Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Open House at Riverview Elementary not so open

Guest post by Dale Swanson

Monday at 2:00 pm I had the misfortune of attending my grand niece's open house at Riverview Elementary School in Spotsylvania. I was nearly a mile from the school when the traffic came to a stand still, thirty minutes later I was still over one quarter mile away from the school. Like just about everyone else I decided to park my car and walk to the school.

Here was the situation at North Roxbury and Larkin Chew Roads . . .

. . . More backup on North Robxury . . .

. . . and even more on the logjam . . .

No one could get in or out for more than 30 minutes. I witnessed people with broken legs walking in. Everyone that I spoke with was very upset.

So why was the road leading into the school was virtually impassible (God forbid if fire and rescue needed to be called; I'm sure they would have been blamed for this mess, too)? It turns out someone decided it would be a great idea to reseal the school parking lot just before the open house, making it unusable and forcing parents, teachers and volunteers to turn Larkin Chew and North Roxbury into makeshift parking lots.


When I finally arrived at the school the time allotted for the open house was over and people were still coming in! As I was leaving the open house they announced that they would be extending the time. I asked several of the staff who was the brilliant mind behind the planning of this open house. No one that I spoke with had the slightest idea. Is this the best that Spotsylvania county can do for the hard-working, taxpaying parents of this county?


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