Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Steve Thomas' response to the "Eddvertorial"

After reading Sen. Edd Houck's "Ode to Edd Houck" advertorial in the FLS May 25, I couldn't help but think of how anyone might be a better fit to be our Virginia Senator than Edd Houck. Perhaps even a 1981 VW Beetle. Consider:

1. A VW Beetle wouldn't try to confuse us with labels so we would think it's something other than what it is. Houck's self-description as a "classic-post-Byrd-Virginia-Democrat" is more confusing than anything the VW Beetle could come up with.
2. The VW Beetle wouldn't lie to us. Houck's assertion that Bob McDonnell, who won Spotsylvania with almost 70% of the vote, was trying to have a "no tax philosophy" when in fact McDonnell was simply trying to keep from raising taxes during a recession is a shameful distortion that the VW Beetle would never make.
3. The VW Beetle wouldn't oppose fiscal discipline. This contrasts with Houck's "Fundamentally, I just disagree with this no tax approach" comment.
4. The VW Beetle isn't deluded enough to think it could run for Governor. Houck's statement, "Would I like to be governor? Yeah." loses him points here.

So, remember when you see propaganda like the "Eddvertorial" that, when it comes down to it, even a VW Beetle would represent us better in the Virginia Senate than Mr. Houck. The best part about it would be, Mr. Houck would finally have the time to learn the fiddle he always wanted to play!

Steven Thomas
Chairman, Spotsylvania County Republican Committee.

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