hand?

Update #7 9:32am Dec. 14
So here we are now another day later and still no final answer as to how many votes were actually cast and for whom...

42,722 votes for Wittman, just about fifty less than yesterday while holding firm at 26,282 for Forgit, things are looking more final for him.

I'm calling this race for Wittman now. :-) The SBE may still let the final results tell a different story though.

Remember to check the final results ** HERE ** when they actually post them that is.

This reminds me of the saying, "Trust us, we're with the government."

Dec 12: FORGIT Could Still WIN-- VA State Board of Elections Needs Accuracy NOW; an IPHONE Proves It!

"It's 'un-official', but clear folks", a TV reporter says, "it's 9:02pm.... the polls closed at 7pm, the votes have all been tallied and now reported on our government web site. The State Board of Elections says that candidate "Jones" won the election over "Smith" with 24 out of 24 precincts reporting (100%)."

"We just have to verify a handful of provisional votes where someone wrote sloppy to tweak the final count to make it official.", a registrar's office official says.

Newspapers, TV, Blogs and campaigns can all celebrate or cry now. We have posted these numbers. "You can trust us" implies our government officials who oversee election results.

"We had a margin of victory of 55% to 45% so there is no chance of a recount", says J. Jones, candidate for dog catcher.

"We ran a great race, but I congratulate my opponent in his victory", concedes S. Smith.

The anchorman reports, "23,250 people voted with a turnout of 21% of registered voters says the State Board of Elections...."

We've all been through this before... THESE are the types of facts and figures EVERYONE relies on in a registrar and board of elections in any town. We cling to the computers for SBE updates like this, and cell phones ring for hours frpm every precinct captain and every registrar's office watcher to verify that the numbers are accurate, not transposed and that someone we know and trust saw the count with their own eyes.

This is how ballot box stuffing, shredding votes, dead people rising from the grave to cast a ballot, and computer fraud are kept to a minimum; via reasonable efforts to ensure democracy prevails, right? We'd like to think so anyway.

I may be not be the first to complain about this, but let me share an example of last night's election results that have me very concerned with whether we can trust the SBE to accurately report our campaign results:

At about 8:45pm Dec 11 (election night) in the Wittman-Forgit-Narrain Congressional race for the 1st District, I watched the SBE's website for precinct-by-precinct reports; along with everyone else with a Wi-Fi laptop in every campaign HQ and committee party gathering across the district.

"Wow- our guy is up by 20%+ margin- there's no way he can lose with 17 out of 20 precincts reporting and only a couple thousand votes left to tally...", we said. We were at about 42,000 votes for Wittman at that time. With a vote of 65% to 32% ratio, it was more than a 2:1 ratio of victory!

We accepted that. In fact, we screamed it out loud!

Then the numbers all updated at about 9:10pm, as usual. No biggie. The ratio dropped to 64-33 or so. Still fine. We accept that with a few more precincts being accounted for, that these numbers will continue to fluctuate. That's what makes it exciting and tense, especially when it's close. This race's winner was not in question at any time, so the final "true" numbers are only needed for the next day's headlines and posterity.

But what about ACCURACY?

How do you know these numbers are right? Who enters them? Where?

WHY do precincts results, when reported and verified by several people in all camps and volunteers and with the votes only being a few dozen to begin with, suddenly CHANGE by a dozen?

At 9:44pm 210 out of 210 precincts have now reported for 100% accounting. GREAT! The results are now just about official right? They've all been counted and re-counted by locals and campaign watchers, and now our state has declared them all-but-final by posting them, knowing that there's always a vote here or there that may need to be tweaked, and that sometimes provisional votes get challenged for being unclear who they were actually intended for.

So we accept that +/- a few stray votes that these numbers will be forever etched in stone in the morning when everything gets triple-checked and the word "un-official" becomes "final".

Wittman got 42, 325 votes as of 9:44pm with 210/210 precincts reporting, 100% of the vote counted, and that made 61.06% of the total vote. We had an abysmal 15.89% turnout and 69,315 total votes were cast in this election.

I double check these numbers with a calculator myself, and even went to a few county-by county vote totals and added them up to ensure the program's math appeared correct. It did, so I accept this as fact and post a chart online for your review.

Not quite the 2:1 margin we had, but that's why it's so important not to celebrate too early in any election until the votes are all-in. We know this. But wait there's more...

