Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama's Zero Experience vs. Palin's Actual Experience, Spotsy Needs You Now and in 2009!

This simple video puts it into perspective. Keep in mind, Palin isn't running for president (yet!), but Obama's minions are hurling accusations about her not being qualified around like it's common sense. Want to compare apples to apples? She's still got more executive decision making experience than Biden too!

Gosh, I wonder if they realize whose house of cards they're trying to protect?

Hope is not a plan. Change is not a solution.

Leadership and experience get you both. Make sure your friends all vote. Really- Make SURE.

Then come back in November, 2009 also where LOCAL elections will matter even more to us. Regardless of who the president is, LOCAL leaders affect you personally even more.

Spotsylvania County has three districts up for re-election already in 2009: Battlefield District, Lee Hill District, and Berkeley District. The board voted 6:1 to have staggered terms starting this coming election season so we wouldn't have all seven supervisors, and seven school board seats up at once.

Interested in becoming a candidate for the supervisors or school boards? We can help! Come to our next committee meeting and make your intentions known.

If you have military leadership or small business ownership experience— the odds are good that you have more experience than Barack Hussein Obama, so you don't have much to lose. Spotsylvania is desperate for leadership in these areas, especially on the school board where spending demands seem to know no boundaries or limits.


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