Sunday, June 13, 2010

What good is an influential State Senator if he won't help us when we need it?

For those who have been following the trouble Anthem and the Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center have been having coming to an agreement over reimbursal rates.... We have a few thoughts.

Here's what we know about all this.

1. HCA and Anthem have a deal for every HCA hospital in Virginia- except this one.
2. UMW has two hospitals in the area that both have deals with Anthem.
3. HCA says it is seeking the UMW deal because, having two hospitals, UMW sets the price for this region
4. Anthem says HCA is seeking more money than UMW or its other hospitals
5. Spotsy needs the SRMC to succeed (this explains the BOS’s statements)
6. Spotsy and F’berg have a Democrat state senator that NOT ONLY chairs the Health committee in the Senate BUT ALSO has a $150,000/year job with UMW
7. Said state senator was at the opening of SRMC but got its name wrong every time he said it… and it’s not even in his district

We call upon that influential state senator, Edd Houck (D-Spotsylvania), to pressure Anthem to give HCA the UMW deal and be done with it. Or is he already so deep in his conflict of interest that he couldn’t possibly step in for the benefit of more than 100,000 of his constituents?

There is no way being a senior executive in the region's (previously monopoly) hospital is not a conflict of interest when combined with being Chairman of the Senate Health Committee. We challenge Senator Houck to call Anthem and suggest that they give HCA's SRMC the same reimbursement deal the Senator's employer gets.

We also humbly suggest that the citizens of the 17th Senate District elect a representative that does not have such a blatent conflict of interest, that is willing to serve and fight for the citizens of the region.

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