Monday, October 27, 2008

More Pics from Sarah Palin Visiting Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Photos of Sarah Palin; Fredericksburg, VA Oct 27, 2008

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Obama's Zero Experience vs. Palin's Actual Experience, Spotsy Needs You Now and in 2009!

This simple video puts it into perspective. Keep in mind, Palin isn't running for president (yet!), but Obama's minions are hurling accusations about her not being qualified around like it's common sense. Want to compare apples to apples? She's still got more executive decision making experience than Biden too!

Gosh, I wonder if they realize whose house of cards they're trying to protect?

Hope is not a plan. Change is not a solution.

Leadership and experience get you both. Make sure your friends all vote. Really- Make SURE.

Then come back in November, 2009 also where LOCAL elections will matter even more to us. Regardless of who the president is, LOCAL leaders affect you personally even more.

Spotsylvania County has three districts up for re-election already in 2009: Battlefield District, Lee Hill District, and Berkeley District. The board voted 6:1 to have staggered terms starting this coming election season so we wouldn't have all seven supervisors, and seven school board seats up at once.

Interested in becoming a candidate for the supervisors or school boards? We can help! Come to our next committee meeting and make your intentions known.

If you have military leadership or small business ownership experience— the odds are good that you have more experience than Barack Hussein Obama, so you don't have much to lose. Spotsylvania is desperate for leadership in these areas, especially on the school board where spending demands seem to know no boundaries or limits.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sarah Palin to Visit Hurkamp Park in Fredericksburg Monday Oct 27

(First come first served admission. Ticket holders are not guaranteed seats or even admission into the limited sized event area.)

Sarah Palin will “barnstorm” tour Virginia this coming Monday. According to the McCain-Palin campaign, her third trip to Virginia, Palin will start her day with an event in Leesburg at J.R.’s Festival Lakes, then zip on down to the City of Fredericksburg’s Hurkamp Park, and finish her day with a stop in Roanoke at the Salem Civic Center.

Yes- Sarah Palin is coming to Fredericksburg folks! I’ll bet we get 26,001 people to attend it too if the Free Lance Star has anything to say about it… because they strive to be balanced and all…

Update: She is expected to arrive before or around noon. Call the Regional GOP HQ for your free tickets or get them online at the link above. As more information becomes available, we'll update it here.
Update Friday 7:00pm: Gov. Palin is expected a little after noon closer to 1:00pm Monday. The "gates" will still open at 10:00am. Satellite parking will be at the Fredericksburg Fairgrounds on Route 2 about a mile south of the City of Fredericksburg and shuttle buses will take you to the event. Plan ahead for carpooling and parking several blocks away and walking. The FRED bus schedule is expected to run on schedule, so you may be able to catch a public bus into the event as well. Call 372-1222 for FRED bus information, ask for Kathy Beck if you need special assistance.
Update Saturday 9:00am: Todays' Free Lance-Star has a map of road closings and more information. Click HERE to read more.
11:30am: Ticket requests have exceeded 4,000 known, but there are multiple places to get them, so it's likely much more. Priority is given to people who are already signed up to volunteer their time to the local or federal Republican party and committees. Now is a great time to sign up for ACTION and PARTICIPATION in your GOP!

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Photos from John McCain Rally in Prince William County, VA Today

Spotsylvania County’s “Tom the Antiquer” took these for you from his first political rally ever attended! I met Tom last night when he purchased a Victory 2008 McCain T-shirt from our county committee especially to wear to the rally.

Folks like Tom are coming out of hibernation in Virginia– and across America– to vote for McCain-Palin who have otherwise sat the past few elections out. Working men like Tom the Antiquer and Joe the Plumber know that more than just an election is at stake this time… indeed, our national sovereignty and children’s future will simply be in better hands with McCain.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

John McCain Coming to Prince William County This Saturday!


Come to 1 County Complex (off the PWC Pkwy) Woodbridge, VA 22192.

Event begins at 2:00pm, doors open at 1:00pm.

To RSVP [click here]

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama Supporters Hate McCain? Nooo! Attention Liberal Media- Report Fairly!

With election day accusations of campaign 'intolerance' and 'bigotry' and 'hatred' being hurled out of LEFT field... I offer evidence of both local and national Obama-camp 'haters' out there.

This Spotsylvania resident-owned car is illegally parked on the sidewalk of downtown Fredericksburg during a church service. You'll note this gem of a patriot is also sporting Veteran license plates and has a military base sticker on his windshield. This means little to non-military folks, but when you are on base, you are strictly prohibited from taking part in partisan politics. If the plates weren't enough to get your access privileges revoked, the bumper stickers sure should be.

