Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mark Cole- A Leader On Fire with Activity, but God May No Longer Exist at William & Mary

Delegate Mark Cole has once again taken the lead on traditional, reasonable values in Virginia. In the wake of William and Mary's increasing uber-liberal activities including denegration of God one month and hosting a sex-show the next, Cole wants some answers.

He's holding a Q&A with W&M's leadership just as soon as practical to hear their side of the story. Maybe there's a darn good reason why a cross had to be removed from Wren Chapel on campus- like God, nor morality no longer exists on W&M's Board of Directors for example.

...And maybe there's a darn good reason that the school president Gene Nichol changed his mind and allowed a group of transvesites, homosexuals, an sex addicts to host a "Sex Worker's Art Show" on campus with benefits to go to Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest taxpayer-funded abortion chain- like God, nor morality no longer exists on W&M's Board of Directors for example.
Cole's had recent string of activity in a number of issues, like:
  • a bill to not penalize employers who have no choice but to fire workers who refuse to learn English enough to do their job,
  • a bill requiring that online campaign donors must disclose who their funders are (such as the anonymous ActBlue- a shill for liberal millionaires,
  • a bill for an online Veteran Benefit program simplified like TurboTax for efficiency,
  • repealing the HB3202 Abusive Driver Fees (he never once voted for them) that are both wrongly applied and unConstitutional.
The man is on fire! Go Mark Cole!
Mark has a regular email update about his work. Contact his office to ask to get in the know.


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