Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bob Marshall may be Unconventional, but He's a Conservative!

Our little race in Virginia is catching some national news as in today's Washintgon Times.

Both sides can spin this article for positive gain. But both would have to agree that Bob Marshall has a more solid conservative voting record.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Democrats Continue to Eat Their Own While Re-Writing Local History

I always enjoy reading what Democrats write when they attempt to use their brain. Especially noteworthy of insanity is how the uber-liberals of Fred2Blue can use the name Kandy Hilliard, Nancy Pelosi and Bill Clinton in a paragraph without laughing so hard that they type crooked, but they manage to write about Kandy's comments about good local business and somehow keep this rant of trifecta-do-nothings in a positive light!

Talk about the perfect storm {of losers}.

Lest we not forget that Kandy "chunky ankles" Hilliard is the ousted supervisor, of the Aquia District in Stafford, who was literally made famous across the USA when she banned a fiberglass pig from the roof of a BBQ stand in her district. She then went after the giant Jalepeno pepper atop Chili's restaurant and successfully had that removed as well. These are not to 'community standards' she said. Forget about runaway school spending and transportation gridlock- the plastic pig HAS to go now!

Certainly never mention Pelosi's first 100 days of Congress led by Democrats where NOT A SINGLE new bill was passed despite her boasting how they're going to change Washington and get things done...

And Bill Clinton- well- if you need a history lesson, then you probably can't be reached on a blog level... then they have a national position where they fall in line behind the nation's biggest socialist since, well, Hillary Clinton tried to push a national free healthcare system down our throats as First Lady... yet another failed attempt to turn the US into a completely socialist nation.

from the Raising K-K-Kaine blog:

"Raising Kaine is a Democratic blog. It is legitimate to criticize the specific actions of Democratic candidates and office holders. It is inappropriate to engage in personal invective or unwarranted trashing, either of Democratic public officials and candidates or of other participants at Raising Kaine.

We acknowledge that those who support Senator Clinton are not happy with the position of the editors to support Senator Obama. That does not warrant some of the kinds of things posted recently. We welcome reasoned discourse and disagreement. One of the two senators will be the Democratic nominee and in all likelihood the next President. If we wish to achieve that presidential victory in November partisans of both candidates need to remember that we will have to work together if we wish to ensure making Virginia a blue state in November, and thereby probably guaranteeing a Democratic victory - for those who may have forgotten, the last time the Old Dominion went Democratic presidentially was in the landslide of 1964.

We strongly encourage all participants to moderate their language and tone, and as editors reserve the rights that we do not wish to invoke - to remove posts that are over the line, to make invisible comments that are too extreme, and if necessary, to ban repeat violators from participation at Raising Kaine."


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mark Cole- A Leader On Fire with Activity, but God May No Longer Exist at William & Mary

Delegate Mark Cole has once again taken the lead on traditional, reasonable values in Virginia. In the wake of William and Mary's increasing uber-liberal activities including denegration of God one month and hosting a sex-show the next, Cole wants some answers.

He's holding a Q&A with W&M's leadership just as soon as practical to hear their side of the story. Maybe there's a darn good reason why a cross had to be removed from Wren Chapel on campus- like God, nor morality no longer exists on W&M's Board of Directors for example.

...And maybe there's a darn good reason that the school president Gene Nichol changed his mind and allowed a group of transvesites, homosexuals, an sex addicts to host a "Sex Worker's Art Show" on campus with benefits to go to Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest taxpayer-funded abortion chain- like God, nor morality no longer exists on W&M's Board of Directors for example.
Cole's had recent string of activity in a number of issues, like:
  • a bill to not penalize employers who have no choice but to fire workers who refuse to learn English enough to do their job,
  • a bill requiring that online campaign donors must disclose who their funders are (such as the anonymous ActBlue- a shill for liberal millionaires,
  • a bill for an online Veteran Benefit program simplified like TurboTax for efficiency,
  • repealing the HB3202 Abusive Driver Fees (he never once voted for them) that are both wrongly applied and unConstitutional.
The man is on fire! Go Mark Cole!
Mark has a regular email update about his work. Contact his office to ask to get in the know.