Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Help Support Virginia's SB 801; Because The Abortion Lobbyists Say Not To

Planned Parenthood (a racist, rape-condoning, embezzling group of the nation’s largest abortion chains) is heavily lobbying in Virginia (using tax money we all gave them for ‘education’) to put a halt to….. yep… LICENSE PLATES being proposed with SB 801. This so-called defender of “choice” in America wants to take away your ability to choose your own license plate!

Don’t like the new custom license plate for any reason? Don’t buy it! It’s that simple.

This DMV custom plate program supports literally HUNDREDS of causes throughout the state through VOLUNTARILY paying more to sport your favorite college, hobby, or cause. Planned Parenthood says in no uncertain terms, that they are unwilling to give you the freedom of choice of your own license plate! Which one you ask?

Specifically, “Choose Life” license plates. They object because they say proceeds from the plate sales would go to crisis pregnancy centers! You know, CPC’s — where a pregnant mom can go for things like advice, diapers, parenting videos, counseling, pamphlets, doctor’s check ups, and if needed, adoption referrals.

CPC’s are almost always funded by churches or private endowments, and the occasional bake sale. They’re staffed nearly always by volunteers.

Planned Parenthood hates these places since they don’t advocate for abortions which make up nearly 1/3 of PP’s income (more than $1 billion in sales per year with $335 million of YOUR MONEY subsidized) and oh yes, occasionally KILL a mother.

The bill is in Virginia’s Transportation Committee right now. It’s SB 801. PP wants you to call your VA senator and tell him/her to say no to the Choose Life plates.

I’m asking you to take the next 2 minutes and tell him/her to vote YES ON SB 801.

Please do this now. Make SURE your Republican Senators uphold the plank in our party platform that supports LIFE, and find at least one Democrat who believes that a license plate “choice” should be made by the consumer and not the government lobbyists with selfish interests at heart.

Transportation Commitee Members:
  • Sen. Yvonne Miller ( D-5 ) Chair
  • Sen. Harry Blevins ( R-14 )
  • Sen. Frank Wagner ( R-7 )
  • Sen. John Watkins ( R-10 )
  • Sen. Robert Hurt ( R-19 )
  • Sen. Ryan McDougle ( R-4 )
  • Sen. Steve Newman ( R-23 )
  • Sen. Ralph Smith ( R-22 )
  • Sen. Creigh Deeds ( D-25 )
  • Sen. Edd Houck ( D-17 )
  • Sen. Henry Marsh ( D-16 )
  • Sen. John Miller ( D-1 )
  • Sen. Chap Petersen ( D-34 )
  • Sen. Phil Puckett ( D-38 )
  • Sen. Patsy Ticer ( D-30 )

And this is all it’s about:

Senate Bill 801
Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:
1. § 1. Special license plates for supporters of the Choose Life Virginia Fund; fees.

A. On receipt of an application and payment of the fee prescribed by this section, and following the provisions of § 46.2-725 of the Code of Virginia other than those relating to the fee for the plates and its disposition, the Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles shall issue special license plates bearing the legend CHOOSE LIFE to supporters of the Choose Life Virginia Fund, prescribed in subsection B.

B. The annual fee for plates issued pursuant to this section shall be $25 in addition to the prescribed fee for state license plates. For each such $25 fee collected pursuant to this section, $25 shall be paid into the state treasury and credited to a special nonreverting fund known as the Choose Life Virginia Fund established within the Department of Accounts except for the reasonable estimated marginal cost for initial issuance of each Choose Life Virginia plate not recoverable from the prescribed annual fee for state license plates and the reasonable estimated marginal cost of disbursement and reporting of Choose Life Virginia Funds plus $1 per plate issued or renewed annually as specified in this section, not to exceed $10 per plate issued or renewed annually. Annually these funds shall be paid equally to the pregnancy center locations in Virginia which are 501(c)(3) entities and affiliated with at least one of the pregnancy center affiliation organizations that has officially committed to the “Our Commitment of Care” standards, as may be delineated on the website of the pregnancy center affiliation organization Heartbeat International http://www.heartbeatinternational.org/. Choose Life Virginia Fund distributed funds are to be used to support the pregnancy center location’s operation and programs in Virginia and may be refused within 60 days by return to the Choose Life Virginia Fund. The Commissioner shall provide along with the annual disbursement to pregnancy center locations a summary report (until such data is available from a publicly viewable database) containing (1) Choose Life Virginia initial plate issuances and renewals received (both counts and dollars,) (2) a count of new initially issued Choose Life personalized plates (3) total costs withheld pursuant to this section listed by reason withheld, (4) a list of the pregnancy center location names which are issued disbursements, and (5) the return address to be used if a pregnancy center location wishes to the refuse to receive Choose Life Virginia funds. All other fees imposed under the provisions of this section shall be paid to, and received by, the Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles, and paid by him into the state
treasury and set aside as a special fund to be used to meet the necessary expenses incurred by the Department of Motor Vehicles.


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