Thursday, March 13, 2008

How NOT to Write a Press Release and Attract Conservative Voters

This is however, exactly how to get fired if you wrote this for a campaign I worked on... the word "smarmy" comes to mind, not "savvy".

ALEXANDRIA - The U.S. Senate campaign of former Gov. Jim Gilmore today demanded that Del. Bob Marshall, R-Prince William, who is also seeking the Republican U.S. Senate nomination, apologize and stop attacking Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, Attorney General Bob McDonnell, and the long list of prominent pro-family Republican leaders who are supporting Jim Gilmore.

“To say that Jim Gilmore or the many prominent Republican leaders who support him have a “death wish” or are not pro-life is, at best, ill informed and, at worst, out of control political opportunism,” Gilmore’s campaign manager, Dick Leggitt, said. “Del. Marshall’s unfortunate attacks on these distinguished Virginians are repugnant.”

“Del. Marshall should apologize to the Republican leaders he has unfairly attacked and take a moment to remember the alternative is electing Mark Warner to the U.S. Senate to vote with liberals Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Chris Dodd and Ted Kennedy on this and other important issues like taxes, spending and national security.”

“It’s a shame that Del. Marshall’s rhetoric is becoming so overheated. He needs to remember that the goal of Virginia’s nominee is to defeat liberal Mark Warner in November,” Leggitt continued. “The fact is, the objective of this campaign is to prevent liberal Democrats like Mark Warner from taking complete procedural control of the U.S. Senate. To that end, it would be helpful if Del. Marshall would either come in out of the sun or put on a hat.”

“Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, Atty. Gen. Bob McDonnell and the more than 30 pro-family Republican leaders who are actively supporting Jim Gilmore as the Republican candidate who can defeat liberal Mark Warner know that as Governor of Virginia , Jim Gilmore stood for the preservation of traditional family values time and time again,” Leggitt said.

“These Republican leaders know Governor Gilmore is the only active statewide Republican leader who has carried the state twice and carried Northern Virginia twice and they also know he pushed through successful legislation that created a 24-hour waiting period for women seeking an abortion,” Leggitt said.

“Governor Gilmore successfully worked for legislation which required parental notification for minors seeking an abortion and helped enact legislation which banned partial birth abortion. He also created the Virginia Abstinence Initiative, dramatically increased funding for adoption services and signed into law legislation banning human cloning,” Leggitt said.


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