Thursday, May 6, 2010

GOP Tax Hike Resolution passed April 2010

Resolution presented to the Spotsylvania Republican Committee

Whereas the Great Recession has damaged the economy of Spotsylvania, Virginia, and the entire nation,

Whereas families and households across Spotsylvania have felt the effects of the Great Recession and have been compelled to change their lifestyles to fit their budgets,

Whereas over the last two decades, Spotsylvania has seen more than a dozen property tax increases and not one property tax reduction,

Whereas this year the tax rate translates to a 40% tax increase on average for Spotsylvania’s commercial landowners and businesses,

Whereas a number of citizens, including but not limited to members of this committee, not only made clear the damage a tax increase would do to the county, but also offered alternatives to a tax increase,

Be it resolved that the Spotsylvania Republican Committee

Expresses our profound sadness with the decision of the majority of the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors to subject the taxpayers of the county to another tax increase
Praises and thanks Supervisor Jerry Logan (our nominee in Courtland in 2007) for proposing the alternative of an equalized tax rate, which, if enacted, would have prevented a county-wide property tax increase, and

Also praises and thanks Supervisor Gary Jackson (our endorsee in Salem that same year) for supporting the equalized rate and also standing up for local taxpayers.

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