Saturday, May 30, 2009

GOP Convention is Completed- Winning Ticket for November Emerges! [Photos Here]

We may never know the final tally of the votes at the Virginia Republican Convention at the Richmond Coliseum on May 30, 2009—but we sure know who won by a massive margin!

Bob McDonnell - Governor
Bill Bolling - Lt. Governor
Ken Cuccinelli - Attorney General
Pat Mullins - RPV Chairman

Though the speeches were a touch long winded and some were as similar as the next, several stood out. One of which was Ken Cuccinelli's. It began with the fanfare of a U2 video release complete with light show and 100 giant waving Gadsden flags in every level of the coliseum.

11,007 delegates checked in to vote and more than 1,000 guests and observers were present to watch some great speeches and take home souvenirs of the memorable day.

I could go on about how great some of the others were as well, but frankly—if you cared to hear about it that much—you would have attended personally and voted yourself. For the interested, but still lazy, the entire program was broadcast on and via Bearing Drift blog . For the rest of you, I implore you to get off your duffs and come to a county meeting and GET INVOLVED while you still have a country to help out in!

242 Spotsylvanians signed up to be delegates to this convention. 140 actually did. Decisions are made by those who SHOW UP in life—and especially in politics. Thankfully, I witnesses a whole lot of NEW faces this year, so I'm very encouraged by the renewed spirit I'm seeing in our county!

Oh, did I mention Sean Hannity was there and spoke for about 15 minutes? Yeah, he was very cool to hear from. And now the attendees all have a secret; they know the real reason Alan Colmes is no longer on the show with him!

Bravo to Fox News for having higher ratings than ALL CABLE NEWS NETWORKS COMBINED this year! In fact, Fox & Friends is #1 for it's 90th consecutive MONTH!

America is LISTENING finally! WE just need to make sure they VOTE now.

I guess the implementation of government socialism and the real threat of putting Americans in jail for freedoms the country was founded on has been a wake up call for some of us.

Now thoroughly unified and back in the swing of putting forth the truly best candidates of the party, Virginia is looking good for the Republicans this year.

We got our teeth kicked in last year, and rightfully so in many races. We were not sticking to our core values like we should have been and were infighting when we shouldn't have been.

On that note, Ideologs and principled Constitutionalists are certainly welcome to debate and challenge the status quo and should be holding our leaders accountable whenever possible—I know I do. But, on behalf of the vast majority of Virginia Republicans who may not be as smart as wise as you but still consider themselves to be more Republican than Democrat at least: please stop acting as obstructionists in the processes of electing the best candidate (directed at some who supported Stanley, Muldoon and Brownlee).

If the GOP has broken parts (and it does), by all means, HELP FIX THEM. But if your sole goal is to attend local and district meetings to disrupt them, then all I can say is: there are other parties that may work better for you and you owe it to your unwaivering, fundamental, constitutional principles to explore your political options and be happy with your lives. You don't have a right to make other people miserable. You know who you are...

The GOP is a big tent and it's not owned solely by your (very small) group(s). Note that this commentary is not necessarily directed at the candidates themselves, but rather some of their vocal and ill-intentioned supporters. Again, you know who you are. All the candidates who did not win the nomination acted very respectfully and accordingly made it very clear that they would work hard to support the winning team now and through November. That's the RIGHT way to handle yourselves.

Thank God, those days are behind us for the moment at least, and we have taken back freedom's battle cry that rightfully belongs to people who want to EARNESTLY govern and HONESTLY represent all Virginians... and YES WE CAN do it!

CHANGE is coming to Richmond in November! The drowsy giant has woken up—and he's wondering where the hell his country went!

Starting with a sweep in November for Republicans in Virginia, America may yet get back on track no matter how much Obama and his private club of baby killers and tax cheats mess things up for us in the mean time.

If you missed it in person, you missed a great time and an exciting day in Virginia history. Get your head in the game from this point forward and GET INVOLVED in your local GOP and GET ACTIVE in campaigning for November!

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