Monday, April 28, 2008

10,519 VA GOP Delegates for the May 30 Convention. 60% are for Marshall and 60% are for Gilmore?

It's a little early to be claiming victory, but that's just what Gilmore's camp is doing in press releases and blogs, and still in FLS interviews today.

Using his own math and presumptions however, I would recommend they refrain from such confidence so early on.

I've done a little polling myself, and found that the region we live in, seems quite a bit more tilted toward Marshall than Gilmore's crowd will admit. In fact, where Gilmore claims a 60% lead, I would be fairly confident in saying it's closer to 80% for Marshall.

If they're puffing numbers in other areas as well, this could prove to be a marketing disaster for Gilmore.

I like both candidates very much, and either would be a warm welcome to the US Senate compared to Mark "I'll raise every tax I can" Warner, but given the choices, vote counting credibility and steadfast principles will play a large part in my decision of who I support.

I'm also a big fan of not scrambling children's bodies with sharp instruments at any age, and only one of the candidates will hold up to the scrutiny of being 100% pro-life from conception onward.

Only one never voted for a tax increase, and one grasped the constitution well enough to fight and win, single-handedly, the reversal of the illegal HB3202 which I was ardently opposed to from its inception.

So brace yourselves fellow Republican delegates, for we're about to get another slew of campaign material in our mailboxes for the next few weeks! Do take the time to read it all over, and make your decision based on what principles are important to your family.

Then, no matter who wins, be prepared to accept that result and let's move forward into November as a unified force and defeat Mark Warner together!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Liberal Hate Monger Bill Maher Calls the Pope a Pedophile and Nazi!

Outrageous stuff even for Bill Maher.

Conservatives are calling for his head (again) and may get it this time.

See the video for yourself, and decide if you want to live a county full of liberals like him or not. Get involved with your area GOP if you don't.

You don't have to be Catholic to know this is over the line, but hey— "...when good men do nothing..." you get Democrats in charge.

Will you make any difference in 2008?

Friday, April 11, 2008

When can you expect your IRS Rebate Check?

"When can I receive my IRS Stimulus Rebate Check?"

Take the last two numbers in the primary filer's social security number and see below:

#00 through 09: May 16
10 through 18: May 23
19 through 25: May 30
26 through 38: June 6
39 through 51: June 13
52 through 63: June 20
64 through 75: June 27
76 through 87: July 4 (not likely in the mail "actually" that day!)
88 through #99: July 11

They will come earlier if you filed your 2007 taxes via electronic direct deposit.

However, Democrats have three options:

1) Democrats will need to sign the back of their check and return it to the IRS promptly so that they can put their money where their mouth is and make ridiculous entitlement government programs "fully funded" finally. After all, we're talking about $1.5 billion dollars coming back to American taxpayers, and you don't want that to happen. It would be like stealing from "other people's" money.

2) Spotsylvania Democrats, who make up the entire school board and now the majority of the Board of Supervisors, can sign the backs of their checks and return them directly to the school board. This way, the children whom you profess to always be in harm's way if MORE cash isn't poured immediately into the school system, will be fully protected from this horrific budget cut known by Republicans as a balanced budget with accountability to taxpayers.
You'll be a hero among your peers and "Doctor" Jerry Hill will personally hit a golf ball in your honor at his next teacher work day planning session.

If the 20,000 Democrat households in Spotsy gave their rebate check back to the schools where you keep saying it always belongs, we would have more than $20 million invested for "our future". Heck, we could almost build another empty school for that much!

Since Don Holmes reads this blog nearly every day, I'd like to take this moment to give a shout-out to "The Donald". Sup D?

3) And Democrats will hate this choice:

  • ADMIT that all YOUR tax money paid to the government was YOURS to begin with,
  • and that this rebate is YOUR cash (not a federal cookie jar program for the lazy, the illegal, and to serve the pleasure of the Washington elitists of any party),
  • admit that it feels GOOD to see your cash again,
  • admit that it would be nice to see this much cash returned every few MONTHS and not squandered by UNCONSTITUTIONAL PROGRAMS that our government has no business providing in the first place,

... and maybe, just maybe, there's a chance that you may actually grasp what REPUBLICANS HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR DECADES about the ever growing appetite of government and wasteful projects!

