Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ed Houck Flip Flops on Abusive Driving Fees and Steps On A 130 Year Old Timebomb

The Washington Post
Jan 29, 2008 A-1

RICHMOND, Jan. 28 -- Efforts to repeal Virginia's controversial abusive-driving fees hit a snag Monday after lawmakers discovered a 130-year-old state Supreme Court ruling that prohibits lawmakers from ordering local courts to stop collection of fees or fines that have already been assessed.

Since the fees went into effect July 1 to help finance a transportation bill, more than 1,000 motorists convicted of felony and misdemeanor offenses have been ordered to pay the fees, which are assessed over three consecutive years. One option under review is to ask motorists to finish paying the installments and then issue a refund.

Several legislators say the complication, which comes as the House and Senate have been racing to make the repeal their first legislative achievement this year, is another sign that they made a mistake in establishing the fees last year.

"Had we asked these questions, had all of this been asked and answered in 2007, this bill would have never been approved by the legislature," said Sen. R. Edward Houck (D-Spotsylvania). "This is an example of bad legislation."

Way to go Edd! You voted for these abusive driver fees once, twice, three times and you're saying now it was a bad idea? A sensible leader like our very own Delegate Mark Cole would have READ the bill before voting in bad legislation.

Shame on all Republicans who voted for this, including author (traffic lawyer) Dave Albo, for even proposing such an UNCONSTITUTIONAL idea in the first place!

If more officials were leaders, and none were egocentric politicians, we would never have these problems in the first place.

But what makes it worse than the actual law, is that one of the biggest supporters of this bill, a 100% supporter, Edd Houck, now is attempting to rewrite history and claim that he is now the people's champion by repealing it!

..and the law actually says we can't due to a precident from 130 years ago.... one would think that a 25 year veteran of the Virginia Senate would have heard of such a rule by now.

This is what happens when we live in a democracy and forget that we're a REPUBLIC whose powers are no greater than those given by God as per the US Constitution!

Who can help me spell hippicrat correctly?


At February 16, 2008 at 10:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Edd should be held accountable for this vote. The abusive driver fees should be repealed completely, because they are unconstitutional in many ways like not holding out of state drivers accountable for their actions with stiff penalties.


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