The next morning, I logged on to verify that the results were accurate still so that my chart would forever reflect this glorious triumpf for democracy. They hadn't changed at 8:00am Dec 12, so it seemed pretty certain that these would become "official/final" results.

Naturally, the newspaper reported these same results since they get their data from the same place I do– the SBE website– the ONLY official place that everyone can go in a fair and impartial way to confirm how many votes were cast and who won. So we accept this to be fact now because the newspaper said it, the SBE said it, and the campaigns have all said it.

Nationally, the GOP announces the landslide victory and we all accept it as fact: "Wittman will go to Congress."

So I'm talking to a friend at lunch on Dec 12, about the blow-out and he says that I have my percentage of victory numbers all wrong. He pulls out his IPhone and logs on to the SBE website and shows me the results he just checked himself, and that they were nowhere near what I was remembering from last night and this morning. I thought it was a clever trick.

I soon realized that maybe I hadn't cleared out my browser's cookies on my PC or done some other Windows-required regiment of keyclicks and plug-ins to make the screen update last night and this morning. I always hit the "refresh" icon on the browser when I look at these things to ensure they've updated. How could I have made such a blunder, I wondered.

I didn't. The SBE updated their website at 11:01am Dec 12. One might assume at this time in the story that it was to tweak those provisional votes dangling in the balance, but no. They updated all the numbers this time... but I didn't have them all memorized, and the percentages barely moved, so I knew things were 'different', but not significantly.

Wittman wins by 59.6% now, not 61.06% as reported last night, and no longer a 2:1 margin as was his lead with nearly every precinct allegedly reporting. So I say, no big deal, it's only a half-point correction. Maybe someone imposed their numbers last night and the process caught it?

So I go back to the PC after lunch and plan to edit the numbers to report accurately and be a good steward of information for the party archives. The winner's outcome hadn't changed, so I thought, "no harm, no foul. Good for 'the system', checks and balances worked out this time."

Then I look at the total votes for Wittman. WOAH- they went from 42,325 last night and this morning to 51,310!!
That's no 'tweak'!

That's more than a "margin of error", and MANY more than we should condone as being misplaced, set aside, or provisional!

Forgit's vote count went from 25,621 to 32,973, and Narain's went from 1,295 to 1,709.

The voter turnout has to now be upgraded too from 'abysmal' (15.34% of registered) to 'pathetic' (19.02% of registered), but any improvement is a good one in this category!

Yes, fellow voters and Virginians, the SBE announced a total 100% reported, 210/210 precinct voter turnout of 69,315 at 9:44pm Dec 11, and it wasn't changed until 11:01am Dec 12 when they 'adjusted' it to 86, 079 votes!

Can anyone explain why our official voting board's reports, for a single-race election day with only 3 candidates to account for–where most precincts used computerized touch-screens to tally the votes– are 16,764 VOTES OFF?

If this were a Ron Paul straw poll, the press would be eating this alive! We should be outraged that such an error could occur in ANY race, ANYWHERE.

I called the SBE today and was told that this is why no one should announce anything until the word 'OFFICIAL' is on the page. When I said, "but that doesn't explain where 16,000+ votes come from 14 hours later when 100% of the precincts were tallied..."

The answer? "I don't know what to tell you, Sir, the votes aren't official yet."

I guess someone should tell the Forgit camp that he still has a fighting chance of winning this race, after all, he's only trailing by 18,337 votes the day after the election with 100% reporting now.

What gives in government "service" these days? Will it ever get back to just being "slow, bureaucratic and uncaring" like the old days when I was a kid? Must it be "grossly innacurate and dangerously wrong" also?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rob Wittman Wins Dec 11th in 1st District US Congress Race !!

December 11, 2007, Delegate Rob Wittman won the Special Election against Democrat Phil Forgit by a margin of nearly 2:1! Congratulations Congressman Wittman!

The First District remains SOLID RED.

Washington, DC has a LOT of work to be done to get our country back on track. Let's hope you aren't too tired from campaigning to hit the ground running in January (hint: get lots of sleep until then!)

Scary Home Foreclosure Figures in Our Region Just In

According to the George Mason University's Center for Regional Analysis, foreclosures are steeply on the rise in our region and will likely remain so until mid-2008 or longer. They cite first-time buyers taking on larger mortgages than they could handle, the market plateau in values (which kept short term investors stuck without warning that prices wouldn't rise), and the buyer's frenzy of 2004-2005 that inflated values artificially high.