GOP H8R on the tag, parked on a sidewalk during church... nice.

Anyone have a picture of DEM H8R on a plate?

Republicans continue to get the short end of the media stick by being accused of things the other side does blatantly, and Obama gets a free pass on his associations with KNOWN TERRORISTS and America-haters!

I suppose you get that priviledge when you aren't born on U.S. soil and can convince the DNC that you are eligible to run for president.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Biden Introduced as John McCain: Priceless!

Is it still any wonder why Florida has problems voting for the right person every election??
src='' id='embeddedplayer' pluginspage='' menu='false' quality='high' play='false' name='articleplayer' height='305' width='320' allowFullScreen='true' allowScriptAccess='always' scale='noscale' salign='LT' bgcolor='#000000' wmode='window' flashvars='playerId=articleplayer&referralObject=883025960&referralPlaylistId=playlist&adServerBasePath= Bay, FL&division=broadcast&pageContentCategory=articleplayer&pageContentSubcategory=articleplayer'' />

Fairfax Democrats- No Criminal Left Behind Scandal

By William C. Flook
Examiner Staff Writer 10/8/08

Inmates at the Fairfax County jail were encouraged to register and vote last week by elections officials making what the county’s sheriff called the first visit of its kind in his 30 years with the county.

That voter turnout effort is now being defended by county officials, but blasted by Republicans who called it an attempt to influence what could be a close presidential election in the commonwealth.

Both Fairfax County General Registrar Rokey Suleman and Sheriff Stan Barry deny any wrongdoing in the decision that granted Office of Elections on-site access to the Adult Detention Center in downtown Fairfax. Barry did, however, say it was unprecedented in his 30-year career with the county.

“We’d never run into it before, honestly,” Barry said. “They contacted us last week and we were not willing to take any role in it, but basically they were just asking for access to the prisoners who were eligible to vote, and we gave them that.”

The visit came as presidential campaigns were making feverish attempts to sign up voters ahead of the Oct. 6 deadline. The state is considered critical to the White House aspirations of Barack Obama and John McCain.

Felons are not eligible to vote in Virginia without having their rights restored by the governor. Suleman said his office, at the request of criminal defense attorneys who approached his staff, delivered registration forms and absentee ballots to inmates with misdemeanor convictions and those awaiting felony trials.

Suleman, who is listed as a founder of the Trumbull County (Ohio) Young Democrats, ran for office in the Buckeye State as a Democrat earlier this year. He said the office he holds in Virginia is nonpartisan.

Barry, an elected Democrat, said an initial visit took place Wednesday, and again on Friday to pick up completed forms.

Republicans likened the visit to Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine’s drive to restore voting rights to non-violent felons, who are believed to vote disproportionately Democratic.

“I’m stunned and outraged,” said Fairfax County Republican Committee Chairman Jim Hyland. “To me it’s unbelievable that the Democrats are stooping to this, that they want to count on lawbreakers to try and switch this state from red to blue.”

He said the committee is “going to look at all of our legal options, whether this was in the bounds of the law.”

Said Fairfax County Supervisor Michael Frey, a Republican: “Given the budget, and how tight staff is, it does sort of smell that the place they’re going for on-site visits in the Fairfax County jail.”

Suleman said his office will help register voters anywhere an on-site visit is requested. He said his staff picked up about 20 registration forms on Friday, and that he didn’t know the names of the lawyers who contacted his staff.

“As soon as I got wind of it I said ‘OK, let’s make sure we get these guys registered to avoid any other legal headaches [of] being carted in to court to register people,’” Suleman said.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin-Biden Debate Watching Event at EXPO a Huge Success!

Naturally, there are hundreds more- but this is a good overall sense of the event. A great time was had by all! Unless of course you were trying to blog live from the event, in which case, our Internet service was mysteriously disconnected just after the debate began...

In case the Free Lance-Star is interested in reporting our official attendance, as calculated by the official landscaper of the parking lot, we had "26,500 people in attendance including those who couldn't get in" (because we reached our capacity of 1,450 inside the building.) I'm quite pleased with this number, since I know every one of these folks will actually vote on Nov. 4th. Our area will no doubt remain bright RED thanks to dedicated citizens who understand what Barack Hussein Obama's "Change" and "Hope" really mean for our families.

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