Sunday, June 1, 2008

New RPV Chairman: Jeff Frederick!

Here are the unconfirmed vote results of the RPV Chairman's race between Former Lt. Gov. Chairman John Hager and challenger Del. Jeff Frederick.

The results were never officially announced due to Chairman Hager's announcement that he would concede the race in advance of the results being called for. Considering a race had just ended between Gilmore and Marshall with the split being about a car load worth of votes, this was a nailbiter kind of day, and a bitterly fought campaign between the two chairman candidates.

Chairman-elect Frederick should bring a breath of fresh air to the old-guard mentality of the party. I for one am looking forward to some fresh ideas and new blood.

I pray this is the catalyst for change and a rallying point around new membership statewide. I know our county GOP board is working hard to bring new people into the party and expand our base. i hope you are doing YOUR part in bringing a friend to the next meeting too!

The unofficial, unconfirmed results I was given are as follows:

1st District : 579 - 544 Frederick
2nd District : 534 - 422 Hager
3rd District : 117 - 85 Hager
4th District : 426 - 275 Frederick
5th District : 576 - 508 Frederick
6th District : 772 - 285 Frederick
7th District : 908 - 709 Hager
8th District : 176 - 125 Frederick
9th District : 492 - 394 Frederick
10th District : 593 - 154 Frederick
11th District : 1267 - 433 Frederick

Total: 10,374 delegate votes= 6,097 Frederick (58.8%) v. 4,277 Hager (41.2%)


At June 12, 2008 at 6:34 PM , Blogger COD said...

Sorry about the off topic comment, I don't see an email address though.

Now that The 'Burg seems to have hit some sort of critical mass with more than a dozen people blogging regularly, it seems like the opportune time to get together and socialize. The inaugural Fredericksburg Blogger Happy Hour will be from 6-8 PM on Thursday June 26th at J Brians Tap Room. Our Facebook page is at

Please RSVP via the Facebook group. If you absolutely refuse to join Facebook, return email to me will work just as well! Also, please let your readers know.

At June 12, 2008 at 10:47 PM , Blogger Eric Martin said...

Sorry, that's the night we always have our GOP meeting!


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