Monday, February 9, 2009

Stimulate THIS!

If you're interested in what your government is going to do with your tax money, this web site is monitoring the Stimulus package's content. You can read the whole thing if you'd like here: . ...all 1586 pages of pork spending and special interest cash hand-outs. Not much in there that will make it to YOUR hands though.

Ever wonder why the arrogant bureaucrats in DC think that we, the taxpayer, need to give all our cash to them to distribute back to us in the form of a 'rebate'? This is true of both RINO Republicans and Democrats unfortunately. Why do we kid ourselves into getting excited when we get an unexpected check in the mail thinking it's 'free money' or 'extra'??

It was OURS to begin with!

Did you know that if every man, woman and child in the USA did not pay a single tax between February and September this year; it would equal today’s proposed government hand-out to corrupt corporations?

Wouldn’t it be better for you to put YOUR cash to work in the economy the way YOU want it? (ie: pay bills, fix up the house, get a new car, invest for college/retirement).

Don’t worry! Big government is going to do all your thinking for you- and give your money to the big companies that need it more than you do.

…it’s your money…. And your local and state governments behavior isn’t much better.

They learn from example!

Are you coming to our next committee meeting to sign up and fight to keep what's literally YOURS?

How much more can you afford to pay from your monthly income before you aren't "too busy" doing something else?


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