Saturday, November 8, 2008

HOPE for CHANGE. I Now Do!

Real HOPE that can change your life comes from inspiration like this. You think we have troubles in Your family? America? The World?

Imagine being born like this, and then look how he celebrates God's glorious gift of life...

Unfortunately, there are those that believe abortion is the answer to having a 'defect' like this. President Obama says he'll sign into law, the Freedom of Choice Act as soon as it's re-drafted in the new 111th congress.

FOCA is a proposed pro-abortion law that would take everything related to abortion away from the states' control such as parental notification, a waiting period to kill your baby, signing release forms, being required to have an ultrasound so you understand that what you're killing is alive already, and many other programs geared to fully educate the mother about her decision. Not one of these things prohibits her from killing her baby, but it does make her pause to understand the risks and the full weight of her decision. After all, there are hundreds of examples where a women DIE from having the procedure. Would they have made the same "choice" if they knew it was going to kill THEM too?

If FOCA passes, people like the man in this video will be most-assuredly killed in their mother's wombs since ultrasounds would easily detect abnormalities. Not the least of those killed would have been born perfectly normal and healthy though.

America has allowed the legal killing of now more than 50,000,000 babies since Roe v. Wade in 1973. That's one abortion every 26 seconds...

Keep REAL HOPE alive! I was inspired by this man's brief speech and I hope you will be too:

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