Here are the number of homes per 10,000 households in foreclosure as of Nov. 30. (Only counties with at least 65,000 residents were analyzed):

NATIONAL AVERAGE: 85 (homes per 10,000 are in foreclosure)
WASHINGTON Metro Serving Area: 79 (should we feel better?)

Fairfax County: 34
Fauquier County: 63
Spotsylvania County: 107
Stafford County: 167
Loudoun County: 219
Prince William County: 262

It's food for thought if you are thinking of complaining that you didn't get what you want for Christmas this year... be glad you aren't sleeping in a sand trench in Iraq praying you don't get shot or bitten by some bug you've never seen, and be glad you are sleeping in your home tonight.
  • Spotsylvania County has about 45,000 homes, so that means about 481 homes are now in foreclosure!
  • Stafford County has about 47,000 homes, so that means about 784 homes are now in foreclosure!
Each home in our area is occupied by an average of 2.87 people. That's a lot of families about to become homeless this Christmas.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Where Do Spotsylvania Schools Rank in The Nation?

As featured in
US News and World Report
November 29, 2007

"There are more than 18,000 public high schools in the United States. What if you could take a snapshot of each one and capture, at a particular moment, what kinds of students were enrolled there and the caliber of the education provided them? If you were to collect these individual snapshots into one huge national yearbook, which high school would be chosen as "Most Likely to Succeed," meaning that it set the best example of how to prepare students to achieve their post-graduation goals?" READ MORE...

Where does Spotsylvania, VA rank? We don't even make the top 1,800! ...yet we have an out of control spending frenzy on administrative expenses, new multi-million dollar maintenance complex and new headquarters' luxuries that even the top 100 school systems in both richer and poorer counties do not have.

Our kids' education isn't in the top half of our own state in most rankings (some they are), let alone the top 10% of the country!

Still the school board wants more of your money this year. In our current state of, dare I say the word, recession-- they just approved all new hi-end tablet laptops for the school board to have along with a many-million dollar maintenance complex.

Oh, and FIVE new schools in the next five years.... that shouldn't amount to much though, right? ... Just $201,000,000 in capital costs, NOT COUNTING the staff and operating expenses!

How many more $100,000+ salaried headquarters-only workers will be required to manage these 5 new schools?


Maybe now the school board members can each make a website for themselves with their new tablet PC's. I can think of several dozen parents who can't get a hold of their elected representatives.

Watch the video about how Thomas Edison HS kids learn and are taught, and think about whether you know of 5 Spotsy kids who think and talk like this about education.

It's not the kids' fault. It's marginally not any teacher's fault. It's an administrative and POOR LEADERSHIP problem we have.

Al Pollard Likely to Run for State House, If...


by Tim Craig
The Washington Post
Published 12-5-07

Former Del. Albert C. Pollard Jr., who narrowly lost his Senate bid this year, said today he will likely run for his old state House seat if Del. Robert J. Wittman (R-Westmoreland) is elected to Congress next week.

Pollard said "everybody from former Republican Governor Linwood Holton to the local UPS men" have been urging him to run for the House seat he gave up in 2005.

"I enjoy the public service, I am a much better position financially then I was two years ago and if the seat opens, I will almost certainly run," Pollard said.

Wittman faces Democrat Philip Forgit in Tuesday's special election to fill the U.S. House seat left vacant by the death of Rep. Jo Ann Davis (R-Va). Because the district leans Republican, Wittman is favored to win.

If he runs, Pollard would be a heavy favorite to win Wittman's state House seat. In this year's Senate race, Pollard received 57 percent of the vote in the portion of the district that includes his old House seat.

If he wins, Democrats would pick up a House seat and increase their margin to 45.

No word yet on who the Republicans would put up to challenge Pollard. But Pollard said he's not sure when a special election would be called to fill Wittman's House seat.

The Free Lance-Star 12-8-07: Click HERE to read all about it AND a GOP candidate from King George standing by to step up if Wittman wins. Can he beat an $800,000 name brand from 60 days prior??

Well, there we have it folks. "almost certainly", a vote for Rob Wittman is a vote for Al Pollard to go back in the General Assembly.

Originally, the two had a gentlemen's agreement that Al would not seek this seat. So much for good faith and honesty with AlPo.

Richard Stuart didn't win a single county in the Northern Neck in his bid for 28th District State Senate, and only won the Stafford side by enough margin to make it a 1% margin victory.

