Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spotsy GOP Chairman Thomas Responds to Tonight's County BOS Tax Hike

County GOP Chairman Steve Thomas made the following statement tonight after the vote to increase property taxes was passed.

"Of course, we are very disappointed at tonight's result. We had hoped that the Board majority would have listened to the taxpayers and businesses who did not want a tax hike above equalization.

This vote is more than unwise politically- it is simply bad policy. This Board of Supervisors has now raised property taxes over 15% just since the Great Recession began- which explains why Spotsylvania led all of Virginia in foreclosure rate last year. One can only hope a similar effect on businesses does not come to pass. This is what bad policy does- hurt the taxpayers and the county.

We were pleased to see our own nominee, Mr. Logan, and endorsee, Mr. Jackson, vote with the taxpayers. We do hope this makes it crystal clear to the taxpayers in the county that we do stand with them for limited government and a low-tax, pro-growth philosophy. They, and we, have a long way to go- but together, we can get there. If they are willing to help, we'll be at the Salem church Library April 29 at 7pm."


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