Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April 15 Tax Tea Party: Richmond, VA- Spotsylvania County Republicans Will Be There!

Anyone going from the Fredericksburg Area- meet at 3:00PM on April 15th at Southpointe Walmart Parking lot (off I-95, Exit 126-b south on Route 1, first right into Southpointe II), south end of the lot- across from Longhorn Steakhouse.

To show unity on April 15th we are asking everyone, whether you're going to the tea party or not, to place either a sticker or printed copy of the Gadsden flag (DON'T TREAD ON ME with snake) on the rear window of their car.

Here's an example (feel free to use it or find another similar):

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Candidate Obama vs. President Obama

Let's also not forget the "bring our troops home right away" speeches... now Commander-In-Chief Obama is sending thousands of our men & women to Afghanistan... again.

That may be the right decision and it may not be- but it's 180 degrees from what he campaigned on.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dept. Homeland Security's "Fusion Centers" Say YOU Are A Terrorist If...

Fox News:
If you're an anti-abortion activist, or if you display political paraphernalia supporting a third-party candidate or a certain Republican member of Congress, if you possess subversive literature, you very well might be a member of a domestic paramilitary group.

That's according to "The Modern Militia Movement," a report by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC), a government collective that identifies the warning signs of potential domestic terrorists for law enforcement communities.

"Due to the current economical and political situation, a lush environment for militia activity has been created," the Feb. 20 report reads. "Unemployment rates are high, as well as costs of living expenses. Additionally, President Elect Barrack [sic] Obama is seen as tight on gun control and many extremists fear that he will enact firearms confiscations."

MIAC is one of 58 so-called "fusion centers" nationwide that were created by the Department of Homeland Security, in part, to collect local intelligence that authorities can use to combat terrorism and related criminal activities.

More than $254 million from fiscal years 2004-2007 went to state and local governments to support the fusion centers, according to the DHS Web site.

During a press conference last week in Kansas City, Mo., DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano called fusion centers the "centerpiece of state, local, federal intelligence-sharing" in the future.

"Let us not forget the reason we are here, the reason we have the Department of Homeland Security and the reason we now have fusion centers, which is a relatively new concept, is because we did not have the capacity as a country to connect the dots on isolated bits of intelligence prior to 9/11," Napolitano said, according to a DHS transcript.
Is this McCarthyism Liberal-style? Beware Conservatives! You may become MIA.... Missouri Information Analyzed... and then you're screwed!

Is it just me, or are you imagining a new Jeff Foxworthy book coming out, "You Might be a Domestic Terrorist If...?"

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hap Connors' Attempt to Raise Taxes Fails; Republicans Fight for the Tax Payers

from the Free Lance-Star:
A majority of Spotsylvania County supervisors expressed concerns last night about raising the personal property tax rate by the amount recommended in the proposed budget.

But they voted to advertise the rate at the recommended level, though they can pass a rate later that is lower.

Interim County Administrator Doug Barnes recommended supervisors increase the personal property tax rate on cars, trailers, boats, motorcycles and RVs from $5 to $6.33 based on 50 percent of the assessed value of the property. He said property values have declined 21 percent. Business vehicles pay 100 percent of the rate.

If this proposal is approved, a majority of county residents will see an increase in their bill, some as much as $90 or more. But 30 percent will see a decrease in the bill.
Hap Connors failed to get any support to raise taxes, though he tried and tried to argue that the county needs more "income"; a term used by businesses who sell a product or service and would obviously look to sales or spending cuts to increase revenues and unless you're a big bank or AIG, you can't just get 'free money'.

But a county can't 'sell' more like a business, it has to take more to sustain its appetite for cash.

Could the era of "we democrats see the public tax roll as an ATM machine" be coming to an end in Spotsylvania County? Possibly!

The federal government and its cash-grabbing Democrat majority surely hasn't learned this lesson. Maybe if we find another $30,000,000 for the study of field mice in San Diego, the economy will rebound and pay back all this debt so our children don't have to?

Spotsy won't be feeling a (significantly) greater tax pain in the coming year.

