Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ed Houck Flip Flops on Abusive Driving Fees and Steps On A 130 Year Old Timebomb

The Washington Post
Jan 29, 2008 A-1

RICHMOND, Jan. 28 -- Efforts to repeal Virginia's controversial abusive-driving fees hit a snag Monday after lawmakers discovered a 130-year-old state Supreme Court ruling that prohibits lawmakers from ordering local courts to stop collection of fees or fines that have already been assessed.

Since the fees went into effect July 1 to help finance a transportation bill, more than 1,000 motorists convicted of felony and misdemeanor offenses have been ordered to pay the fees, which are assessed over three consecutive years. One option under review is to ask motorists to finish paying the installments and then issue a refund.

Several legislators say the complication, which comes as the House and Senate have been racing to make the repeal their first legislative achievement this year, is another sign that they made a mistake in establishing the fees last year.

"Had we asked these questions, had all of this been asked and answered in 2007, this bill would have never been approved by the legislature," said Sen. R. Edward Houck (D-Spotsylvania). "This is an example of bad legislation."

Way to go Edd! You voted for these abusive driver fees once, twice, three times and you're saying now it was a bad idea? A sensible leader like our very own Delegate Mark Cole would have READ the bill before voting in bad legislation.

Shame on all Republicans who voted for this, including author (traffic lawyer) Dave Albo, for even proposing such an UNCONSTITUTIONAL idea in the first place!

If more officials were leaders, and none were egocentric politicians, we would never have these problems in the first place.

But what makes it worse than the actual law, is that one of the biggest supporters of this bill, a 100% supporter, Edd Houck, now is attempting to rewrite history and claim that he is now the people's champion by repealing it!

..and the law actually says we can't due to a precident from 130 years ago.... one would think that a 25 year veteran of the Virginia Senate would have heard of such a rule by now.

This is what happens when we live in a democracy and forget that we're a REPUBLIC whose powers are no greater than those given by God as per the US Constitution!

Who can help me spell hippicrat correctly?

Saturday, January 26, 2008



The new Democrat-majority Board of Supervisors voted to cut these committees (made of volunteers), but specifically take note of the Budget Advisory Committee!

...in a state of budget shortfall where Spotsy won't collect enough business tax revenue to pay for services this year?? You go and cut the ONLY committee aimed at efficiency and spending oversight?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2008 March For Life - Wash, DC Attracted Record 400-500,000 Attendees

You had to be there to believe the number of people who attended this year's "March for Life" event in Washington, D.C. The line of people was at least 50 people wide and got as wide as 75 in some parts of the roadways. People walked at a fairly brisk pace since it was quite cold and damp to the tune of about 50 lines wide per minute or so. This went on for at least three hours solid and I still couldn't see the end of the marchers despite my view of nearly 1/2 mile in both directions! I put the attendance at about 400-500,000 people which easily makes it the largest year.

Suspiciously, the news reports used terms like "tens of thousands" or just "thousands". This is a travesty in bad reporting! Anyone who was there could have more than comfortably said "hundreds of thousands" and been well within accuracy and unbiased reporting rules without any fear of challenge.

This year marks 35 years since killing America's children indiscriminately was made lawful by the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling since "personhood" could not be established for sure.

Since then, even Ms. Roe is now 100% pro-life and makes a speech every year at this event telling attendees this.

The federal law enforcement agencies and police of Washington, DC refuse to use the hovering helicopters to do any kind of crowd counts for this event! They stopped about 5-7 years ago in fact, yet they continue to do it for any other event of any magnitude so they can plan accordingly for staff, traffic control, emergency services and so forth.

Logic would dictate that ANY march of this magnitude would demand an accurate count for next year's budget process at the very least! For shame Washington, DC! Give it a fair count and let the numbers fall where they may!

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Virginia Lawmakers Present 100 New Bills Targeting Virginia's Illegal Intruders

Virginia lawmakers spared no time in presenting 100 or so new bills this session aimed at combating the illegal intruders of our commonwealth.

Let's hope partisan politics keeps its head down for most of these and that lawmakers come to the realization that there won't be a Virginia much longer if we keep HANDING it over to the illegals and their liberal advocates.