You could even grasp that this massive pre-paid "rebate"— $1,500,000,000.00— is not even a drop in the bucket compared to the spending each and every year on subsidy programs for the lazy and unwilling to work (NOT the unable to work like wounded veterans for example-they get a check.)

... not willing to go as far as option 3? Then you would be a BAD DEMOCRAT for not choosing 1 or 2, and an absolute HYPOCRITE for considering keeping the money— because you still think it's your duty to give 65% of your paycheck to the government (Like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton say you should). ... and if that's accurate, then the rebate money doesn't belong to you now does it? So you should return it to its rightful owners.

I'll be waiting for my check patiently, thank you very much. It's my money, and the feds shouldn't have had it in the first place!

I hope you enjoyed this little exercise and now believe that even if you don't consider yourself a card-carrying Republican all the time, you certainly don't consider yourself a Socialist/Democrat.

Visit if you have any questions about your rebate. This easy to navigate website was brought to you by your tax dollars.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spotsylvania County GOP Announces New Chairman


CONTACT: Herb Lux, Vice Chairman
Spotsylvania, VA April 8, 2008–Spotsylvania Republicans gathered at their annual mass meeting April 5th and elected Livingston District resident Bryce Reeves as the committee’s new chairman.

Robert Stuber, the previous chairman, was recently appointed as the Vice Chairman of the 1st Congressional District Republican Committee and announced he would not seek another term as county chairman. Stuber supported Reeves’ candidacy and said he is pleased with the outcome of the election.

Reeves brings tireless energy, experience and proven leadership to the position being vacated by Stuber. His goals are to unify the Republican base in Spotsylvania County and bring more people into the Party to have an impact within the community of Spotsylvania County.

Reeves said, “I’m excited about getting to work on behalf of my fellow county Republicans and taxpayers. The time to bring leadership and fiscal discipline to the tax-and-spend mentality is now. We’re at a pivotal moment in our county’s delicate economy. Where we go from here in 2008 will chart the course for the next several years.

“I’m encouraged by the large number of recent membership applications to the GOP committee. This tells me that the local party is energized and more people are realizing that now is the time to get engaged.”

For additional information, please visit or call Herb Lux, Vice Chairman of SRC at (540) 786-7650.

Monday, April 7, 2008

When Our Newspaper Editor Thinks Too Much

I cracked open my (free online copy of) The Free Lance-Star today and couldn't help but laugh at the op-ed [here].

What a surprise to learn that my local newspaper editor is now an expert in rural planning and development practices! Moreover, he appears to know more than our elected officials combined and hold such a large crystal ball that he also knows more than the majority of the voters who elected these same leaders.

It must be an amazing thing to posses such vision and acumen and yet be held back by such trivial restraints such as, well, the fact that you aren't elected with solving these particular issues by the people who are most affected by them, and my meddling with the local government's decisions on the only large soapbox that we have is both irresponsible and dangerous! Never mind that no one asked you in the first place.

But then again, it's the Free Lance-Star, and the locals in these two districts especially, must surely know better than to believe the words printed in it—except for the date—they are factual and neutral about that.

It's beside the point that I happen to agree with the bulk of the opinion (that Berkeley and Livingston should remain largely rural as its resident majority wish), but I find it amazing that a NEWSpaper should get so involved in the micro-economic concerns of a specific county's districts.

Although if he happens to crack the code for making our housing values go back up, stimulate housing sales, recruits a single business to the county that employs people at greater than minimum wage, figures out a way to put a muzzle on Jerry Hill's outrageous fleecing of our county treasury, boosts tourism spending by 10%, or can opine his way into a bridge being built to connect Route 3 and Route 17 North—then I'll personally run his campaign for free!

Maybe it's time we put up "Elect Paul Akers- Landlord of Lord Spotswood's former territory" stickers on our cars?

What do you think?