...For now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"The British Are Coming"; A Future Step to Take Every Gun is Looming, Systematic Steps are in Play in the USA

The time is coming ... in an Obama America of the future ... when the stock market hits rock bottom and money is truly scarce (or worse- worthless), when jobless rates hit 15 ... 20 percent ... when crime rises ... when leaders are so far corrupt that they have fleeced nearly all our common resources.

... When the use of a gun to defend yourself becomes sensationalized in our liberal media as a crime; consider this story (unverified and being circulated around the Internet. Regardless of whether it happened or not, the message is valid):

You're sound asleep when you hear a thump outside your bedroom door.

Half-awake, and nearly paralyzed with fear, you hear muffled whispers.

At least two people have broken into your house and are moving your way.

With your heart pumping, you reach down beside your bed and pick up your shotgun. You rack a shell into the chamber, then inch toward the doorand open it.

In the darkness, you make out two shadows. One holds something that looks like a crowbar. When the intruder brandishes it as if to strike, you raise the shotgun and fire. The blast knocks both thugs to the floor. One writhes and screams while the second man crawls to the front door and lurches outside. As you pick up the telephone to call police, you know you're in trouble.

In your country, most guns were outlawed years before, and the few that are privately owned are so stringently regulated as to make them useless. Yours was never registered.

Police arrive and inform you that the second burglar has died. They arrest you for First Degree Murder and Illegal Possession of a Firearm. When you talk to your attorney, he tells you not to worry: authorities will probably plea the case down to manslaughter.

"What kind of sentence will I get?" you ask.

"Only ten-to-twelve years," he replies, as if that's nothing. "Behave yourself, and you'll be out in seven."

The next day, the shooting is the lead story in the local newspaper. Somehow, you're portrayed as an eccentric vigilante while the two men you shot are represented as choir boys. Their friends and relatives can't find an unkind word to say about them. Buried deep down in the article, authorities acknowledge that both "victims" have been arrested numerous times.

But the next day's headline says it all: "Lovable Rogue Son Didn't Deserve to Die." The thieves have been transformed from career criminals into Robin Hood-type pranksters.

As the days wear on, the story takes wings. The national media picks it up, then the international media. The surviving burglar has become a folk hero. Your attorney says the thief is preparing to sue you, and he'll probably win.

The media publishes reports that your home has been burglarized several times in the past and that you've been critical of local police for their lack of effort in apprehending the suspects. After the last break-in, you told your neighbor that you would be prepared next time.

The District Attorney uses this to allege that you were lying in wait for the burglars. A few months later, you go to trial. The charges haven't been reduced, as your lawyer had so confidently predicted. When you take the stand, your anger at the injustice of it all works against you. Prosecutors paint a picture of you as a mean, vengeful man.

It doesn't take long for the jury to convict you of all charges. The judge sentences you to life in prison.

----This case happened. On August 22, 1999, Tony Martin of Emneth, Norfolk, England, killed one burglar and wounded a second.

In April, 2000, he was convicted and is now serving a life term.

How did it become a crime to defend one's own life in the once great British Empire?

It started with the Pistols Act of 1903. This seemingly reasonable law forbade selling pistols to minors or felons and established that handgun sales were to be made only to those who had a license.

The Firearms Actof 1920 expanded licensing to include not only handguns but all firearms except shotguns.

Later laws passed in 1953 and 1967 outlawed the carrying of any weapon by private citizens and mandated the registration of all shotguns.

Momentum for total handgun confiscation began in earnest after the Hungerford mass shooting in 1987. Michael Ryan, a mentally disturbed Manwith a Kalashnikov rifle, walked down the streets shooting everyone he saw. When the smoke cleared, 17 people were dead. The British public, already de-sensitized by eighty years of "guncontrol", demanded even tougher restrictions. (The seizure of all privately owned handguns was the objective even though Ryan used arifle.)

Nine years later, at Dunblane, Scotland, Thomas Hamilton used a semi-automatic weapon to murder 16 children and a teacher at a public school. For many years, the media had portrayed all gun owners as mentally unstable, or worse, criminals.

Now the press had a real kook with which to beat up law-abiding gunowners. Day after day, week after week, the media gave up all pretense of objectivity and demanded a total ban on all handguns.

