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Fredericksburg, VA: Obama's Bloated Attendance Report is Deflated by 100+ Actual McCain-Palin Supporters: VA IS McCAIN COUNTRY!

The Fredericksburg, VA region will not turn blue, or even a shade of purple this November as Obamamaniacs would like us to believe. This is FIRMLY Republican ground, and I've never been more convinced than today when THOUSANDS of cars honked their horns vigorously in support of today's grassroots activism display by a cooperative effort of regional McCain supporters.

This idea sprung up at a typical jam-packed nightly calling session at the regional GOP Headquarters this past Thursday night, even though we weren't certain whether Obama would cancel the MWU event to go to Washington, D.C. and put his 143 days of experience in the U.S. Senate to good use and solve the financial crisis.

You see, that's where Senator John McCain was today instead of glad-handing a bunch of ninnies like Barry Obama was.

I was proud to be part of a one-hundred-plus-strong army of McCain-Palin supporters from throughout the greater Fredericksburg region, who answered the action call of their committees to "welcome" his highness Obama to the campus of Mary Washington University today— and boy did we!

We lined a quarter-mile of Jefferson Davis Highway with patriots of Virginia who proudly held 4'x8' signs supporting John McCain and Sarah Palin. We would have gone farther, but we ran out of signs!

We let Obama know that this is McCAIN COUNTRY! Not one- repeat- NOT ONE Obama sign or supporter came out AT ALL on the road we lined for more than five hours! Not one Obama supporter or sign holder came out on any side street of the city either!

Yes, some houses have his signs in their yard like any other election, and despite more than 30 huge McCain signs being slashed and stolen the night before off of private property and front yards of houses, we managed to get them all replaced and fortified with proud McCain supporters who were happy to guard their property against these cowards and vandals and beat back the "invasion" of a few hundred Obama disciples who trickled in over the rest of the afternoon.

The press is trying to report a huge lie of seemingly insignificant information, but if this is any indication of the way they do their Sunday morning polling (when conservatives are IN CHURCH) then you too may just be a "believer" that Obama is winning too.

Who wants to decry BULLS%#T first? Here's your chance if you were there- no matter who you supported... They're saying Obama's visit to Fredericksburg, VA was greeted with "26,000 supporters." Yep- that's the official count released tonight.... in a tiny city of 21,000 total residents, on a campus of about 4,500 students that issued a permit for Obama's historic visit for 1,500 people (that's one thousand five-hundred) in a roped off area about the size of a baseball field's infield and some outfield too, they fit "26,000 people" ...reportedly. BEEE ESSS!

Watch the video news reports- you'll see quick pan shots of a crowd not more than about 25 deep in a semicircle in front of the stage...

I've never seen this kind of false propaganda get out into the news in person before except in the opposite case when the MSM (mainstream media) covers a Washington, D.C. annual Pro-Life rally and ignores the attendance volumes and plays them off as barely attended.

At least in the case of the Free Lance-Star article not written by a bonafied liberal-lover named Chelyen Davis, Kelly Hannon had the decency to mention the Pro-Lifers from multiple organizations that dutifully reminded the Obama guests that Obama supports post-birth "born alive abortions" aka, infanticide, and proudly fundraises cash for Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest taxpayer-subsidized for profit abortion chain. Not to solely pick on Obama, Hillary Clinton is close friends with Cecile Richards, the CEO of P.P., but Hillary is ollld news now, so I'll end that tangent.

Interestingly enough, both FLS writers or their editor, left out any mention in either article about the hundred-plus McCain folks outside the gates. Fortunately for our side tens of thousands saw us with their own eyes and know that they're not alone just because they're part of the so-called 'silent majority'. Election day will reveal just how silent they are. Their car horns certainly weren't silent today.

Back to the point; the press is reporting that enough people to fill HALF OF RFK STADIUM somehow squeezed into a baseball diamond. Call Guinness people- this one is for the record books!

HOGWASH! Several thousand attending— absolutely, I buy that— and why not? He's a rock star after all. Yes, several hundred- perhaps a thousand were lined up around the permitted area too and on sidewalks in the area, but it is a university for pete's sake- students are there in that volume on any given school night! I suppose you could STRETCH the numbers to hit 4,000 if you included all the students milling around too... but c'mon guys- 26,000??

While some of his drones were nice enough to give us only the thumbs down as we waved to them as they entered the campus of Mary Washington University, still other sheep gave us the middle finger and shouted "F*#@ every one of you BAS@#^&@!!" which happened at least a dozen times with the exact same quote.... one only wonders how they orchestrated this identical mantra so well when their Lord and savior (Barack Hussein Obama, a fine Christian man from the mid west the press will tell you) couldn't even get to Fredericksburg on time! He was 2 hours late getting to the stage.

Was he fashionably late or making hype build up? Maybe he just couldn't decide if he needed a tactic or a strategy to get there.

The press reported on tonight's TV news that supporters endured SIX rain storms before he got there... wow- now they rewrite the weather too! YES it poured like a monsoon from about 5:00- 5:30, and then stopped instantly. Amazingly there was even a rainbow! I figured- Obama himself MUST be on stage now... the clouds parted and a rainbow was present for heaven's sake. But no, he was practicing his speech in the car apparently.

