Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spotsy GOP statement on Northrop Grumman moving to VA


The Spotsylvania Republican Party joins Governor McDonnell and the rest of Virginia in thanking Northrup Grumman for choosing the Commonwealth for its new headquarters. As so many of our county residents commute north to work or to look for work, we are thrilled to see more opportunities for the citizens of this county.

We would also like to thank Governor McDonnell, the legislature, and their predecessors for creating the “overall economics” (to use Northup’s term) that made Virginia a superior choice. Governor McDonnell has made clear his commitment to bringing economic recovery to Virginia. Faced with economic and budgetary concerns greater than any since Doug Wilder, McDonnell – much like Wilder – set the tone by balancing the budget without economically damaging tax increases. He was even able to convince the legislature to reverse itself and remove a tax increase on Virginia businesses that would have directly affected Northup Grumman (Washington Post).

“We hope that Virginia’s low-tax example can be learned and repeated here in Spotsylvania, to create an environment where business is appreciated and encouraged to thrive”, said Steve Thomas, Spotsylvania GOP Chairman. “The relocation of Northrop to Virginia proves that sound tax policy carries with it rewards that validate the cutbacks necessary for a low tax rate on businesses and citizens.”

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