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Gov. McDonnell comes to Fredericksburg August 24!

Commonwealth of Virginia
Office of Governor Bob McDonnell

July 29, 2010

Contact: Stacey Johnson
Phone: (804) 225-4260
E-mail: Stacey.Johnson@Governor.Virginia.Gov

Governor McDonnell Announces Statewide Town Hall Tour
“Virginia Speaks: A Conversation about Jobs, Government Reform and Our Future”
Town Halls Start in Roanoke on August 4th; Conclude in Bristol August 31st

RICHMOND- Governor Bob McDonnell will hit the road in August to hold eight town hall meetings around the Commonwealth. The tour will kick off in Roanoke on Wednesday, August 4th. The “Virginia Speaks: A Conversation about Jobs, Government Reform and Our Future” events will allow Virginians to speak directly with Virginia’s governor about the issues facing the Commonwealth. The governor will also spend a portion of each town hall discussing his efforts to make government smaller and simpler, privatize Virginia’s state run ABC stores, and create good jobs statewide. In addition to Roanoke, “Virginia Speaks” town halls will be held in Norfolk, Chester, Fredericksburg, Fairfax, Harrisonburg and Danville before concluding in Bristol on August 31st.
Discussing the “Virginia Speaks” statewide tour, Governor McDonnell noted, “I’ve served in elected office for 18 years. During that time I have consistently found that the best ideas don’t come from Richmond, they come from Virginians in communities statewide. We are focused on reforming state government to make it simpler, smaller and more efficient. To best accomplish this goal we must hear from the citizens who own that government, and who deal with it on a daily basis. That’s why we are launching the ‘Virginia Speaks’ statewide town hall tour. It’s your government, and we want to know how we can make it work better for you.”
McDonnell continued, “One of our ideas to make government smaller and simpler, while providing an immediate infusion of new revenue for transportation, is to privatize Virginia’s state-run ABC stores. Our state government must be focused on core priorities instead of services that should rightly be provided by the private sector, offering Virginians more choice and convenience. In a tough economy, why should we miss out on hundreds of millions of dollars for roads just so the state government can retain a monopoly on the sale of bourbon and vodka? We need to get roads built, and we need to refocus government on its core responsibilities. Privatizing ABC will accomplish both goals, and I’m going to talk about this proposal at each one of our town halls. I know Virginians will be able to help us privatize ABC the right way by sharing their experiences and good ideas.”
The Governor concluded, “I’m also going to discuss other ways by which we can reform Virginia’s state government, and how we are working to help the private sector create the good jobs we need in every community. More importantly however, I’m going to spend my time listening. I want Virginians to tell us how government can work better, what would make it easier to access and use, what doesn’t work, and what we can do to ensure a better return on their investment. I’m looking forward to starting this tour and traveling all across the Commonwealth in August.”
The governor will be joined at each town hall by a number of cabinet secretaries and Administration officials. In addition to the sites of the official “Virginia Speaks” events, the governor will be traveling to a number of other Virginia cities and counties during this same time period. Details of the governor’s public events for each week will continue to be released through the Friday weekly public schedule.
Additionally, in order to accommodate the “Virginia Speaks” tour, and ensure the maximum amount of public input for the Governor’s Commission on Government Reform and Restructuring, the previously scheduled final full meeting of the Commission has been moved from August 26th to September 13th. The meeting will still be held in Richmond. The interim report of the Commission will now be issued by September 15th.

“Virginia Speaks: A Conversation about Jobs, Government Reform and Our Future”

****Town Hall Schedule****
August 4, 2010 — 7:00pm-8:30pm
· Roanoke
Roanoke County Administration Center
Board of Supervisors Board Room
5204 Bernard Drive
August 9, 2010 —7:00pm-8:30pm
· Norfolk
Old Dominion University
Webb University Center – Hampton/Newport News Room
4201 Hampton Blvd.
August 19, 2010 — 7:00pm-8:30pm
· Chester
Cultural Center of India
6641 Ironbridge Parkway
August 24, 2010 — 7:00pm-8:30pm
· Fredericksburg
University of Mary Washington
Lee Hall – Room 412
1301 College Avenue
August 25, 2010 —7:00pm-8:30pm
· Fairfax
Northern Virginia Technology Council Auditorium
2214 Rock Hill Road, Suite 300
August 26, 2010 —7:00pm-8:30pm
· Harrisonburg
James Madison University
East Campus Dining Hall – Montpelier Room
800 S. Main Street
August 30, 2010 — 7:00pm-8:30pm
· Danville
Institute for Advanced Learning and Research
Great Hall
150 Slayton Ave.
***Partnering with the Sorensen Southside Public Leadership Series***
August 31, 2010 — 7:00pm-8:30pm
· Bristol
Bristol Public Library
J. Henry Kegley Meeting Room
701 Goode Street

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