Read a little about the advances HERE .

Friday, January 18, 2008

Cole Co-Sponsors Bill to Protect VA Employers from Lawsuits if Non-English Speaking Employees are Fired

It's a fine addition to VA law. -Read Here-

As noted in the article, this is not geared toward 'illegal immigrants', since they have no employee rights to sue an employer– since an employer can't hire them legally anyway.

This is about fairness and protection of an employer of 'legal immigrants', or in many cases, US-born citizens who were raises speaking a foreign language and refuse to assimilate.

Great job Del. Cole and Cuccinelli!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A HERO of FREE SPEECH! No Aplogies, No Reservations, No Fear of Fascist Retailiation- This Couldn't Happen Anywhere but –Canada??

Read this brief news article, and then watch this video:

There are many more video segments to this interview if you scroll along the bottom of the videos when this ends. It's very interesting that the greatest objection to a government's invasive and fascist investigation has to happen in 2008 in Canada, when we have so much of this same thing happening in the birthplace of freedom in America, and rarely to we ever hear people rising up and complaing about it anymore... except some Republicans of course, but sadly, not enough of them.

Nod to ShaunKenny.com for pointing this out to us here in Virginia.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Democrats Have Gone NUTS with New Bills Already! Anti-Puppy, Anti-Testicles, and Anti-Individual– Just Like Mussolini Would

Democrat Del. Lionel Spruill, will introduce a bill that bans your truck's ornamental testicles from your trailer hitch! While I don't personally have a set of these– I am married and have no need for them to attract another truck to the family– when the heck was it EVER the governments role to legislate what we can decorate or cars with??? Displaying your rubber nuts would now carry a class 4 misdemeanor and a $250 fine if passed! That is, of course, before Kaine adds it to his Abusive Driver Fees list!

In similar stupidity, freshmen Delegate Bobby Mathieson proposes to ban letting your puppy sit on your lap while driving since it is a distraction. Don't we have a law already called "failure to pay full time and attention"? This would single out the specific action of having a dog or cat on your lap or in hand while driving. Thank goodness it doesn't apply to holding a reptile or fish! For, that would be going too far...

But wait- California lawmakers want the power to enter your home (electronically) and adjust your thermostat to save power. This sounds like a great idea for homeowners to do themselves "voluntarily" and I don't mind the government 'urging', 'recommending', and when desperate, 'insisting' that we touch our thermostat, but again– when is it EVER the role of a SELF-GOVERNED government to enact LAW to FORCE us to do ANYTHING that isn't based in fundamental, constitutional endowment granted by "we the people"?

Mussolini is laughing his butt off in hell right now...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Top 23 ways to Tell You're a Democrat

Check this list out... it's funny! But also a scary reality- courtesy of RappahannockRed.com

Should Schools be Granted Power to Raise Our Taxes? They're Trying!

This should scare the hell out of you if you're a taxpayer!

There's some exploratory bills floating around Richmond right now testing the waters for whether or not the concept of giving counties the option of letting their school boards directly raise your taxes is a good idea or not!

I say 'raise' your taxes because I've never heard of a school board asking for LESS money- EVER, and they tend to be run by extreme liberals when it comes to funding themselves who always cry foul when someone asks for an explanation or disagrees that money is always the answer.

How many times have you heard school board and superintendents say, "We'll have overcrowding and have to fire teachers if we don't get this year's RAISE in budget. Please don't cut our 'funding' and don't cut off the children's 'education'?" What ever happened to living within our means? Balancing the budget? Being accountable? Having reward based on contribution and results? One never needs that with a school board fund! SOLs, SATs, AYP, and other benchmarks are rarely improved, yet the budget doesn't just 'creep' upward every year- it SKYROCKETS!

Email your congressman and senator RIGHT NOW and tell him/her you think this is a BAD IDEA.

Having said that- I'll readily endorse a bill that ties results, success and achievement to funding public schools... but that wouldn't fly with the "Marxists" who manage education spending, would it? The kind of elitist pirates who make $240,000 per year 'helping the children' as upper-management would never let that fly- they would have to justify their salaries too much!

