Thursday, November 13, 2008

County Suddenly Loses Administrator Randy Wheeler

The Board of Supervisors accepted the resignation of County Administrator Randy Wheeler at last night's board meeting. Supervisors met in closed session for about 15 minutes and when they came out, Mr. Wheeler gave a statement that included:

"... most of all I am very proud of the over 800 men and women that I have had an opportunity to work with as a fellow employee of Spotsylvania County. I came home to Spotsylvania County five years ago because I love this community and I thought I could make a difference, and I think I have. But now after five years I think the time has come for me to pursue other opportunities."

Randy Wheeler was a good county administrator. He had a very tough time with trying to work with a self-serving school board that is inversely led by its employee, Superintendent "$250,000-per-year" Jerry Hill. Who can blame the guy for being frustrated at times?

Wheeler was unjustly blamed with failing to notify the board in a timely manner about certain reports and/or expiration of contracts. There were many mittigating circumstances to put it mildly, so one should not take these accusations with any weight.

Wheeler was a fair and balanced administrator, and served with distinction on many fronts. It's not an easy job, and this particular Board of Supervisors can often be cantankerous and unrealistic with its expectations of any single person, but decisions, policies and plans must always stand on their own merit no matter what the source.

Wheeler could have done a better job at initiating communications at times, but his reservations could very well stem from multiple experiences of being chastized or criticized for having new ideas and taking initiatives to get the job done.

Previous administrators had the same experieces with many of the same board members who forget they are merely 1/7 of a 'board' and not king. That fact is not directed at any one or two people, but a reminder to all seven that they are not a single dictator, but are a member of a team that is supposed to have a greater-than-self purpose.


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