Monday, April 28, 2008

10,519 VA GOP Delegates for the May 30 Convention. 60% are for Marshall and 60% are for Gilmore?

It's a little early to be claiming victory, but that's just what Gilmore's camp is doing in press releases and blogs, and still in FLS interviews today.

Using his own math and presumptions however, I would recommend they refrain from such confidence so early on.

I've done a little polling myself, and found that the region we live in, seems quite a bit more tilted toward Marshall than Gilmore's crowd will admit. In fact, where Gilmore claims a 60% lead, I would be fairly confident in saying it's closer to 80% for Marshall.

If they're puffing numbers in other areas as well, this could prove to be a marketing disaster for Gilmore.

I like both candidates very much, and either would be a warm welcome to the US Senate compared to Mark "I'll raise every tax I can" Warner, but given the choices, vote counting credibility and steadfast principles will play a large part in my decision of who I support.

I'm also a big fan of not scrambling children's bodies with sharp instruments at any age, and only one of the candidates will hold up to the scrutiny of being 100% pro-life from conception onward.

Only one never voted for a tax increase, and one grasped the constitution well enough to fight and win, single-handedly, the reversal of the illegal HB3202 which I was ardently opposed to from its inception.

So brace yourselves fellow Republican delegates, for we're about to get another slew of campaign material in our mailboxes for the next few weeks! Do take the time to read it all over, and make your decision based on what principles are important to your family.

Then, no matter who wins, be prepared to accept that result and let's move forward into November as a unified force and defeat Mark Warner together!


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