Saturday, July 18, 2009

Higher Energy Costs: Democrats Plan to Have YOU Pay for Bike Paths and Rickshaws Overseas

What the bill does:
The federal government will provide free carbon emission allowances to foreign governments, NGOs or private entities, who would in turn sell these allowances to utility companies and use the proceeds from the sales to support projects in developing countries.

It is expected that entities like domestic utility companies will raise their rates on American consumers to fund the purchase of these carbon emission allowances. (H.R. 2454, Sec. 441, p. 1212)

What this means for Americans:
Under the Democrats’ national energy tax, entities like utility companies will spend an estimated $58 billion in the year 2020 alone to purchase carbon emission allowances that will go to fund international projects. These companies will collect this money through higher energy costs imposed on American families and businesses.

That money will be used to support international clean technology programs. USAID’s international clean energy technology activities have included projects like the integrated bus rapid transit and bike path plan in Senegal , and the development of a hydrogen rickshaw in India .

With 14.7 million American workers unemployed, raising electricity prices on American households to fund bike paths and rickshaws overseas is the height of absurdity.

Is this the change and hope you voted for?

Keep American money in America- vote for a Republican in 2009 and 2010!

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