If nearly $1,000,000 in marketing efforts of a man whose family has lived in the Neck for 400 years can't beat Pollard, then no active Republican in the Northern Neck can beat Al Pollard now that he's at the height of his name recognition and has the popular vote of all counties (except King George).

So much for outgoing RINO Sen. John Chichester's endorsement being worth a grain of sand in his home territory.

In case anyone doesn't know this, former Governor Linwood Holton's daughter Anne is married to Tim Kaine. Holton is a shell of his former self and likely doesn't know what AlPo is doing with his name and reputation these days. That being said, he's been endorsing Democrats for decades, and was from the era when John Chichester called himself a Democrat, and Richard Nixon was president...

What is a Republican to do in this election? Win a DC seat and lose a VA seat, or lose a DC seat and gain nothing?

That's easy- Attention all Democrats- NOW is the time to come to the light and vote for Wittman!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

FauxNews Breaking Report: AWNAA Legislation Sweeps Through Democratic Congress Undetected!

American’s With No Abilities Act- Congressional Legislation of 2007
by Jess Kidding
Political Staffwriter

Washington, DC (A.U. FauxNews HQ)–
Democrat-majority US Congress is considering sweeping legislation, which provides new benefits for many Americans. The Americans with No Abilities Act (AWNAA) is being hailed as a major legislation by advocates of the millions of Americans who lack any real skills or legitimate ambition.

“Roughly 50 percent of Americans do not possess the competence and drive necessary to carve out a meaningful role for themselves in society,” said Barbara Boxer. “We can no longer stand by and allow People of Inability to be ridiculed and passed over. With this legislation, employers will no longer be able to grant special favors to a small group of workers, simply because they do a better job, or have some idea of what they are doing.”

Ms. Boxer pointed to the success of the US Postal Service, which has a long-standing policy of providing opportunity without regard to performance. Approximately 74 percent of postal employees lack job skills, making this agency the single largest US employer of Persons of Inability.

Private sector industries with good records of nondiscrimination against the Inept include retail sales (72%), the airline industry (68%), Hollywood, CA (91%), and fast food restaurants (65%). The Department of Motor Vehicles also has a great record of hiring Persons of Inability (63%).

Under the Americans with No Abilities Act, more than 25 million “middle man” positions will be created, with important-sounding titles but little real responsibility, thus providing an illusory sense of purpose and performance.

Mandatory non-performance-based raises and promotions will be given, to guarantee upward mobility for even the most unremarkable employees. The legislation provides substantial tax breaks to corporations which maintain a significant level of Persons of Inability in middle positions, and gives a tax credit to small and medium businesses that agree to hire one clueless worker for every two talented hires.

Finally, the AWNA Act contains tough new measures to make it more difficult to discriminate against the nonabled, banning discriminatory interview questions such as “Do you have any goals for the future?” or “Do you have any skills or experience which relate to this job.”

“As a Nonabled person, I can’t be expected to keep up with people who have something going for them,” said Mary Lou Gertz, who lost her position as a lug-nut twister at the GM plant in Flint, MI due to her lack of notable job skills and poor attendance record. “This new law should really help people like me.” With the passage of this bill, Gertz and millions of other untalented citizens can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Senator Ted Kennedy said, “It is our duty as lawmakers to provide each and every American citizen, regardless of his or her adequacy, with some sort of space to take up in this great nation, and also find place for all illegal aliens too, no matter how useless they may be.”

Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll at GOP Advance Conference of 500 Leaders & Activists

By Tim Craig
The Trail Blog - Washington Post Online

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) convincingly won a straw poll Saturday night at the Virginia Republican Party Advance, an annual conference in Crystal City that drew about 500 state party leaders and activists.

The poll followed a series of speeches by surrogates representing each of the GOP presidential candidates. Voting was open to any Virginia resident who paid $35.

Paul drew 38 percent of the vote after bringing in supporters from all corners of the state.

"It means we've got the strength to go the next step to take on the primary in Virginia," said Dennis Fusaro, Paul's national field director. "It shows our great organization. We won with a combination of people new to the process and the people who have been involved in the party a long time."

Saxman Will Not Challenge Gilmore for Senate, The Race is On!

At the Republican Advance in Arlington, VA last night, Chris Saxman announced that he will not seek to oppose Jim Gilmore in the 2008 US Senate race to fill the seat of retiring Sen. John Warner.

Former VA Governor (R) Jim Gilmore now faces former VA Governor (D) Mark Warner for the seat in a presumed to be 1vs1 election.

Tune in soon for a video of the speech.