Thursday, June 26, 2008

Obama vs. McCain- Change is Certain with New Policies, Experience and Judgement.

by Steven Thomas
Spotsylvania Republican
It seems to me that there are three things- and only three things- that count in having a good President: Policies, Experience and Judgement.

On policies, several things impress me about this race. One is that nearly every major policy proposal that has come out of this presidential campaign came from John McCain. Two of Obama's very few policy proposals are very Socialist in nature- government takeover of health care and government takeover of oil refineries. That's Socialism- and didn't we already learn
that doesn't work?

McCain will drill for more oil domestically while incentivizing more alternative energy and technology. He'll keep taxes low in a time of economic trouble, which is generally a wise idea. And he'd support General Petreus' winning strategy in Iraq- a man he's at least met, while Obama has not. McCain has given us the list of solutions to today's issues that you'd expect out of someone who'd run for major office more than once. Obama just seems to stand on a street corner and keep shouting "change". This makes me curious as to what precisely this "change" will mean to me in very concrete terms.

On experience- no contest. On one hand you have a senator first elected in 1984 who was also a War Hero and a Congressman and who serves on numerous important committees, having chaired several. It is also his second run for the presidency. He also has a seasoned track record of reaching across the aisle to get things done and takes very moderate positions on wide variety
of issues, ranging from campaign finance reform to taxes. On the other hand, you have a first-term senator who has never been re-elected to his own office, following his first-ever victory in a statewide election. He hasn't even completed 1/2 of his first term, chairs no committees and votes with his party leadership 100% of the time, when he bothers to vote (which is not often). He has authored exactly one piece of legislation on a very minor issue in three years in the Senate. Woe be to our country if this is deemed sufficient experience to competently govern one of the largest countries on Earth.

Finally, we have judgement. Obama votes with his party 100% of the time. He went back on his promise to abide by public financing rules, the first candidate in 30 years to do so. He not only voted against a bill banning partial birth abortions (a position supported by 75% of Americans) but he recently said that he'd counsel his daughters to have abortions rather than "punish them with a child". Punish them? And then you have the whole Rev. Wright issue. This guy is not only out of the American mainstream, but one has to seriously question his judgement on a consistent basis just from what we've seen so far.

We have seen the problem with a president who is blindly loyal, has no combat experience, is fiercely partisan and very vague on substance- are we ready to trade in the George W. Bush of the right for the George W. Bush of the left? I would say not. Obama has all of the character problems the current President has, except he's coming from a far left position. And this is change no-one can believe in. Even my wife, a hard-core Hillary supporter, is voting for Mac. And bringing together people is exactly what President McCain will do.


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