Tuesday, September 2, 2008

National GOP Adopts 100% Pro-Life Plank in Platform

Republican National Convention delegates have adopted a plank in the platform that calls for an outright ban on abortion with no compromises.

Interestingly, it doesn't include exceptions allowing abortion in cases of rape, incest or where a mother's life would be in danger either. This is to the farest right of the issue and typically a stance most politicians find hard to use as their campaign theme since most Americans are in the dark about all the nuances of pregnancy and abortion until it happens to them.

These exceptions are extremely rare and yet are the battle cries of the pro-abortion crowd used to drive a wedge in the stance of the vast majority of people who think killing babies is wrong, but it gets them wondering if the needs/wants/conveniences of the mother outweigh the rights of the innocent baby to have a chance at life, no matter how she was created.

That's where the debate lies within the pro-life community; whose rights trump whose? The constitution is clear that all men are CREATED (not born) equal, and we are all endowed from our creator to the right of LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is hard to do if you've been aborted by your mother.
  • If you're to the right of the issue, EVERYONE has equal rights and protection under the constitution. Period. That's where the GOP platform is as of now. That's where most Catholics have been for a while (except Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Ted Kenedy and a few other sacreligious offenders of Canon 915).
  • If you're squishy in the middle but leaning right, the mother has more rights than her baby SOMETIMES (known as 'exceptions and compromises' such as rape, incest, and a supposed danger of the mother).
  • If you're to the left, the mother ALWAYS has more rights than her baby... known as selfish, immoral, and when personhood is defined by federal law: murder.
  • If you're Barrack Obama— so far left that Saddam Hussein is twisting in his grave screaming, "why didn't I think of that!"— you believe that a baby can be killed even AFTER BIRTH during the first few minutes if the mother so chooses (known as 'born alive abortions'). One of the major offenders of this practice is communist China.

The platform approved during Monday's convention session also highlights a difference between McCain and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. She opposes abortion in all cases, McCain is more a politically 'popular' moderate and is squishy-leaning right, but still considered pro-life.


At September 2, 2008 at 2:49 PM , Blogger Bryan said...

So based on this explanation, I would expect to see the GOP line up behind anti-death penalty. A life is a life, regardless of condition or cause?

At September 2, 2008 at 8:16 PM , Blogger Eric Martin said...

Bryan- The missing word is "innocent" before life in your statement and it changes everything.

What we choose to do to others by our own free will is what determines if an adult life is worth saving or not. A soul is always worth saving, and a pre-born baby is always innocent, thus worth saving both soul and body.

To say a GOP member will always act righteously is hopeful, but not always realistic, we're still humans and subject to plenty of mistakes.

I would however, prefer that we always look at life in all cases as precious and as a gift before ever deciding to take a life such as in needs of justice/protection or times of war.

A baby however, born or pre-born, has had no opportunity to make mistakes and errors yet and deserves (and is constitutionally GRANTED) the RIGHT to LIFE, so it seems redundant to have to make it a plank at all. Still, I'm glad we have it versus a declaration of death which is what the Dems have by siding with the pro-abortion/homocide crowd who profits off the poor and uneducated- often with our tax money paying the bill!

At September 4, 2008 at 6:57 PM , Blogger Bryan said...

I respectfully disagree on several of your points, starting with the discussion of a soul, which is a religious determination.

This topic is why I feel alienated from the republican party. There is no allowance for people to hold their own religious beliefs.

To make this personal, we were in a situation where we chose to do an amnio. Which would lead you to a conclusion that we may have been faced with what would have been a hard choice for us on this topic. Our reasoning was based on what that soul would have to suffer if certain things had come to pass. Luckily, we didn't have to make a decision, instead we are about to have a healthy baby boy, to tackle the other challenges of life.

The one thing the government has done to date is to allow the ultimate decision on the beginning of life to reside with the mother. I agree that I have my feelings on this, but my feelings don't agree with others, and I'm ok with allowing - up to a point - that decision to rely with each person individually.

This stance isn't pro-abortion, it's pro "make your own decisions", live with your own burdens.

Unfortunately a majority of republicans have decided to push this as a plank, which continues to push some of us away. Interesting considering other planks where hands off is the better approach: like gun control keeping the gov't out; on business, they want to be hands off and allow free market. I could go on, but I've said enough...

At September 4, 2008 at 9:31 PM , Blogger Eric Martin said...

The GOP has no established religion, and being pro-life has no requirement whatsoever to believe in God at all. There's even a group called Aethiests for Life!

Congrats on your baby- that's what it's all about, no matter how you get there. Now understand that your baby has no rights right now thanks SOLELY to a single Supreme Court Decision (Roe v. Wade). You can choose to KILL your baby at ANY TIME even AFTER he's born so long as you find a doctor who will perform this procedure dubbed "born-alive" abortions- which BARACK OBAMA SUPPORTS!

Thus, you should feel that you are LESS akin to his party and more akin to a party that RESPECTS life and wants to PROTECT life from the moment of creation when a baby is made (soul or not). As soon as an egg is fertilized, it has UNIQUE DNA. It is no longer 'the mother's' body or the father's exclusively- it is an INDIVIDUAL and as such deserves all the Constitutional rights that you and I have. Abortions were ILLEGAL in most states until 1973. Fortunately, they were also very rare. When for-profit businesses like Planned Parenthood found they could make a 'killing' off women who slept around and got pregnant, by helping them 'get rid of their problem', then not only did unplanned pregnancy numbers go WAY up, but so did abortions. Now women had a 'choice' for their birth control, if you consider MURDERING your unborn an option.

The government isn't trying to tell anyone what to do with THEIR body, we're trying to go back to when we respected ALL life and didn't discriminate just because you are pre-born. A couple has a whole lot of 'choices' to make together including when to practice procreation and how. The for-profit sex and abortion industry wants us all to have sex recreationally instead of responsibly. You have your choice then, and all the consequences later.

Do you consider yourself "burdened" with your upcoming son? Sounds like you are QUITE pro-life to me. So much so that you paid a premium price to have a baby, why would you allow someone to let your wife kill it? You seem like you wouldn't... so you're pro-life, plain and simple. Is it a baby or not?

For $400, Planned Parenthood will cut it out with a vaccuum hose and knives and let you look at it for yourself to decide. The Democrats will literally fund your abortion with my tax money, and will let a racist organization like PP accept more of my money exclusively for killing black babies even (caught on tape doing so in dozens of offices). Some 'choice'.

... Welcome back to the Republican Party.


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