Spotsylvania school board Chairman Don Holmes thinks it's a good idea that he and his 6 other board members (who all operate under the thumb of Superintendent Jerry Hill instead of vice-versa) should have the power to tax us directly instead of having to get their money from the Board of Supervisors like all the other departments.

Recently elected Lee Hill Supervisor Gary Skinner agrees. Skinner just moved up from the School Board so his perspective is still tainted. He hasn't yet had to answer to deputies' request for rain gear, ambulance driver's need for snow tires, water department's need for a new pump, and so on. We should all be VERY WATCHFUL of Skinner as he votes on discretionary spending and school-related expenses. He never once voted "no" on an expense or budget request while on the school board.

That is not leadership, it's rubber-stamping. He's in for a rough few meetings if he thinks the same games are played at the county-level. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he recognizes that he's a supervisor now instead of a Hill-puppet. Time will reveal his true intentions, and the voting record will reflect his loyalties as it does equally for everyone.

True- the SB does operate autonomously in most every other way, such as having elections to choose your representative for example (you could vote out a heavy-spender), having its own staff, and its own inner-departments like maintenance, HR, procurement, construction and transportation to name a few. None of them answer to anyone higher than the school board.

But- the current board, and its NON-elected superintendent have proven for about a decade just how spend-happy an organization can be! They request between 15% and 20+% EACH YEAR of more cash. They call it 'education' money, but a VERY disproportionate amount stays in the headquarters to buy toys for the executives, and the rest trickles down to teacher's salaries and items for inside the actual classroom last.

The BOS has to carefully weigh in all the OTHER expenses we must pay as taxpayers and then have the difficult job of balancing cash between all the other needs (water, police, fire, planning, roads, tourism, etc). They have managed to keep our taxes at a reasonable level and still find about 9% MORE PER YEAR for the school system

Had the school board been able to write BLANK CHECKS for the past decade, your current house taxes would be about $6,500 instead of the average $2,600 now. Think about it- when has the system ever asked for LESS? Their current operating budget has doubled in just 10 years and now tops $322,000,000.00!

Giving ANY school system they power to raise its own taxes is a BAD IDEA.

Yes, an AWAKE taxpayer base would keep a sharp eye out on those they elect to spend their money, but let's face it- Spotsylvanians are NOT active as a majority in any level of local government. I say that based on voter turnout, public forums turnout, and programs/committees that ask for volunteers and get none, and so on. Those who do serve, do the work of dozens of their neighbors who should be helping out. Thus, there would not likely be a watchdog group who would TRULY be looking out for the taxpayers in general.

Case and point is the school board's budget advisory committee. YES, it's made up of about 50 people from all walks of life which is GREAT. However, if the supervisors could keep the expenses down with the stroke of a pen by about 10% per year, then why was so much more requested in the first place? That committee operates much more like a 'justification for saying yes to every program proposed' rather than a filter of 'needs versus wants' aimed at balancing the budget to last year's spending and adding for growth and inflation only.

CONVERSELY, 8-year veteran Stafford School Board member, Robert Belman, who says he believes he was elected to work FOR THE TAXPAYERS- not the school system- has it right when he says, "I shudder at the thought of some elected school board members across the state that don't share that same belief. To give them taxing authority scares the devil out of me."

"Taxpayers will actually suffer under the change," said Stafford Supervisor Mark Dudenhefer. "I think there has to be one body that can balance the revenue requirements for the entire county," he said. The school board "only sees a small piece, and there needs to be one group that sees all the pieces."

AMEN to that Mr. Dudenhefer. Want to move to Spotsylvania?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

George Allen Will Not Seek Governor's Run in 2009

January 8, 2008
AP Political Writer

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) _ Former Gov. George Allen will not be a candidate for the same office next year, he announced Tuesday in a statement to The Associated Press.

Allen, who was governor from 1994 to 1998 and U.S. senator from 2001 until last year, made his plans public to end speculation about the 2009 governor's race for which two candidates have already announced their intentions.