If you listen to the same press, you'll hear how he 'won' the debate against John McCain too (though he couldn't remember the name of the soldier when he said "I have a bracelet too" to McCain in response to McCain bringing up how he wears a bracelet as a request from a mom of a fallen U.S. soldier to honor his memory.

Have YOU had enough Obama-mania? I sure have. As a local county GOP member, I'm doing something about it.

Want to get involved too? Call your local GOP committee or the Fredericksburg Regional GOP Headquarters at (202) 507-0841, located in South Stafford off exit 133b.

I'd like to extend a special thanks to the UMW Young Republicans who came out in volumes today and cheered enthusiastically for their candidate. You made all the difference in our success and filled in our ranks tremendously! Sorry, this is the only picture I snapped of you when you first started arriving- if you have a better one with all 30-40 of you, send it! (p.s. next time use permanent markers! Sorry the rain ruined all your hard work.)

Also- be sure to come to the Fredericksburg EXPO center this Thursday October 2, 2008 for a FREE event with "thousands" of your closest Republican friends: Sarah Palin debating Joe Biden live on Jumbo TV's (via satellite) See for details. You must register to attend- space is limited.

All your favorite elected officials will be there including former U.S. Senator George Allen and Congressman Rob Wittman!

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At September 28, 2008 at 9:44 AM , Blogger LeeFromVA said...

The report said that 26,000 people showed up for the event. It didn't say they all fit into the area. Many people were unable to enter the event and I was one of them. My heart was filled with pride to see all those people line the streets waiting in the rain to see Senator Obama. There were easily 26,000.

At September 28, 2008 at 11:41 AM , Blogger Eric Martin said...

One MWU cop said it once, and the press repeated the number over and over as they always do. You're correct that they didn't say they were all inside the event, but the event area including outside the permitted area was still no bigger than a baseball field, and they claimed that 14,000 were in that area with 12,000 lining the streets.

Your heart should be filled with pride knowing that U.S. soldiers are dying for your freedom, not because some false-idol tells you that you're special and you can make a difference... Adolf Hitler used the exact same marketing plan (and yes, it worked for one election, but thankfully we have enough WW2 veterans who remember the propoganda and empty words who will counteract your vote.)

At September 28, 2008 at 12:12 PM , Blogger Bryan said...

I was there in the press area, and will attest to several thousand people watching from OUTSIDE TSA. They asked the crowd to move so that they could let more through security. Even when it rained, I didn't see anyone leave. The line went out to College Ave, down William St, all the way down Sunken Rd past the 'back gate'. Fox 5 ALSO reported the 26000 people number.

I will say I was impressed with the McCain team's ability to get that many large McCain signs out on RT1. Now lets see if that campaign will put their candidate in the area. The Bullet quoted UMW officials with being willing to host both candidates.

At September 28, 2008 at 12:43 PM , Blogger Eric Martin said...

Fox, NBC, and ABC locals all reported the same 26,000 figure, that's kinda the point. They all cited the same guy. I fully agree that 'thousands' were there, just not 26. They should have just left the report at 'several thousand' or 'possibly more than 10,000' or something more believeable.

It doesn't surprise nor convince me any differently that a few Obama-loving zombies post opposition to this protest count. I've been a part of much larger events before and this was no where near that kind of turnout.

It reminds me of the Million Man March, where there weren't 500,000, and the Committee of 500 in Spotsylvania, where they don't have 200.

All Democrat inflations to foster more 'joiners'. I'll take 100 Republican 'do-ers' any time.

At September 28, 2008 at 9:34 PM , Blogger Your Shadow said...

FYI...I talked to a man today who was responsible for multiple events on the campus of MWC to include graduation and such. He stated that it is mathmatically impossible to have 26000 in that area unless you were going to stack bodies 10 high on top of each other. What you don't know is each time someone goes through a metal detector they are counted...guess what? 26000, not even close according to one of my uniformed secret service buddies. Way less by about 20k.

To Leefromva: Let me say I am sadly hurt that a scene of people gathered to hear the "mesiah" was filled with pride. Next you will tell me he fed all "26000" with a loaf of bread and a fish. No seriously, I am sad because there are so many of you out there that have no idea of reality. You can't desern fact from fiction. You have never had to pay your quarterly business taxes or make payroll. You have never had to fire someone because the numbers were not there. You have not had to sacrifice your family to work a 60 hour week just to see it vanish into the government tax system. You see, guys like McCain have proven leadership history. I'm not saying that Obama can't be there some day, but he ain't there now. McCain knows the meaning of scrifice as do I, as an Airborne Ranger. You don't know what it is like to face your fear head on when bullets wiz by your face and you have to lead the way into it because that young private is watching your every step. He has never had to make the hard call, and quite frankly, I don't want him making that call because he has not got the experience. You need to look at That is a man who understands sacrifice for God and country and his fellow soldiers. I know I will see the Mesiah one day because I am a sinner saved by His grace. Tell you what...put on a uniform and you will really know what it is to have pride.

At September 30, 2008 at 4:40 PM , Blogger CWilbur said...

To all posters: What genuinely saddens me the most is how democracy has turned into nothing more than hurtling insults at each other. What should be the process of coming together to decide how to move the country forward has become how can we tear each other apart. No, we are not all going to agree. What is critical for our future as a country is how we handle that disagreement. Will it be respectfully? Or are we so intent on winning that we forget that the goal is actually to live together after the election, too?


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