The Dunblane Inquiry, a few months later, sealed the fate of the few sidearm still owned by private citizens. During the years in which the British government incrementally took Away most gun rights, the notion that a citizen had the right to armed self-defense came to be seen as vigilantism.

Authorities refused to grant gun licenses to people who were threatened, claiming that self-defense was no longer considered a reason to own a gun. Citizens who shot burglars or robbers or rapists were charged while the real criminals were released. Indeed, after the Martin shooting, a police spokesman was quoted as saying, "We cannot have people take the law into their own hands."

All of Martin's neighbors had been robbed numerous times, and several elderly people were severely injured in beatings by young thugs who had no fear of the consequences. Martin himself, a collector of antiques, had seen most of his collection trashed or stolen by burglars.

When the Dunblane Inquiry ended, citizens who owned handguns were given three months to turn them over to local authorities. Being good British subjects, most people obeyed the law.

The few who didn't were visited by police and threatened with ten-year prison sentences if they didn't comply. Police later bragged that they'd taken nearly 200,000 handguns from private citizens.

How did the authorities know who had handguns? The guns had been registered and licensed kinda like cars.


"... it does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.."

--Samuel Adams

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

RPV Chairman Frederick Pledges to Fight the Many Calls for His Resignation

Despite calls for his resignation that began practically the week after he was elected chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia last year, Jeff Frederick has managed to stay out of reach of the old guard's grasp.

Chairman Frederick is blamed relentlessly by the neo-conservatives for any failure the GOP suffers right down to a local race as of late.

Some of this surely comes with the territory as Mr. Frederick is the face of the Virginia Republican Party. However, some of the criticism is unjustly heaped upon his back for things that were either well beyond his control or set in motion long before he had an opportunity to affect any change on the inevitable.

As recently as last week, yet another rash of calls for his resignation have spread throughout the blogosphere like a truckload of blank green cards left unguarded in Prince William County. (see here, here, and well commented on here.)

The City of Alexandria GOP committee passed a resolution that called for his removal. Portsmouth and other committees are bringing similar resolutions to a vote at their next meeting citing Frederick's apparent refusal to support Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, and his constant undermining activity toward Speaker Bill Howell.

The current action is that 3/4 of the State Central Committee has jointly signed a letter demanding that Mr. Frederick step down within 30 days.

Frederick is now making calls to garner the 20 or so votes he needs to defeat this.

On one hand you have to admire the guy for fighting for his position like a junkyard dog. He will have to answer to the rumored 10+ allegations that he failed miserably in his first few months of office. This won't be pretty even if he can justify his way out of all of them.

On the other, it's an unpaid position! If 3/4 of your fellow colleagues whom you claim you want to represent — want you gone — one would think it's reasonable to slam the door behind you and get on with your life even if you are proven right in the end. Stubbornness has its place, but this may not be the best time or place to show it.

After all, it's an election year. The Democrats are frothing at the mouth with the notion that they can pick up a few more seats in the House of Delegates, including Frederick's now that he's announced he won't seek re-election of that seat again.

Terry McAuliffe will dump tens of millions of dollars into his campaign, and all down-ticket Dems stand to benefit from this fact if he allows them to ride on his advertising coat tails.

We Republicans may be left full from the meal we just enjoyed 'eating our own' inside a party squabble, but we may well be forgetting that we have a job to do as GOP Party members: FIND GREAT CANDIDATES, RUN GREAT CAMPAIGNS AND WIN ELECTIONS.

If Chairman Frederick were to heed the call of his former supporters who've joined now with the majority of VA party leaders who oppose him, and step down as chairman, we could get on with the business of electing Republicans.

I don't blame him if he wants to defend his alleged failures in fundraising, election loses, and embarrassments on national TV during the last presidential election. But his continued denial of any responsibility, and refusal to step aside at least for the appearance of a fresh start, will come at a cost we voters will all bear of (better) party unity and focus on what's more important than who our party chairman is ... like who our governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general are!

If Frederick remains myopically focused on his chairman's seat and fighting the wind rather than on the best interests of the party at large, then Virginia will surely stay blue this November as no one is currently minding the state store and cash register.

Even CNN is watching this problem, and the Democrats are laughing louder each day it goes on.

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