In his four-paragraph statement, Allen wrote that he and his wife, Susan, had struggled with and prayed about whether to run again next year, so soon after his bruising loss in his 2006 Senate re-election bid.

"We will always fondly recall our time in the Governor's Mansion as an unparalleled honor and a period of historic initiatives and transformational accomplishments for Virginians. Yet, as we look forward, we are excited about other significant ways we can serve and contribute outside of elected office. Therefore, I will not be a candidate for Governor in 2009," he wrote.

Two Democrats, state Sen. R. Creigh Deeds of Bath County and Del. Brian J. Moran of Alexandria, have already announced their plans to run for governor next year.

The GOP field, however, was biding its time, largely in anticipation of whether Allen — still one of his party's most popular figures — would run.

RappahannockRed.com Launches Conservative Blog Serving Greater Fredericksburg Region

Read all about them at http://www.rappahannockred.com/ .

Our region and local politics from a Conservative perspective (the RIGHT one!)

Welcome aboard folks!

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Bob Marshall Officially Announces Bid for US Senate

Bob Marshall officially announces his bid for US Senate. Read more HERE .
In an effort to be completely fair, now that there are two GOP candidates, we have asked that Del. Marshall provide us with marketing materials to place him equally with Jim Gilmore's advertisements. We will post them immediately upon receipt.
Good luck to both of you fine gentlemen!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hillary Clinton- Her Crumbling Campaign for Third Place, and New Life Strategy With Bill?

too good to not re-print....

A FAUX NEWS WRAP UP OF 2008's First Caucus
by Madi Tallup, Faux News Network

DES MOINES, Iowa - Sen. Hillary Clinton, unbowed by a third-place finish in the Iowa Democratic caucuses, hailed a "it's a great night for Republicans" and said the strong turnout for Mitt Romney pointed for sure to the election of a Republican president in November.

She said she would "keep pushing as hard as we can" in the next few caucuses. Her husband, Bill, said he would too, but he didn't elaborate any further on what he meant by it.

The former first lady, who had once held a commanding lead in polls here, tilted back a few coffee cups of an undisclosed fluid, and congratulated caucus winner "Sen. Balack Osama, uh I mean Braack Olamama and the second-place finisher, John Edwards... I can say that one easy."

She promised cheering supporters she would take "this enthusiasm and go tonight to New Hampshire to kick back a few, and then campaign hard tomorrow." The state holds its primary on Jan. 8.

"We're going to keep pushing as hard as we can," she said again, aparently not realizing the teleprompter hadn't advanced another screen yet. Supporters chanted, "Billary, Billary."

With former President Bill Clinton and their new 'mutual life-friend', Monica, standing to one side of her and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to the other, Clinton said, "I am so ready for the rest of this campaign to be over."

Projections showed a turnout of 220,588 for Democrats compared to 124,000 who showed up for Democratic caucuses in 2004.

Nearly 54,000 showed up early yesterday for welfare checks promised by the Clintons if they voted early via absentee ballot along with nearly a dozen women who camped out in the hotel lobby awaiting Bill Clinton to serve him paternity test results or file harassment suits.

U.S. Fed Spending in 2007 Simplified: Why Liberal Programs are DESTROYING the US Economy

Thanks to ShaunKenney.com for finding this gem!

Look at these percentages! I challenge any Democrat reading this to explain to me in financial terms-- the benefit to giving ANY more money to the Federal Government when it spends like this on programs that do not benefit the entire population as was the ONLY PURPOSE of the original federal government (like a national army and things that all states needed in common).

Keep in mind, that this is ONLY FEDERAL programs, not STATE programs... we have our OWN welfare offices/programs here too, along with massive waste machines such as the Department of Education and its trickle-down leach programs (federal, state, and local!)

America has virtually become a welfare state. We now 'invest' more than half our federal money in hand-outs to our citizens rather than business loans and financial stimulants to encourage new industries, jobs, and ensure our financial leadership in the world.

Now, the Canadian dollar, the Euro, and other international currencies far surpass the value of our dollar, which was, as little as a couple of decades ago, second only to the Brittish Pound in buying power.

We'd better start learning Chinese before all our money is gone.