Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama Supporters Hate McCain? Nooo! Attention Liberal Media- Report Fairly!

With election day accusations of campaign 'intolerance' and 'bigotry' and 'hatred' being hurled out of LEFT field... I offer evidence of both local and national Obama-camp 'haters' out there.

This Spotsylvania resident-owned car is illegally parked on the sidewalk of downtown Fredericksburg during a church service. You'll note this gem of a patriot is also sporting Veteran license plates and has a military base sticker on his windshield. This means little to non-military folks, but when you are on base, you are strictly prohibited from taking part in partisan politics. If the plates weren't enough to get your access privileges revoked, the bumper stickers sure should be.

GOP H8R on the tag, parked on a sidewalk during church... nice.

Anyone have a picture of DEM H8R on a plate?

Republicans continue to get the short end of the media stick by being accused of things the other side does blatantly, and Obama gets a free pass on his associations with KNOWN TERRORISTS and America-haters!

I suppose you get that priviledge when you aren't born on U.S. soil and can convince the DNC that you are eligible to run for president.


At November 14, 2008 at 2:30 PM , Blogger elephant1 said...

I had the unpleasure of being behind this large, gay man at the Goodwill at Cosners Corner a few months ago. Why is any hate comment allowed on a tag? He was rude and left many of us in line with donations waiting forever as he unloaded his foreign hate mobile and getting his precise receipt so he could have his tax deduction. Thanks for the generousity buddy! I am sure those whose bills will not be paid for by Obama will gladly pay for your "gracious" DONATIONS!!!


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