Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Democratic Congressional Candidate Krystal Ball Blinks Herself Into Incoherencyesness For 7 Minutes Today on MSNBC

It's for the children (and Uranium stocks my husband cashes in on) that I'm running. Oh, and my international bank donors and out-of-state special interest groups that I wish to serve America's teachers. As a swimmer in college, I've learned a lot about business and creating jobs too (like one for me if I'm elected... it'll be my first outside the home, so give me a shot will ya?)

...wait just a second, who did the "reporter" say Krystal is running against?! This is when you know "news" media has hit rock bottom. When a show host is so lazy and ill informed that he can't get the name right of her opponent... OR the military rank! We can beat the guy up for his political ideology later, but let's at least honor his military service appropriately!

Stupid, Stupid MSNBC liberals!

Oh yeah! I knew I'd seen this kind of eye batting training before somewhere... Krystal's idol, Nancy "I'll kill your grandma with pain killers and give your daughter an abortion before I shorten the lines at the government healthcare rationing clinic" Pelosi:

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