Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This Just In... Wittman-Forgit Race Not Quite Over; 22,000 Votes Just Found Lying Around

UPDATE: 1:26pm Dec. 12, 2007
I can now say it for once in my life, "...This Just In..."

The SBE does it again– adding 2,085 votes from thin air to the results!

Wittman now has 52,650 votes with Forgit's gap falling to 33,690.

My tongue-in-cheek part above that Forgit still has a chance could prove more accurate than I joked. I wouldn't have thought there would be YET ANOTHER adjustment of THOUSANDS of votes a full 18 hours after the polls closed.

Sorry, Phil, on this update, your margin went the wrong way.. but who knows what will come in the next hour?

Lucky Narain could still pull it off and surprise us all!

We have no way of knowing how many thousands of votes are yet to magically appear!

Click HERE to Visit the SBE website for yourself...

UPDATE #2 2:07pm Dec 12
"This just in... uh, again...." We're up to 91,989 votes now!

Still 210/210 precincts reporting and still 100% voters accounted for...

Wittman has 54,987 now while Forgit trails by a nose at 35,019. This is anyone's race now folks.

Narain breaks into the 2% mark with a sharp gain of votes to bring his total to 1,889. Will he hit 2,000 before the hour passes? It's anyone's guess now.

UPDATE #3 2:32pm Dec. 12
"This just in... (getting old to say this now)"

One more vote found for Wittman, but the website won't acknowledge the update time in the left corner. It still reads 2:07pm. It wasn't updated 25 seconds later in the same minute either, it was about 25 minutes later when I looked and found the number difference thinking I had typed it in wrong.

Revisionist history?? Shouldn't the program be written to manditorily update the time if any numbers are changed? Furthermore, shouldn't the program manditorily keep track of who's making the change and be transparent about it (ie: SBE Election Director Smith posted this update at 14:27:03pm on Dec. 12. Reason for update: torn ballot accounted for"?)

Or, am I asking for too much transparency here? After all, it's only democracy's credibility that's in question here...

UPDATE #4 2:44pm Dec. 12
Is it just me or did I read that the election ended YESTERDAY?

We're up to 91,992 Votes with a 20.33% turnout. It's starting to add up to not such a low-turnout election after all.

THIS time when they added 3 votes, they changed the clock time... it makes me wonder if they manually type the time in, or it's automatic. Why is this important?

"Where's the accuracy?"
Here's why: if you're just skimming this Blog- you didn't notice that Wittman's votes just went DOWN from 54,988 at 2:07pm to 54, 985 at 2:44pm... that's a neat trick. Is there ANY automation to this process, or is some little old lady with tennis shoes on flipping a coin to see who gets credited with the vote?

UPDATE #5 4:41pm Dec 12
WHAT GIVES with Dre??

I just can't make this stuff up... but now the votes have gone down from the previous 91,992 to 81,266!

Rob Wittman is now DOWN to 48,219 votes for 59.33%, Phil Forgit DOWN to 31,463 for 38.71%, and Lucky Narain down to 1,485 for 1.82%.

Voter turnout is now back on the "pathetic" list of 17.96%.

At least NOW there's a link on the right of the screen to click on and "see History of Changes" to the results list... it says James City County needed to add TWO votes to account for "DRE" on election night. Well, that explains the 4:41 update, but NOT THE LOSS OF 10,000 VOTES!

I dare to say that my history of changes has been far more detailed and forthcoming of facts.

What's a DRE vote anyway? Can you dance to it? Pray for no more updates... I am.

Update #6 5:34pm Dec 13
Here we are nearly 47 hours after the polls have closed and the winner declared, and we still don't have a vote count that can stay within 20,000 votes for more than 12 hours!

Now, Wittman is down to 42,771 votes and Forgit is down to 26,282 with Narain at 1,311.

Voter turnout is 70,440 now and 15.57% of the total registered voters.

Ahh, but they've now posted a comment on the top:
"Due to some technical difficulties, the data reported on this page may be inaccurate. We are working to correct any errors at this time. The outcome of the election will not change as a result of these errors. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

...TO SAY THE LEAST! And what about the DRE votes and that change link- are they coming back?

How did the system manage to work perfectly (we assume) on November 6 when there were a TON of elections, and now with only 3 candidates to account for- it's 'broken'... for DAYS? This message should have been installed when the FIRST sign of glaring accounting errors appeared. It's a web site, not a machine. Code doesn't rewrite itself, and there are always backups... aren't there?

How hard is it to type up a spreadsheet and post a 'final' PDF file for all to see, in an emergency? Does our State Board of Elections not have a contingency plan? Does FEMA share office space with these people or something?

Maybe some high school kid that maintains his MySpace page could give them a hand?

Update #7 9:32am Dec. 14
So here we are now another day later and still no final answer as to how many votes were actually cast and for whom...

42,722 votes for Wittman, just about fifty less than yesterday while holding firm at 26,282 for Forgit, things are looking more final for him.

I'm calling this race for Wittman now. :-) The SBE may still let the final results tell a different story though.

Remember to check the final results ** HERE ** when they actually post them that is.

This reminds me of the saying, "Trust us, we're with the government."


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