Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Democrats Have Gone NUTS with New Bills Already! Anti-Puppy, Anti-Testicles, and Anti-Individual– Just Like Mussolini Would

Democrat Del. Lionel Spruill, will introduce a bill that bans your truck's ornamental testicles from your trailer hitch! While I don't personally have a set of these– I am married and have no need for them to attract another truck to the family– when the heck was it EVER the governments role to legislate what we can decorate or cars with??? Displaying your rubber nuts would now carry a class 4 misdemeanor and a $250 fine if passed! That is, of course, before Kaine adds it to his Abusive Driver Fees list!

In similar stupidity, freshmen Delegate Bobby Mathieson proposes to ban letting your puppy sit on your lap while driving since it is a distraction. Don't we have a law already called "failure to pay full time and attention"? This would single out the specific action of having a dog or cat on your lap or in hand while driving. Thank goodness it doesn't apply to holding a reptile or fish! For, that would be going too far...

But wait- California lawmakers want the power to enter your home (electronically) and adjust your thermostat to save power. This sounds like a great idea for homeowners to do themselves "voluntarily" and I don't mind the government 'urging', 'recommending', and when desperate, 'insisting' that we touch our thermostat, but again– when is it EVER the role of a SELF-GOVERNED government to enact LAW to FORCE us to do ANYTHING that isn't based in fundamental, constitutional endowment granted by "we the people"?

Mussolini is laughing his butt off in hell right now...


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