Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Harry and the Peacemakers. Be still my heart!

I'll call this an "open letter" to VA's Senators, Jim Webb and Mark Warner.

Did either of you hear the speech (better known as another pack of lies) spew from the lips of your illustrious leader, Harry Reid? I notice there hasn't been any comment from either of you. That worries me; the fact that he lied with such a straight face and no comments from you. Really scarey. I realize you're both of the democrat persuasion but you still work for ALL the people in this state. Or, are you so wrapped up in the Progressive movement you've already distanced yourself from your constituents? So far, we're waiting and watching, and waiting...

I would strongly advise you to inform your leader that a lot of us are now aware that he flunked whatever history class he ever attended. It wasn't the Republicans that wanted anything to do with slavery; history says it was the Democrats. Oh, yeah, almost forgot; it was also the Democrats that fought against the civil rights movement. He really needs to do his homework before he opens his big mouth.

This is my little comparison to what you folks are doing in DC. A funny thing happened on my way to get the checkbook out of my husband's desk. He always tells me of our bank balance and I then go on my merry way to shop for whatever is needed but not going bonkers just because I'm now in possession of the checkbook. This time, however, he told me to "take it easy", to "slow down"... What? Silly Repub. He just doesn't get it that we may not have a lot of money but the MORE I spend the better off we'll be! I thought you'd see the humor in my revelation. He didn't. Daggummit. I figured if it was good enough for you guys, then it had to be good enough for me. God knows I tried!

You see, gentlemen, it's the same old song and dance. The only difference I see is that depending on who "you-know-who" (the one with the worthless Peace Prize?) is talking to, his accent changes. Honest. Pay attention some time. It's interesting. It's all relative, too. You tell the group of people you're trying to convince of your goodness and your operating skills, and your ability to manipulate, blah, blah, and then you move on the next group of zombies.

Before I bid you farewell, did you also notice that the music died back in November of this year. That'd be the day the Commonwealth of Virginia sent you a strong message. Were you listening? Really.


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