Thursday, July 22, 2010

Krystal Ball spreading mistruths... again

It looks like Rob Wittman's Democrat opponent is at it again; she sent out her third attack mailer yesterday. This time, the mailer addresses issues regarding senior citizens. Attached is information responding to the claims made in our opponent's mailer.

In the mailer, our opponent references an HJR85 in 2009 - which does not exist. There is, however, an HCR85 - the Democrat Budget Resolution. The resolution would increase the statutory debt limit to $13.223 trillion in 2010 - 9.2% above the current debt limit.

We ask that you please call, e-mail, or post on our opponent's Facebook page to ask her to stop with the mudslinging and to start discussing the issues. We are going to continue to run a clean, issues-focused campaign. We have the right message and the right candidate and we are going to work to continue to bring common sense, conservative principles to Washington.

We need your help to keep Rob in Washington; we will begin our phone-banking and door-knocking for Congressman Wittman in August. There will be three months left until Election Day on Monday, August 2nd. We had a great volunteer effort for Rob's primary back in June; we need your help and support again to make the general election a success!

Thank you again for your time, efforts, and continued support. I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!

Anyone wishing to help out Rob Wittman, contact:

Christian R. Asaban
Rob Wittman for Congress
Northern Field Director

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